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10:50 KURDISTAN Police besiege several neighbourhoods in Yüksekova
10:21 NEWS Police attack commemoration for Ankara train station victims
09:52 HUMAN RIGHTS IHD Congress re-elects Eren Keskin and Öztürk as co-chairs
09:23 FEATURES Kurdish filmmaker Altay and cinema director sentenced to prison for documenting resistance in Kobanê
08:51 NEWS Strong possibility that body found in Sur belongs to Hakan Arslan
08:22 FEATURES Women Defend Rojava follows the story of Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî refugees
07:49 FEATURES Nubar Melkonian: Armenian Battalion fights to recover what Turkey has taken from us
21:18 ROJAVA-SYRIA People of Afrin protest the international conspiracy
20:11 NEWS Visit to Asrın Law Office: No solution unless Abdullah Öcalan is liberated
19:27 ROJAVA-SYRIA People in North-East Syria take to the streets against international conspiracy
18:24 HUMAN RIGHTS Urgent call for the release of ill prisoner Ayşe Özdoğan
17:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA Autonomous Administration: Turkish invasion makes disintegration of Syria permanent
17:20 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish state and its mercenaries continue targeting villages of Til Temir
16:53 ROJAVA-SYRIA Refugees in Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî Camps protest the international conspiracy and Turkish attacks
16:21 NEWS YPS/YPS-JIN calls on people to destroy the Imrali torture system
15:49 NEWS A construction worker from Kobanê sent to prison in Adana
15:17 NEWS Professor Vanaik: Isolation is a kind of indictment of the judiciary as well as the government
14:48 NEWS Unemployed people from Ağrı: We can't earn our living because of AKP
14:13 ECOLOGY HDK calls on everyone to increase resistance against policies that destroy environment
13:44 ROJAVA-SYRIA PYD: We call to step up struggle for Öcalan's freedom
13:15 NEWS HDP: Breaking isolation means achieving freedom for all people
12:46 NEWS Zapatista delegates meet representatives of Kurdish movement in Hamburg
12:17 NEWS Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten publishes full-page ad demanding freedom for Öcalan
11:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA Syrian Democratic Council Derar calls on Government of Damascus to dialogue table
11:19 NEWS Basque Parliament passes motion in support to the HDP
10:50 NEWS TekoJIN and JXK activists protest isolation with action at Vienna University
10:21 FEATURES 9 October 1998: The beginning of the international conspiracy against Öcalan
09:52 FEATURES KCK: The PKK promoted great achievements in all four parts of Kurdistan
09:23 NEWS US begins withdrawal of troops from Iraq
08:51 FEATURES Dr Miley: Ocalan's freedom crucial for peaceful resolution to conflict
08:22 CULTURE Artist Xelîl Xemgîn gets out of hospital
07:49 KURDISTAN PUK condemns Turkey's drone attack of Çemçemal
20:27 WOMEN The organization of Kurdish women in Russia accelerated
19:40 KURDISTAN Air strike targets vehicle near Sulaymaniyah, resulting in injuries
19:18 NEWS Swiss youth protest against Turkey’s use of chemical weapons
18:11 KURDISTAN Yazidis in migrant camp forced to vote for the KDP candidate
17:33 KURDISTAN HDP Hewler Representative Office condemns detention of members by KDP
16:59 ROJAVA-SYRIA PYD: We will liberate our lands from Turkish occupation
16:24 KURDISTAN PKK Committee of Martyrs' Families calls for murderers to be found and tried
15:51 NEWS March against international conspiracy in Greece enters second day
15:16 WOMEN 70-year-old Peace Mother under custody for two days
14:47 ROJAVA-SYRIA TEV-DEM: Öcalan became a symbol and hope for all peoples
14:12 NEWS HDP Suruç district co-chair Gündüzalp jailed
13:39 KURDISTAN HPG/YJA Star guerrillas strike Turkish troops in Avaşîn
12:53 NEWS Biden says Turkey poses threat to national security and civilians in northeast Syria
12:24 ROJAVA-SYRIA Syriac Military Council says Turkish attacks threaten graveyard of Assyrian martyrs
11:48 NEWS Call to join today's hashtag campaign 'Freedom Will Prevail'
11:19 NEWS KON-MED calls on everyone to participate in freedom for Öcalan actions on 9 October
10:50 NEWS Boğaziçi University student Sert: I am not upset, I am angry!
10:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA SOHR says Turkish state prepares to send 130 Syrian mercenaries to Libya