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09:40 NEWS Teacher working in Mersin has his "salary cut" for speaking Kurdish and Arabic to his students
09:23 NEWS Stop military aggression against Kurds, says Socialist Party of Malaysia
08:51 WOMEN Song to pay tribute to internationalist YJA-Star guerrilla Sara Dorşin
08:22 ROJAVA-SYRIA One person dies in Manbij following Turkish attack
07:49 NEWS Politician Ölbeci talks about the violence she suffered at the hands of the state at Kobane Trial
18:26 NEWS Trade unions commemorate the May Day martyrs in Istanbul
17:51 NEWS Kurds in Switzerland to protest Turkish invasion of South Kurdistan
17:19 HUMAN RIGHTS Families protesting for prisoners on death fast detained
16:22 FEATURES Rojava and Şengal are encircled
15:43 NEWS Call for May Day in Amed: Take to the streets against war
15:07 KURDISTAN HPG: 6 Turkish soldiers killed in Zap and Avaşîn
14:33 NEWS Ten members of TÖP party detained in Mersin
14:08 NEWS FED-KURD calls for participation in Saturday’s rally in Düsseldorf
13:24 KURDISTAN HDP politician deliberately hit by car in Batman
12:58 NEWS German journalist Marlene Förster is held by the Iraqi secret service
11:24 KURDISTAN YJA Star pays tribute to martyrs of Kato
10:55 HUMAN RIGHTS Lawyer Yıldız: All resources available should be used in order to expose violation of rights
10:36 HUMAN RIGHTS NGOs expose increase in number of women executed in Iran
10:07 NEWS Police in Mersin take 4 TÖP members into custody
09:40 NEWS Union of Kurdish Students to organise a one-day conference at SOAS
09:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA Young women in Shehba say they stand by guerrillas
08:51 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Journalist Oynaş not released because she "shows no remorse," prison authorities say
08:22 WOMEN Izmir Women's Platform calls on all women to attend the May Day celebration in the city
07:49 KURDISTAN Commander Amed Malazgirt: The guerrillas will not bow to the enemy
19:39 HUMAN RIGHTS IBAHRI condemns the sentencing of Osman Kavala to life-long imprisonment
17:52 KURDISTAN Actions by YJA Star leave 13 Turkish soldiers dead
17:17 KURDISTAN PJAK Co-Chair Vejin: All Kurds must join their forces
16:41 NEWS Anti-war performance in front of UN building in Geneva
16:03 NEWS Scottish trade unions condemn Turkish invasion of Northern Iraq
15:31 WOMEN North and East Syrian Women’s Movements condemn Turkish invasion in South Kurdistan
13:57 NEWS KCDK-E calls for participation in central rally in Düsseldorf on April 30
13:29 ROJAVA-SYRIA Three more civilians kidnapped in Turkish-occupied Afrin
12:50 NEWS Germany backs Turkish invasion in South Kurdistan
12:19 KURDISTAN Footage from guerrilla action in Zap
11:24 NEWS Lawyers of Abdullah Öcalan file new application for visit
10:54 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Committee to Protect Journalists says Iraqi authorities must release journalist Matej Kavčič
10:36 NEWS Zübeyir Aydar says that criminalization of Kurdish movement in Europe prevents peaceful solution
10:07 KURDISTAN Young people in Qeladize protest Turkish attacks on Medya Defense Areas
09:40 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS German MP asks parliament about Marlene F. and Matej K. arrested by Iraqi military in Shengal
09:23 NEWS Kurds in Rennes protest invasion attacks carried out by Turkey
08:51 KURDISTAN Turkish helicopters attack Kurojahro, passing over KDP-controlled areas
08:22 NEWS Women in Düsseldorf protest in front of parliament
07:49 NEWS KNK issues public call demanding the OPCW to investigate Turkey's use of chemical weapons
20:53 KURDISTAN Thousands protest against Turkey’s war at South Kurdistan border
20:20 KURDISTAN Eight Turkish soldiers killed in YJA Star action in Werxele
19:38 NEWS Central demonstration in Düsseldorf to protest the Turkish war in Kurdistan
17:46 KURDISTAN HPG: Resistance against Turkish occupation continues unabated
17:07 NEWS Kurds and their friends protest occupation and betrayal in front of UN in Geneva
15:48 KURDISTAN Families of martyrs: We will defeat the enemy and betrayers in company with guerrillas
14:26 KURDISTAN 415 politicians and intellectuals in South Kurdistan join campaign for Öcalan's freedom