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10:20 ROJAVA-SYRIA Reactions to closing of Semalka Border Crossing continue to increase
09:52 ELECTIONS 2023 KCDK-E: We will make Erdoğan lose
09:23 HUMAN RIGHTS KOMAW members take over Freedom for Öcalan Vigil in Strasbourg
08:51 ELECTIONS 2023 Green Left Party in Marseille meets to plan work second round of presidential elections
08:22 CULTURE Kurdish elective courses to start throughout Switzerland
07:49 KURDISTAN Shengal people: No attacks will make us give up our will
18:48 NEWS Activists at Geneva vigil pay tribute to May Martyrs
17:57 ELECTIONS 2023 Öztürk: Kurdish people voted for democracy and justice
17:01 KURDISTAN HSM vows to crown the holy struggle of martyrs with victory
16:24 NEWS Two detained in police raid on the office of Turkish newspaper Sabah in Germany
15:46 KURDISTAN HPG reports Turkish military operations and clashes
14:59 HUMAN RIGHTS Human Rights Association: Enforced disappearance is a policy of annihilation
14:18 FEATURES KCK: The May martyrs are pioneers
13:36 ROJAVA-SYRIA KDP does not allow the passage of injured and sick locals through Semalka border crossing
13:00 KURDISTAN Five-year-old child hit and seriously injured by armoured vehicle in Silopi
12:27 ROJAVA-SYRIA Three injured in attacks on Ain Issa
11:58 ELECTIONS 2023 British Election Coordination: Let's stop the dictator!
11:17 KURDISTAN Governor declares 14 regions in Şirnak as "temporary special security"
10:48 ELECTIONS 2023 Observers from the Spanish state expose harassment in Turkey and North Kurdistan
10:19 KURDISTAN Body of HPG guerrilla martyr Serhat Yalçın delivered to his family
09:52 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Journalists on trial: We will stand up for truth and our dignity
09:23 ELECTIONS 2023 Green Left Party gets one objection accepted and one rejected in Mardin
08:51 ELECTIONS 2023 Police in Ankara take 10 people into custody at Democracy Vigil in front of YSK
08:22 ELECTIONS 2023 Tiryaki: We are examining 193 thousand ballot papers
07:49 FEATURES Father of two martyrs continues his struggle
19:06 ELECTIONS 2023 Leader of Turkey’s Labour Party resigns
18:39 CULTURE MED-DER calls on the Kurdish people to focus on their mother tongue
17:55 ELECTIONS 2023 Green Left Party vows to defend votes for the party in Hakkari
17:13 ROJAVA-SYRIA Joint security operation against ISIS in Raqqa
16:29 HUMAN RIGHTS Hearing of Emine Şenyaşar postponed
15:48 ELECTIONS 2023 Election fraud uncovered: Green Left Party votes attributed to MHP in Bismil
15:09 KURDISTAN Iraqi Security Commission launches investigation after Turkish drone attack in Shengal
14:34 WOMEN Women's movements in North-East Syria call for action against femicides
13:56 KURDISTAN Tribes in Shengal reject pro-KDP community leader
13:19 ELECTIONS 2023 Supreme Election Board arranges overseas voting schedule in favour of Erdogan
12:54 KURDISTAN Turkish drone strikes a house in Shengal
12:23 NEWS Cyprus to extradite Kurdish politician Kenan Ayaz to Germany
11:29 HUMAN RIGHTS 2022 saw the highest number of executions in five years, says Amnesty International
10:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA Afrin and Shehba Canton Council co-chair calls for embargo to be lifted
10:19 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS First hearing of case against journalists starts in Ankara
09:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF Special Units dismantle ISIS cell in Hesekê
09:23 ELECTIONS 2023 Green Left Party Hakkari launches "democracy" vigil to protect the will of the people
08:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA Martyrs Cûdi Egîd and Sami Eles Mihemed laid to rest
08:22 FEATURES International observers from ODIHR, OSCE PA, and PACE issue preliminary report on Turkish elections
07:49 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS First hearing of 11 journalists arrested 7 months ago opens today in Ankara
18:58 ELECTIONS 2023 In Turkey, the fight for democracy isn’t over
17:01 ELECTIONS 2023 Green Left Party: People’s will in Hakkari should be respected
16:28 KURDISTAN Three soldiers killed as guerrillas respond to Turkish attacks in Metina
15:50 ELECTIONS 2023 YSK: Presidential election to go to a runoff
15:07 ELECTIONS 2023 European Greens supports Green Left Party: Cross-border solidarity is needed