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09:23 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Trials against Özgür Gündem and Özgürlükçü Demokrasi postponed to November
08:51 NEWS Armed man attacks HDP Marmaris District Organization building
08:22 NEWS Forest fire in Lice rapidly spreading towards village of Licok
07:49 NEWS Third hearing of trial for the killing of Diyarbakir Bar Association President Elçi opens today
20:53 NEWS HDP commemorates victims of the Zilan massacre
20:19 NEWS Children of Fire set fire to many vehicles and workplaces
19:37 NEWS HBDH: The spirit of July 14 is hovering in the mountains of Kurdistan
18:59 ROJAVA-SYRIA "The main task is to defend the values of the revolution"
18:16 NEWS Hunger strike in prisons reaches day 229
17:37 KURDISTAN HSM: We will crown resistance with victory
16:53 KURDISTAN "Victory of the guerrillas will be a second revolution of humanity"
16:16 NEWS HDP Haliliye district co-chair detained
15:42 NEWS Lawyers apply once again to meet Öcalan
15:08 ROJAVA-SYRIA Three civilians abducted by jihadist militia in Girê Spî
14:34 KURDISTAN HPG: People are forced to leave their villages in Van countryside
13:53 NEWS Taliban: Turkey’s decision is against our national interests
13:27 NEWS KCDK-E: Congress successfully held thanks to solidarity
12:49 WOMEN Kongreya Star launches ideological education cycle for women
12:17 NEWS No news about the three North and East Syria politicians detained in Hewlêr 34 days ago
11:47 ROJAVA-SYRIA Former KDP executive Ismail warns about allowing Turkey to invade South Kurdistan
11:18 FEATURES Öcalan has a crucial role for any political solution of the Kurdish question
10:49 KURDISTAN YJA Star guerrilla Mizgin Amed says the hunger strike in prison is a source of strength
10:20 KURDISTAN HPG guerrilla Amed: Success will be ours
09:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA Workshop on Kurdish unity establishes dialogue group to travel to East and South Kurdistan
09:23 NEWS Indictment says 'Kars is Ours' slogan was a crime
08:51 NEWS Dozens killed in Nassirya hospital fire
08:22 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish state builds houses for mercenaries in Afrin
07:49 KURDISTAN HPG announces identity of guerrilla who fell a martyr in Medya Defense Areas
21:38 NEWS ADGB calls for joint struggle against attacks of the German state
21:01 ROJAVA-SYRIA NGOs in Tabqa protest the UN decision to keep border crossing closed
20:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA Manbij People: Let us unite and defeat the invasion
19:59 KURDISTAN HPG: Two Turkish soldiers killed in Avashin
19:21 HUMAN RIGHTS TIHV reports increase in torture cases in Kurdish cities
18:39 ROJAVA-SYRIA Abdi: ISIS reorganizes in the Turkish occupied zone
17:56 ROJAVA-SYRIA Three ISIS members arrested by SDF in Shaddadi
17:14 WOMEN Women hold Jineology seminar at the Lavrio Camp in Greece
16:16 NEWS Tobacco farmers jailed over "banned demonstration” in Adıyaman
15:37 KURDISTAN Kurdish intellectuals: History won’t forgive those preventing Kurdish unity
14:58 KURDISTAN Political prisoner jailed for 26 years passes away
14:29 NEWS ‘Defend Kurdistan’ march in Switzerland enters its final phase
13:47 HUMAN RIGHTS Saturday Mothers on trial: We will never give up
13:11 NEWS Kurdish NGOs in Europe call for support for the KCDK-E
12:43 NEWS Öcalan’s lawyers submit another application to go to Imralı
12:15 HUMAN RIGHTS 83-year-old Mehmet Emin Özkan remains in prison
11:46 ROJAVA-SYRIA PYD executive Derwîş urges people to stand by the HDP
11:17 ROJAVA-SYRIA People from Zirgan say resistance goes on
10:48 FEATURES Ferzende Abi and his song for the martyrs of the 14 July Great Death Fast Resistance
10:19 KURDISTAN "We are making history", says guerrilla Evîndar Zagros
09:52 NEWS Defend Kurdistan Initiative calls for participation in today's rally in Geneva
09:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey transfers water from Meydankê Dam to Urfa dams