Latest News

14:31 NEWS Webinar: “Öcalan and Women’s Liberation”
13:58 NEWS Demo in Stuttgart against the fascist attack in Vienna
12:42 KURDISTAN Restriction and power cut in villages of Heftanin
12:11 KURDISTAN Wildfire in Khanasor damages pines and olive trees
11:21 KURDISTAN No investigation into "the body in the box"
10:49 NEWS Call for protests: “Everywhere Kurdistan, everywhere resistance"
10:20 NEWS Kurdish youth in France protest against Turkey’s attacks
09:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA 12 more coronavirus cases registered in Syria
09:17 NEWS #RiseUp4Rojava:Solidarity with the antifascist struggle in Vienna
08:48 WOMEN Protest against femicide in Stuttgart
08:17 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Journalist detained in the operation against DTK
07:44 ROJAVA-SYRIA 30 hectares of cultivated land set on fire in al-Bab
22:04 WOMEN Kurdish Women’s Movement activist detained in Amed
21:30 NEWS Anti-fascist rally in Vienna amid increasing nationalist attacks
19:32 KURDISTAN People of Sulaymaniyah protest against Turkish massacre
18:53 KURDISTAN HPG: 5 Turkish soldiers killed in South Kurdistan
18:18 KURDISTAN HDP Party Assembly member detained in Mardin
17:42 KURDISTAN DTK office in Amed sealed after the police raid
17:07 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey’s mercenaries set fire to fields in al-Bab
16:34 KURDISTAN KDP deploys 3,000 peshmergas to protect Turkish bases
15:59 KURDISTAN PJAK: A guerrilla martyred, three others wounded in Kunamasi
14:32 NEWS Iraq: Turkish violations a breach of international conventions
13:50 NEWS Families apply once again to go to Imralı
13:17 NEWS 13 militiamen arrested over attacks on US facilities in Iraq
12:49 KURDISTAN PUK calls for urgent action to stop Turkey’s violations
12:14 FEATURES KCK: Turkey won’t be able to pit PUK and PKK against each other
11:22 FEATURES KCK:Guerrilla will resist till the liberation of Kurdistan people
10:44 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Suspended prison sentence for journalist over Tahir Elçi cartoon
10:12 HUMAN RIGHTS Two prisoners on death fast hospitalized in İzmir
09:41 ROJAVA-SYRIA Call for an international investigation into Turkey's crimes
09:10 KURDISTAN DTK building and houses stormed, many detained in Amed
08:58 WOMEN Women in North East Syria protest Turkish attacks
08:21 NEWS 'Justice Vigil’ for lawyers on death fast
07:49 NEWS Demos throughout Europe protest Turkish attacks
22:33 KURDISTAN Three guerrillas martyred in Tendürek, Van
22:07 KURDISTAN HPG: 31 Turkish soldiers killed, many vehicles destroyed
21:32 NEWS HDP co-mayors of İkiköprü town in Batman jailed
21:09 KURDISTAN Fire started by the Turkish army in Şırnak continues
20:36 KURDISTAN Turkish air raid kills 2, injures 8 in South Kurdistan – NEW
20:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA Women killed by Turkish attack in Kobanê laid to rest
20:02 KURDISTAN Turkish aerial attack on picnic area recorded on video by locals
19:40 KURDISTAN Turkish jets shell a village in South Kurdistan – FOOTAGE
17:37 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Trial against journalist Sabiha Temizkan adjourned
16:59 NEWS Eight years of vigil for Abdullah Öcalan in Strasbourg
15:31 NEWS Hunger strikes in Turkish prisons
14:45 KURDISTAN 5.4 magnitude earthquake in Van
14:04 FEATURES Unwavering willpower: Heftanin
13:31 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish forces attack Ain Issa
13:03 FEATURES ISIS jihadists sent from Syria to Libya
12:36 NEWS Revenge Unit destroys 8 vehicles, including two trucks