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19:39 KURDISTAN TEV-DEM: Iraqi government's threats serve Turkey's interests
19:07 NEWS Abdullah Öcalan's lawyers file application to visit their client
18:01 NEWS Mazloum Abdi's meeting with Swedish Defense Minister disturbs Turkey
17:14 ROJAVA-SYRIA Afrin municipalities increase measures against coronavirus
16:37 ROJAVA-SYRIA Autonomous Administration says Turkey leaves 5 million people without water
16:02 NEWS Police attacks 'May 1 cannot be banned' demo in Istanbul
15:33 NEWS Syria loses voting rights at OPCW after poison gas findings
14:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA Muslim: Moscow and Damascus are behind the NDF attack in Qamishlo
14:24 ROJAVA-SYRIA 6 ISIS members captured by YAT in Hol Camp
13:57 NEWS Sit-in protest against isolation in Amed
13:28 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF arrests two ISIS members
13:05 HUMAN RIGHTS Şenyaşar family: Remaining silent against persecution is to stand by the oppression
12:37 FEATURES Journalist Konicz: Erdoğan's regime perceives peace as a threat
12:04 NEWS Erdoğan appoints six new university rectors
11:39 NEWS Children of Fire Initiative claims responsibility for action in Istanbul
11:08 ROJAVA-SYRIA PYD says Iraqi government should respect the will of the people of Shengal
10:46 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish drone bombs the region of Shehba
10:18 NEWS HDP calls on Iraqi government to solve problems through dialogue in Shengal
09:47 ROJAVA-SYRIA Clashes between the Internal Security Forces and regime-loyal NDF continue in Qamishlo
09:21 NEWS Merkel calls for release of political prisoners
08:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA Qamishlo: Internal Security Forces repel attack by regime forces
08:18 ROJAVA-SYRIA German doctor Michael Wilk reports from Rojava
07:47 NEWS Italian mayor responds to Turkish ambassador
21:11 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF: 6 ISIS members captured in Heseke and Deir ez-Zor
20:48 KURDISTAN People block the Iraqi army in Shengal
18:36 ROJAVA-SYRIA “Decentralisation is the resolution for the Syrian crisis”
17:55 WOMEN “Turkey cannot withdraw from Istanbul Convention by a governmental decree”
17:13 KURDISTAN HDP urges Constitutional Court to condemn the crimes committed in Cizre
16:36 WOMEN Women in Sheikh Maqsoud challenge economic crisis through production
15:59 ROJAVA-SYRIA 7 people linked to the murder of an Iraqi refugee captured in Hol Camp
15:30 NEWS Women activists visit Şenyaşar family on Justice Vigil in Urfa
14:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA Dirbesiyê Municipality starts cleaning and disinfection services
14:24 NEWS KCDK-E launches membership campaign
13:59 ROJAVA-SYRIA Heseke Canton declares state of emergency after water outage by Turkey
13:25 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Turkish judiciary imposes internet ban on Mezopotamya news agency
13:03 ROJAVA-SYRIA Kongra Star members enter 3rd day of vigil in front of Öcalan's house near Kobanê
12:58 ROJAVA-SYRIA PYD Executive Bêrivan Hesen condemns silence of international community over Turkish attacks
12:27 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF take 10 people into custody in anti-corruption operation
12:01 NEWS Abdullah Öcalan's lawyers files application to visit their client
11:53 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS RSF: Journalism, the vaccine against disinformation, blocked in over 130 countries!
11:24 CULTURE German artist Kilpper: Isolation imposed on Öcalan is "a crime against humanity"
10:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA "If we want to live free, we must follow the path of the martyrs", mother of Hevrîn Xelef says
10:16 NEWS Police take four people into custody in Çukurca
09:52 NEWS Activists from Frankfurt take over the Freedom for Öcalan Vigil in Strasbourg
09:20 HUMAN RIGHTS Hunger strike demanding freedom for Öcalan in the Greek camp of Lavrio reaches day 107
08:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA “Turkey seeks to expand invasion under the name of Islam”
08:16 WOMEN Protection Law No. 6284 remains on paper
07:44 ROJAVA-SYRIA Sweden wants to deepen cooperation with northeastern Syria
20:09 CULTURE Zizek gives guest lecture at Kobanê University: “You Kurds are my model”
18:58 HUMAN RIGHTS Constitutional Court: Imrali isolation legally legitimate