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16:46 ECOLOGY Ecologists call on people not to vote for those who destroy nature and history
15:58 WOMEN Kurdish politician Ceylan Aslan faces up to 15 years in prison
15:03 NEWS Civil disobedience action for Maxmur at Iraqi Consulate in Bern
14:27 KURDISTAN Dozens detained in Bingöl and Ağrı
13:59 ELECTIONS 2023 Erçe: Our priority is to unseat Erdogan and to end the one-man regime
13:11 HUMAN RIGHTS Families of Imrali prisoners apply for a visit
12:32 ROJAVA-SYRIA MSD: Arab-Syria normalization will be a positive step if it seeks to end the Syrian crisis
11:58 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Journalist who exposed rape to stand trial while alleged rapists walk free
11:17 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF captures two Turkish occupation intelligence agents
10:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA Shehba FM will go on air on 1 June
10:19 HUMAN RIGHTS Turkey has highest prevalence of modern slavery in Europe and Central Asia, says report
09:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA Damascus continues to impose a heavy embargo on Şêxmeqsûd and Eşrefiye
09:23 HUMAN RIGHTS Son of seriously ill prisoner Mehmet Emin Özkan released from jail
08:51 ELECTIONS 2023 Women in Maltepe call on women to go to the polls to defeat the one-man regime
08:22 ELECTIONS 2023 Women in Amed: We will get rid of the AKP-MHP regime on 28 May
07:49 FEATURES YJA Star commander Alkan: Struggle won't end with elections
19:13 HUMAN RIGHTS Former Kurdish political prisoner sentenced to jail term in Iran
18:38 WOMEN Peace Mothers condemn the siege of Maxmur
17:29 ELECTIONS 2023 HDP and Green Left Party: We will go to the polls and change the one-man regime
16:45 KURDISTAN People of Maxmur fill up ditches with bare hands
15:26 KURDISTAN People of Maxmur: Our resistance will continue until the siege is over
14:43 KURDISTAN Turkish bombardments cause damage to civilian settlements in South Kurdistan
14:00 KURDISTAN Maxmur People's Council calls for increased solidarity against the siege by the Iraqi army
13:21 KURDISTAN Dozens detained in Hakkari
12:56 ROJAVA-SYRIA YPJ commander meets Catalan representatives in Barcelona
12:01 HUMAN RIGHTS Lawyers request visit with Öcalan and other prisoners in Imrali
11:26 ELECTIONS 2023 Hatimoğulları: Every vote is important. Every single vote counts
10:48 ELECTIONS 2023 Esengül Demir: Let's stop the one-man regime with strong participation
10:19 ELECTIONS 2023 Record turnout in Switzerland for second round in Turkish presidential election
09:52 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Journalist Çelik released
09:23 NEWS Demo in solidarity with people of Maxmur in Solothurn
08:51 KURDISTAN Iraqi army makes new move to besiege Maxmur Camp
08:22 NEWS Activists in Düsseldorf protest siege of Maxmur Camp
07:49 ELECTIONS 2023 Peoples' Democratic Party and the Green Left Party to make statement today
18:59 ECOLOGY German police target climate activists
18:26 NEWS Activists at Geneva vigil call for UN action against the blockade of Maxmur
17:43 KURDISTAN HPG reports 26 Turkish attacks on guerrilla areas
17:00 HUMAN RIGHTS HDP Co-Chair Sancar visits Emine Şenyaşar
16:29 NEWS Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan Vigil in Strasbourg marks its 570th week
15:55 WOMEN YJA Star announces death of guerrilla commander Leyla Sorxwîn in Besta
15:12 ELECTIONS 2023 Kurdish Freedom and Democracy Alliance calls on people to vote for a change and democracy
14:32 NEWS 12 musicians detained for participation in opening of Green Left Party election office
13:46 NEWS 33 people in Urfa face an investigation over press statement
13:01 FEATURES Güneş: The male-dominated alliance can only be torn down by women’s struggle
12:28 NEWS Yazidis in Europe condemn the international silence on attacks against Shengal and Maxmur
11:46 ELECTIONS 2023 Construction workers' union: Go to the polls to get rid of the AKP-MHP government
11:17 HUMAN RIGHTS Suspicious death of a student in Bitlis
10:48 ELECTIONS 2023 Voting abroad ends today
10:19 NEWS Rally in Bielefeld to support people of Maxmur
09:52 KURDISTAN Maxmur resistance enters 5th day