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13:57 WOMEN "Iran and Eastern Kurdistan will be liberated by women"
13:18 WOMEN Story of Sewsen freed by YPJ after eight years in ISIS captivity
12:39 ROJAVA-SYRIA Second phase of the security operation in Hol Camp concluded
11:29 FEATURES Six schools open in Waşûkanî and Serêkaniyê camps
10:55 KURDISTAN Maxmur People's Democratic Council denies Turkish intelligence operation in the camp
10:36 ECOLOGY Mount Cudi March kicks off in Batman
10:07 NEWS At least five Syrian soldiers die in Israeli airstrike near Damascus airport
09:42 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoners on hunger strike in Kırıklar jail quickly losing weight, say lawyers
09:23 HUMAN RIGHTS Kurdish woman tortured by Tehran police, dies after three days in a coma
08:51 NEWS Young people conclude the Long March in Aachen
08:22 KURDISTAN Guerrillas carry out actions against Turkish army in Zap
07:49 NEWS Everything ready in Landgraaf for today's 30th Kurdish Culture Festival
18:58 NEWS DBP politician arrested in Mersin
18:20 KURDISTAN Guerrillas seize explosives from Turkish troops in South Kurdistan
17:38 KURDISTAN Over 30 kolbars killed or injured by Iranian forces in two months
16:59 WOMEN Armenian women organise self-defence in Rojava
16:21 NEWS Senyaşar family’s justice vigil marks day 557
15:39 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Protests in three cities for jailed Kurdish journalists
15:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA YPJ Spokesperson: Hol Camp is a threat to the world
14:26 NEWS KONGRA–GEL calls for broad participation in the Kurdish festival in the Netherlands
13:49 NEWS CDK-F/TJK-F calls on patriotic Kurds living in Europe to join the Kurdish festival
13:12 NEWS 135 Armenian soldiers killed in recent clashes with Azerbaijan
12:32 FEATURES Roma citizens reject urban transformation in their neighbourhood
12:01 KURDISTAN Gerîla TV releases footage of action guerrillas carried out in Girê Amediyê
11:29 NEWS New clashes on Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan border
10:55 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish state threatens those who oppose it in Afrin with death penalty
10:36 HUMAN RIGHTS Lawyer Demir says aggravated life imprisonment has been turned into de facto death sentence
10:07 NEWS Turkish and Syrian Intelligence Services meet in Damascus
09:42 NEWS Yüksel Koç calls on everyone to attend festival in Landgraaf tomorrow
09:23 NEWS Artist Perinçek visits Xosnav Ata who is protesting against Turkish use of chemical weapons
08:51 KURDISTAN KNK delegation meets with political groups in Kurdistan Regional parliament
08:22 NEWS German police delayed entrance of Long March to Cologne
07:49 ECOLOGY Venice Climate Camp discusses Abdullah Öcalan's idea
17:51 KURDISTAN HPG reports guerrilla actions in memory of Akif Yilmaz and Delal Nurhak
16:27 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Call for support for the book and letter campaign for 16 jailed Kurdish journalists
15:29 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF continues supporting the security operation in Hol Camp
14:48 CULTURE Kurdish institutions in Switzerland call for participation in the festival in the Netherlands
13:59 NEWS Long March activists protest Turkish chemical attacks in Kurdistan
12:42 KURDISTAN Five-month balance of war in South Kurdistan: 2132 soldiers killed, ten helicopters shot down
11:59 NEWS Lawyers of Öcalan apply once again to be granted access to Imrali
11:29 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Protests in solidarity with jailed journalists will be held in 5 cities on Friday
10:55 NEWS Time of hope: a concert for the Kurdish people in Rome
10:36 ROJAVA-SYRIA 678 schools in Deir ez-Zor ready to open on Monday
10:07 NEWS NAV-BEL and CDK-S call on everyone to attend Kurdish festival in Landgraaf on Saturday
09:42 FEATURES The Flower of Transformation Blooms in Kurdistan
09:23 NEWS International lawyers: We want to break the isolation in Imrali
08:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA Martyr Kamber Söylemez laid to rest in Qamishlo
08:22 NEWS Activists in Geneva call on everyone to attend festival in Netherlands on Saturday
07:49 NEWS Petition demands Swiss Federal Parliament to impose sanctions against Erdogan
18:57 KURDISTAN Seven soldiers killed in actions by YJA Star guerrillas