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17:19 KURDISTAN Body of YJA Star guerrilla handed over to her family in a box five years after her death
16:35 NEWS Turkey freezes the assets of 62 Kurdish individuals and 20 aid foundations abroad
15:36 HUMAN RIGHTS Political prisoners in Turkey on day 5 of hunger strike
14:52 KURDISTAN ‘The PKK has been fighting for a free society for 45 years'
14:09 NEWS ISIS attack kills 10, injures 25 in Diyala
13:27 KURDISTAN 22 people imprisoned in Bitlis
12:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey attacked Afrin and Shehba 27 times in November
12:01 NEWS Activists from the Netherlands take over Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan vigil
11:13 KURDISTAN HPG releases balance sheet of war for November: 124 soldiers killed in 193 actions
10:34 KURDISTAN 81-year-old Makbule Özer to go back to prison
09:55 KURDISTAN Vigil in Maxmur to demand freedom for Öcalan continues
09:12 KURDISTAN Remains of guerrillas Elçiçek and Satılmış delivered to their families after 5 years
08:33 CULTURE Iranian rapper Toomaj Salehi arrested again
07:50 FEATURES Dersim: The essence of the PKK is women's liberation
18:37 ROJAVA-SYRIA Long march by youth activists in North-East Syria on its second day
18:00 KURDISTAN Mesopotamia Migration Platform warns against depopulation of Kurdistan
17:17 KURDISTAN HPG reports ongoing guerrilla actions against the Turkish army
16:26 KURDISTAN Amed residents face hard times due to economic crisis
15:39 KURDISTAN HPG Commander Armanc Med: This war will end in victory
14:51 HUMAN RIGHTS 68-year-old prisoner released after a stroke in intensive care for 39 days
14:04 CULTURE Laura Schrader's book "Berxwedan" meets readers
13:08 KURDISTAN HSM congratulates guerrillas on the revolutionary operation in Metîna
12:01 KURDISTAN Guerrilla Hawar calls for broad support for the resistance
11:13 CULTURE TEV-ÇAND Europe releases video of the song "Ez Ne Yek im"
10:34 NEWS Emergency Committee for Rojava special online event today
09:55 NEWS Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality mayor Mızraklı to remain in prison
09:12 NEWS Prisoners demanding "freedom for Abdullah Öcalan" enter 4th day of hunger strike
08:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF Military Council assesses past three months of activities
07:49 NEWS HEDEP starts preparations for local elections
18:05 NEWS Activists at Geneva vigil salute the 45th anniversary of the PKK
17:04 HUMAN RIGHTS Political prisoner behind bars for 32 years not released despite serious illness
16:18 ROJAVA-SYRIA Two drug traffickers arrested in Tabqa
15:24 ROJAVA-SYRIA The story of Rojîn, kidnapped by ISIS from Shengal nine years ago
14:47 KURDISTAN HPG guerrillas: We will crown the 46th anniversary of the PKK with success
14:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA Afrin Association denounces the Syrian embargo on Shehba, calling for immediate intervention
13:29 ROJAVA-SYRIA Youth organizations in North-East Syria stage a three-day march
12:50 KURDISTAN Footage of preparations for guerrilla operation in Metîna
12:01 NEWS YPS claims responsibility for setting fire of a car in Istanbul
11:13 KURDISTAN YJA Star guerrilla Çiya: Kurdistan and our Leader will be liberated
10:34 HUMAN RIGHTS EP Rapporteur for Turkey to attend the Saturday Mothers gathering
09:55 HUMAN RIGHTS Four kolbars injured by Iranian regime
09:12 ECOLOGY Cizre Region Environmental Board plants 1,200 pine trees in village of Qamishlo
08:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF meets Al-Akidat tribe sheiks and International Coalition representatives
07:50 CULTURE Shooting of 'Heval Kekê Min' started
19:01 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF announces the names of three fallen fighters
18:27 KURDISTAN At least 43 people detained in Bitlis and Van
17:51 KURDISTAN HPG: Turkish state lies and conceals its losses
16:33 NEWS PKK and PAJK prisoners in Turkey go on hunger strike
15:24 KURDISTAN Tahir Elçi remembered on the eighth anniversary of his death
14:04 CULTURE Video clip in memory of the guerrillas martyred at Girê Hekarî