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10:07 NEWS The key to peace is Öcalan’s freedom, says Ögmundur Jónasson
09:40 ROJAVA-SYRIA Evîn Cuma: Erdoğan wants to permanently change the demography of the region
09:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey and its mercenaries bomb villages in Shehba
08:51 HUMAN RIGHTS Şenyaşar family continues their struggle for justice on day 434
08:22 ROJAVA-SYRIA 14,739 students busy with final exams in Shehba despite Turkish attacks
07:49 NEWS Swedish MPs say Turkey should stop attacks against Kurdistan
18:59 KURDISTAN At least 8 soldiers killed in Zap
18:27 KURDISTAN Ban on access to villages in Şırnak countryside
17:11 NEWS Kurdish-Arab Dialogue Meeting held in Brussels
16:04 KURDISTAN HPG: 23 Turkish soldiers killed in guerrilla actions
15:16 KURDISTAN Turkish army and village guards destroy trees in Şırnak countryside
14:26 KURDISTAN Aysel Doğan commemorated in Maxmur
13:49 CULTURE KCK celebrates Kurdish Language Day
12:34 KURDISTAN HPG Commander: No one can destroy the PKK
11:55 KURDISTAN Turkish troops depopulate a village in Hakkari
11:01 ROJAVA-SYRIA Kongra Star Coordination members condemn Turkish state's attacks on Kurdistan
10:35 KURDISTAN Refugees in Maxmur Camp protest isolation imposed on Öcalan
10:06 KURDISTAN HPG releases one-month war balance sheet: 427 Turkish soldiers killed
09:40 ROJAVA-SYRIA Is Turkey trying to settle a million Syrians in Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî?
09:23 NEWS Swiss Kurdish Institute holds first ordinary congress in Bern
08:51 CULTURE Paris Kurdish Culture Festival begins with traditional music and dance
08:22 KURDISTAN Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas hit Turkish army in Çiyareş, kill 2 soldiers
07:49 CULTURE Today is Kurdish Language Day
18:58 KURDISTAN Aysel Doğan buried under police blockade in Dersim
17:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA SOHR: Russia begins transfer of troops from Syria to Ukraine
16:37 NEWS Demo in Rome against Turkish attacks in Kurdistan
16:00 KURDISTAN HPG: Five soldiers killed, one drone shot down
15:26 KURDISTAN Funeral of Aysel Doğan: Police attack mourners with tear gas and water cannon
14:55 NEWS European Parliament adopts Turkey report: 'Persistently further from EU values'
13:42 NEWS Thousands march against occupation and betrayal in Berlin
13:08 KURDISTAN Rewşen Mêrdîn: The plans of Turkey and Barzani frustrated by guerrilla resistance
12:33 WOMEN Two-day Jineolojî seminar in Lausanne
11:59 KURDISTAN New stage in the political extermination campaign in Şırnak
11:21 NEWS Kurdish politician Aysel Doğan to be buried in Dersim
10:55 NEWS Young activists in London condemn Britain's silence on Turkish attacks
10:36 CULTURE The Mesopotamia Cultural Centre is the academy of Kurdish culture
10:07 HUMAN RIGHTS Ill prisoner Abdullah Ece dies in Izmir Buca Kırıklar Closed Prison
09:40 NEWS British delegation heads to OPCW with report on Turkey’s use of chemical weapons in Iraqi Kurdistan
09:23 NEWS At least 129 workers die in workplace homicides in April
08:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA Fierce clashes between mercenaries and people in occupied Afrin
08:22 KURDISTAN YBŞ commander Çeko: "We did not start the war, but we have the right to protect our people"
07:49 KURDISTAN Duran Kalkan: AKP-MHP fascism will end in Zap and Avaşîn
18:02 KURDISTAN HPG reports continued use of chemical weapons against guerrilla positions
17:27 ROJAVA-SYRIA What's going on at Hol Camp?
16:48 WOMEN Preparations underway for Rojava Kurdish Women's Consultation Meeting
16:09 ROJAVA-SYRIA Luqman Ehmê: Turkey’s ‘resettlement’ project is a war crime
15:33 NEWS HDP calls for action against Turkish government’s repression of opponents
14:59 NEWS British trade unions expand Freedom for Öcalan campaign
14:27 ROJAVA-SYRIA Three Turkish-backed mercenaries killed in HRE actions in Afrin and Mare
13:49 NEWS The decision is political, says lawyer Fermon as Belgian justice acquits Turkish assassination team