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13:33 KURDISTAN Representatives of Shengal hold talks in Baghdad
12:02 NEWS DISK calls for participation in 1 May rally in Taksim
11:13 HUMAN RIGHTS Halise Aksoy released from prison
10:34 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS JINNEWS journalist Gültekin acquitted
09:55 FEATURES KCK: The democratic parties of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan have a historical duty
09:12 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Kurdish journalist Yalçın fined for allegedly damaging bars of his cell
08:33 WOMEN Celebrations in Rojava mark ninth anniversary of KJK
07:50 NEWS DEM Party delegation continues its talks at the CoE
18:02 KURDISTAN Three Kurds detained in East Kurdistan
17:25 NEWS Lawyers apply once again to visit Öcalan
16:33 NEWS DEM Party Youth Council organises football tournament against the special war
15:27 KURDISTAN A vehicle 'belonging to special warfare elements' set on fire in Erzurum
15:00 HUMAN RIGHTS ‘Resistance is a right if there is no rule of law’
14:19 NEWS Netherlands stipulates the condition of release for Demirtaş, Kavala ahead of Wittenburg Conference
13:37 HUMAN RIGHTS Orumiyeh prison forces raid political ward, beat two Kurdish prisoners
12:02 ROJAVA-SYRIA Farmers in Raqqa get disel support for irrigation
11:13 HUMAN RIGHTS No news from refugee Veli after his release
10:34 NEWS Last two stages of the Newroz March 2024 in central Sardinia
09:55 HUMAN RIGHTS Ömer Öcalan and Özgür Faik Erol meet with CPT officials
09:12 HUMAN RIGHTS Release of Rozerin Kalkan delayed by 11 months
08:33 KURDISTAN Turkey bombs Binarê Qendîl, injures one woman
07:50 FEATURES Prisoner Odabaş, who has cancer, is neither treated nor released
19:17 KURDISTAN Turkish soldier who sexually assaulted a woman in Şırnak imprisoned
18:38 NEWS Activists on vigil in Geneva call on the CPT to "end the torture of isolation in İmralı"
18:00 KURDISTAN YBŞ celebrates 'Çarşema Serê Nîsanê' holiday
17:04 NEWS 18 politicians on trial in Kobanê Case to remain in prison
16:29 KURDISTAN PUK leader: Parliamentary elections will be held on 10 June as scheduled
15:51 NEWS Press conference at the Council of Europe: Imrali Prison is a legal black hole!
14:41 NEWS 13 imprisoned politicians do not attend the Kobanê Trial
13:53 KURDISTAN KNK celebrates Çarşema Sor, calls on the Kurdish people to unite
13:22 NEWS Call for the release of the imprisoned defendants in the Kobanê trial
12:02 HUMAN RIGHTS Trade unions call on everyone to celebrate 1 May in Taksim Square
11:40 NEWS DEM Party district co-chair Karatay taken into custody
11:13 NEWS Israel kills Hezbollah commander in South Lebanon
10:34 KURDISTAN Entrance to Kato Mountain prohibited for 15 days
09:55 NEWS DEM Party co-chairs make statement before final hearing of Kobanê Case
09:12 FEATURES Armenia becomes first country in the world to declare 3 August an official day of remembrance
08:33 KURDISTAN Muhammed Orhan, the symbol of Van's resistance, released from prison
07:50 FEATURES Sabri Ok: The AKP is falling apart
18:57 CULTURE Churches and foundations in Raqqa handed over to the Christian Property Protection Department
18:13 NEWS Autonomous Administration and TEV-DEM celebrate Çarşema Sor
17:29 NEWS Leyla Güven sentenced to 5 months in prison for criticism of trustees
16:49 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Still no news of Rojnews editor Silêman Ehmed in KDP custody for 175 days
16:03 NEWS Six people detained in Istanbul
15:15 NEWS Lawyers file another application to visit Öcalan in Imralı
14:37 NEWS KCDK-E celebrates Yazidi New Year ‘Çarşema Sor’
13:52 NEWS Death toll in the Gaza Strip approaches 34,000
13:09 CULTURE KCK: Çarşema Sor represents the growing spirit of resistance for existence and freedom
12:02 NEWS Lawyer Lesage: Imrali is a state of lawlessness in every sense
11:13 ECOLOGY 'Be a friend of ecology' campaign in the Euphrates canton enters its second phase