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11:50 ROJAVA-SYRIA Schools ready to open in Raqqa, Tabqa and Deir ez-Zor
11:20 ROJAVA-SYRIA Painful stories coming from Afrin, where kidnapping continues
10:47 NEWS Seventy-year-old woman jailed for carrying a banner
10:15 NEWS FARC Party: We are committed to Peace
09:49 NEWS HDP deputy Taşdemir: Trustees are an attack to democracy
09:16 NEWS Solidarity to Rojava from Wales
08:47 CULTURE Global Day of Action for Hasankeyf on 14 September
08:17 NEWS Protest tent against the trustees in Bonn
07:44 NEWS Day 12 of protest against trustees in Van
21:00 KURDISTAN HPG: Turkish occupiers will be given the most resolute response
20:15 ROJAVA-SYRIA March in Deir ez-Zor against Turkey’s threats of invasion
19:35 NEWS Footage from the 11th day of resistance in Amed
18:15 NEWS Protests continue in Mardin: Do not be silent, resist!
17:00 NEWS Mayor of Grabels in solidarity with HDP
16:30 NEWS Ş. Çiyager Hevi Vengeance Unit targets police station in Amed
16:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA Syrian forces advancing in Idlib
15:30 NEWS HDP MP Sarısaç punched by the police in Van
15:10 KURDISTAN Turkish air raid leaves a civilian wounded in Amadiya
14:50 NEWS 150 employees of usurped Mardin Municipality dismissed
14:15 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey continues with the construction of wall in Afrin
13:45 NEWS Three HDP members detained in Suruç
13:20 ROJAVA-SYRIA Five more civilians abducted in Afrin
12:50 NEWS Families of Öcalan and 3 prisoners in Imralı apply for a visit
12:30 NEWS Day 11 of the resistance in Amed
12:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA MSD Spokesperson: Turkey’s threats continue despite the agreement
11:30 NEWS Four people detained in Taşlıçay
11:10 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoners in Patnos jail exposed to inhumane practices
10:48 NEWS Ex FARC Peace Negotiator Ivan Márquez: We'll take up arms again!
10:20 KURDISTAN Gorran Movement deputies visit Maxmur Camp still under embargo
09:48 NEWS AKP's political coup protested in Basel, Montpellier, the Hague
09:24 NEWS "This is not an appointment, it is a political coup"
08:47 NEWS Cologne mayor: Appointment of trustees dangerous move
08:17 NEWS Former Justice Minister Ergin resigns from the AKP
07:49 NEWS Solidarity to the Kurdish people from Nuremberg
20:42 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish forces and mercenaries bomb a village in Sherawa, Afrin
18:00 KURDISTAN Turkish jets bomb Heftanin and Şemzinan
17:30 NEWS Editorial in Argentinian paper: Minorities in danger in Turkey
17:00 NEWS Amed Resistance: Day 10
16:30 ROJAVA-SYRIA People of al-Bab protest amid ongoing clashes between gangs
16:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA Five political parties found ‘Kurdish Forces Union’ in NE Syria
15:30 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRE: 2 terrorists killed, 9 others wounded in Azaz
15:00 NEWS HDP meets with EU ambassadors to discuss usurped municipalities
14:30 KURDISTAN Kakai villages in Kirkuk and controversial regions targeted again
14:00 NEWS Resistance continues in Mardin despite repression and obstruction
13:30 NEWS Three politicians detained in Amed
13:00 NEWS Six detained after house raids in Suruç
12:30 NEWS Evîn Cuma: Trustee appointment is contrary to international law
12:00 KURDISTAN 70,000 people returned to Shengal
11:30 ROJAVA-SYRIA Syrian/Russian jets bomb Turkish observation point near Idlib
11:16 ROJAVA-SYRIA The second life of Raqqa: 700,000 citizens returned to the city