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15:32 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish soldiers torture three young men trying to cross the border
15:02 NEWS Turkey summons ten ambassadors over Osman Kavala
14:33 FEATURES Why is the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons silent?
13:55 ROJAVA-SYRIA Two more women abducted in occupied Afrin
13:21 WOMEN Female prisoners stage riot in Urmia Prison, East Kurdistan
12:13 HUMAN RIGHTS Şenyaşar family: 225 days demanding justice
11:44 CULTURE Hozan Canê: Sentence is an act of intimidation but artists won't bow their heads
11:15 ROJAVA-SYRIA Autonomous Administration: The people will respond with great resistance to any Turkish attack
10:46 NEWS TEV-ÇAND artists take over Freedom for Öcalan Vigil
10:17 HUMAN RIGHTS Political prisoners at Van's F-Type Prison report torture and abductions
09:48 WOMEN Feminist café in Hamburg presents the experience of Jinwar women village
09:19 FEATURES "The international community must act against Turkey now," says Andrew Feinstein
08:50 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish state military police and al-Mutasim Billah mercenaries kidnap 5 civilians in Afrin
08:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA Internal Security Forces capture 22 ISIS mercenaries in Deir ez-Zor
07:48 FEATURES Academics: Elections results may lead to political instability in Iraq
19:59 NEWS Kobanê trial to resume on Tuesday
19:22 ROJAVA-SYRIA Opinion leaders in Raqqa call for Turkey’s expulsion from Syria
18:47 NEWS Hozan Canê sentenced to over three years in prison in Turkey
18:13 NEWS Children of Fire set fire to 6 vehicles in Izmir and Istanbul
17:39 KURDISTAN HPG: Turkish army continues its attacks against Medya Defense Zones
16:24 ROJAVA-SYRIA YPG Spokesman: Current threats similar to those before the invasion of Afrin
15:49 KURDISTAN KMMK reports continued execution, torture and detention in East Kurdistan
15:11 NEWS Şenyaşar Family: Criminal MP protected by state
14:37 NEWS HDP executive member receives 7 years and 6 months jail time
14:03 KURDISTAN Guerrillas seize Turkish camera trap in Metina
13:35 NEWS 5th hearing of Kobanê Trial begins in Ankara
12:12 ROJAVA-SYRIA Mine in Shehba injures 4 children
11:43 NEWS Kurdish language course for children opens in Dresden
11:14 ROJAVA-SYRIA New institutes to be opened in Hesekê and Qamishlo, says Jazira Education Commitee
10:45 ROJAVA-SYRIA Protest at Semalka Border Gate reaches day 14
10:16 NEWS Deposed mayor of Hakkari: The trustee system is a system of destruction
09:47 FEATURES Raqqa is a vibrant city four years after its liberation from ISIS
09:18 CULTURE Blackberry Season by director Aydemîr premieres at Mostra de Valencia Film Festival
08:49 FEATURES "Turkey’s actions violate international humanitarian law," says activist Peter Tatchell
08:20 NEWS PYD celebrates its 18th anniversary in Basel
07:44 CULTURE Artists in Amed protest banning of MKM's 30th anniversary concert
19:11 HUMAN RIGHTS Political prisoners denied health care in Kürkçüler, Adana
18:33 NEWS Memorial ceremony for Amara Cûdî in Heilbronn
17:59 ROJAVA-SYRIA YPG denies Turkish Defense Ministry statement
17:24 KURDISTAN Maxmur residents arrested on the way to Baghdad
16:46 NEWS Official final results of the parliamentary election in Iraq
14:38 KURDISTAN Three more guerrillas killed by Turkish chemical weapons in Southern Kurdistan
13:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA Pregnant woman tortured to death in prison in Afrin
13:23 ECOLOGY Drought and military restrictions threaten nomadic life in Cizre
12:49 KURDISTAN YRK: We did not suffer any casualties in Turkish air strike
12:17 ROJAVA-SYRIA Salih Muslim: We are stronger and more organised, our resistance will be greater!
11:48 NEWS KON-MED calls for quick and independent investigation into alleged poison gas attacks by Turkey
11:19 ROJAVA-SYRIA Raqqa Youth Assembly: “Young people must work for the reconstruction and protection of the region"
10:50 HUMAN RIGHTS Aslan family, over 4 years looking for their son
10:21 FEATURES Guerrilla Şoreş Mardin dedicated his life fighting for a free future