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10:33 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Kurdish journalists demand release of their colleagues
10:02 HUMAN RIGHTS Seriously ill prisoner Kaya in intensive care
09:34 WOMEN Triple feminicide in Colombia during COVID-19 quarantine
09:01 HUMAN RIGHTS Letter asks UN to push Iran to release political prisoners
08:19 NEWS US offers $15 million for information leading to arrest of Maduro
07:48 CULTURE Two mountain Kurds, Hêvî and Yekta…
21:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA New Corona rules in North-East Syria
21:10 NEWS Death toll from Covid-19 jumps to 75 in Turkey with 3,629 cases
20:30 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Two MA journalists released from prison
18:34 ROJAVA-SYRIA Pandemic intervention teams work around the clock in Rojava
17:59 KURDISTAN Co-mayors of Batman released with travel ban
17:18 ROJAVA-SYRIA Young Kurdish woman abducted in Afrin ransomed
16:22 HUMAN RIGHTS Turkey bans lawyer visits to prisoners
15:44 ROJAVA-SYRIA Hediye Yusif: We have mobilized all our means
14:57 KURDISTAN Military operation launched in Lice countryside
14:21 NEWS Kurds in solidarity with the people of Italy
13:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Bombardment injures two civilians in Til Rifat
13:26 KURDISTAN HPG: 4 Turkish soldiers killed in Heftanin
12:51 FEATURES FARC former guerrillas produce protective masks
12:18 HUMAN RIGHTS Alevi organisations demand the release of all prisoners
11:06 HUMAN RIGHTS Over 50 thousand people demand the release of prisoners
10:33 NEWS France announces withdrawal from Iraq
10:02 HUMAN RIGHTS Ill prisoner Sabri Kaya suffers a stroke
09:34 HUMAN RIGHTS Güven warns of tragedy ready to happen in prisons
08:58 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS London Court refuses to release Wikileaks founder Assange
08:23 NEWS Eleven Kurdish and Turkish nationals die of coronavirus in London
07:48 NEWS Kurdish artists call for the release of prisoners
22:05 NEWS Covid-19: 2,433 cases, 59 dead in Turkey
20:51 WOMEN Effects of the corona crisis on women
20:06 NEWS UN calls on governments to reduce the number of prisoners
19:31 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish mine kills a child in a village of Gire Spi - UPDATE
18:49 NEWS Coronavirus: More than 2,000 dead in Iran
18:11 ROJAVA-SYRIA RIC interview with WHO Syria representative on Corona crisis
17:39 ROJAVA-SYRIA Syria confirms three more cases of Coronavirus
17:07 NEWS German MP Jelpke: Rojava needs help against Corona pandemic
16:33 KURDISTAN People of Maxmur under threat amid growing corona disaster
15:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRE: Two mercenaries killed in Afrin and Azaz
15:31 ROJAVA-SYRIA Mine kills a child, injures two others in Gire Spi countryside
15:12 ROJAVA-SYRIA Occupation forces attack a village and M4 highway
14:43 NEWS HDP announces alternative economic measures against pandemic
13:56 ECOLOGY Open letter for Hasankeyf
12:51 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Yeni Yaşam suspends printed edition due to coronavirus emergency
12:18 ROJAVA-SYRIA TEV-DEM condemns Turkey for cutting water supply to Hesekê
11:43 NEWS Refugees and citizens in Van under threat as no measure taken
11:11 HUMAN RIGHTS Families launch petition demanding release of prisoners
10:35 CULTURE Artists from Afrin release song for national unity
10:03 NEWS Van tradesmen demand tax exemption
09:31 NEWS Kurds in solidarity action with Italy today at 6 pm
08:59 NEWS Conditions of Grup Yorum members on death fast worsen
08:23 NEWS KNK calls on international community to protest trustee policy