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08:33 WOMEN Leyla Qasim commemorated on the 50th anniversary of her execution
07:50 KURDISTAN HPG pays tribute to martyrs Murat, Xemgîn and Artêş
18:43 ROJAVA-SYRIA Artillery attacks start wildfire in Ain Issa
17:58 WOMEN Peace Mothers visit Emine Şenyaşar on Mother's Day
16:45 FEATURES Elections, the future of Southern Kurdistan and new developments
15:18 ROJAVA-SYRIA Democratic Islamic Congress in North and East Syria holds third congress
14:43 WOMEN TJA: For the Kurdish people, woman and mother are the name of leadership and pride
14:02 HUMAN RIGHTS 20-year-old political prisoner dies in prison
13:33 KURDISTAN HPG: Turkish army attacked guerrilla areas with chemical weapons
12:02 ROJAVA-SYRIA TEV-ÇAND releases song for elections in Northern and Eastern Syria
11:13 NEWS DEM Party delegation meets Graz mayor
10:34 ROJAVA-SYRIA Women's Garden opens in Amûdê
09:55 NEWS Dr. Driver: Justice is being destroyed in Imralı before the eyes of the world
09:12 FEATURES PKK Internationalists in the Palestinian Resistance, a brochure
08:33 CULTURE Kurdish Language Day events kick in Mardin
07:50 HUMAN RIGHTS Emine Şenyaşar calls on everyone to attend press statement on 24 May in front of Ministry of Justice
19:57 NEWS Young women march in Stuttgart, demanding “Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan”
18:51 CULTURE ‘Jîn Art House’ for women opens in Izmir
18:05 ROJAVA-SYRIA Local elections in North and East Syria postponed to 11 June
17:34 ROJAVA-SYRIA Invaders burn down 200 hectares of land and 3,000 olive trees in Manbij
16:23 NEWS Ömer Öcalan: If isolation does not end, there will be no solution
15:47 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS DFG: The KDP is committing a crime and should release Silêman Ehmed
14:26 ECOLOGY Ecology Union convenes in Amed to determine the new line of struggle against ecocide
13:49 CULTURE Kurdish Publishers Workshop starts in Amed
13:16 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Still no news of journalist Silêman Ehmed in KDP custody for 200 days
12:02 CULTURE PKK: Hozan Mizgîn is the most beautiful expression of free art and war
11:13 HUMAN RIGHTS ISIG says that at least 163 workers lost their lives in occupational homicides in April
10:34 ECOLOGY Turkish army and its mercenaries set fire to agricultural lands in Manbij
09:55 FEATURES Lawyer Bilmez: The Ministry of Justice is lying
09:12 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF, MSD and DAANES hold tripartite meeting
08:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA Three SDF fighters die, others wounded following ISIS suicide attack in Deir ez-Zor
07:49 CULTURE Internationalist Commune calls on artists to show solidarity with Rojava by sending their art
19:13 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish artillery attacks start fire in fields in northern Syria
18:37 KURDISTAN 7 people imprisoned, 2 put under house arrest in Hakkari
17:19 KURDISTAN HPG reports ongoing guerrilla actions against the Turkish army
16:38 NEWS Journalist Celal Başlangıç laid to rest in Cologne
15:58 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF Military Council regular meeting focuses on recent developments in the region
15:19 NEWS DEM Party: There can be no normalisation by excluding oppressed peoples and identities
14:37 KURDISTAN YRK: Turkish state carried out UCAV attack in Pênciwen
14:01 NEWS Voters in Iran go to the polls for the second round
13:24 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Indictment against nine journalists sent to court
12:55 KURDISTAN Turkish air strikes target villages in Binarê Qendîl
12:02 NEWS Iranian forces kills another kolbar
11:13 NEWS Panel about Kurdish and Amazigh people
10:34 NEWS Report from Rojava: Speaking Tour on Direct Democracy
09:55 NEWS 10 years in prison and release order for former Nusaybin Municipality co-mayor Kaya
09:12 HUMAN RIGHTS Winners of Ayşenur Zarakolu Freedom of Thought and Expression Award announced
08:33 WOMEN Trial in Ankara of ISIS members who kidnapped Yazidi girl postponed
07:49 FEATURES Edgar Morin: We must fight for the Kurdish people and their leader
18:44 ROJAVA-SYRIA Reconnaissance drone activity over Afrin-Shehba Canton