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15:01 NEWS Summary of proceedings against 10 HDP deputies
14:27 NEWS 5 detained as police attack students' protest in Ankara
13:58 HUMAN RIGHTS TJA: Demands of the prisoners must be met before it's too late
13:22 NEWS Ankara seeks to calm tensions with EU
12:47 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey bombs villages in Afrin and Shehba
12:19 FEATURES No solution to their complaints for 45 years
11:47 NEWS KCDK-E launches "letters to the UN" campaign
11:21 HUMAN RIGHTS 2,427 workers died in 2020 in work-related accidents
10:45 KURDISTAN Maxmur resident Metin Adogit falls a martyr in a KDP jail in Hewlêr
10:31 KURDISTAN Villages in Lice still under military blockade
10:14 KURDISTAN Prisoners on hunger strike are a source of inspiration for the guerrilla
09:43 NEWS Full page call for Freedom for Öcalan in Junge Welt
09:12 NEWS Israel 18 air strikes against Syria leave 23 dead
08:49 FEATURES Eliaçık: Elitism is to live in a palace detached from the people
08:13 NEWS Organizations join the campaign for Öcalan's freedom
07:39 ROJAVA-SYRIA Occupation attacks on Ain Issa region continue
20:58 NEWS Deposed co-mayor faces up to 15 years in prison
20:23 NEWS University students protest in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir
19:34 NEWS Austria deports Turkish agent hired for assassination
17:44 KURDISTAN Deposed co-mayor of Hakkari sentenced to 2 years in prison
17:03 NEWS Life sentence for 7 people who participated in protests for Kobanê
16:00 NEWS Sit-in in Berlin for solidarity with hunger strike in prisons on day 2
15:27 KURDISTAN KNK calls for urgent action for Kurdish activists detained in Iran
14:43 NEWS HDP Bingöl organization: Isolation is a crime against humanity
14:09 WOMEN 'If light is shed on the Paris killings, much will be solved'
13:31 WOMEN Investigation against Seve Demir's mother
13:02 ROJAVA-SYRIA Handcraft workshops in Qamishlo ensure economic independence to women
12:26 FEATURES British actress Maxine Peake launches 'letters for Leyla' campaign
11:51 FEATURES Law protecting women in Iran: A first step, but still a long way to go
11:47 NEWS Police take two people into custody in Amed
11:29 NEWS Claims intensify of Turkey secretly negotiating with marshal Haftar
11:20 NEWS Police release Osman Şiban
10:49 KURDISTAN Special operation police teams detain three people in Hakkari
10:26 WOMEN Woman killed in Istanbul hotel
10:07 NEWS Activists urge police to act on Tosun Grey Wolves salute
09:38 WOMEN HDP Women's Council says Melek Ipek exercised her right to self-defense
09:09 NEWS Resistance of dismissed Cargill workers leaves 1000 days behind
08:41 NEWS Police detain Osman Şiban, the villager thrown from an army helicopter
08:13 KURDISTAN Curfew in 10 villages of Bitlis
07:41 FEATURES MP Paylan: Ankara is stuck in a spiral of corruption and waste
21:39 ROJAVA-SYRIA Syrian Future Party launches action in protest at Turkish attacks on North-East Syria
19:58 KURDISTAN Seven jailed in Van, including a former HDP co-mayor
18:47 ROJAVA-SYRIA Civilian murdered in a village of Deir ez-Zor
18:11 NEWS Sit-in launched in Berlin in solidarity with hunger strike in prisons
15:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Manbij people: We must support the SDF to resist attacks
15:16 ROJAVA-SYRIA Two members of El Igêdat tribe killed in Deir ez-Zor
14:45 NEWS HBDH calls for 'active support' for the resistance in Ain Issa and Til Temir
13:17 FEATURES German families: We want to continue the struggle of our martyrs
12:48 WOMEN TJK-F: Our anger is as alive as 8 years ago
12:16 NEWS Miner dies while working in Zonguldak