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13:15 KURDISTAN Turkish fighter jets and helicopters bomb guerrilla areas
12:37 ROJAVA-SYRIA Raqqa people: Attacks on Ain Issa are Russia's scheme
12:02 ROJAVA-SYRIA Autonomous Administration Executive Council holds its second annual meeting
11:21 HUMAN RIGHTS KDP hid Metin Adogit's death for two months
10:48 KURDISTAN Guerrilla Başûr criticizes the silence against occupation in South Kurdistan
10:16 NEWS Petition for jailed mayor of Amed Mızraklı
09:49 HUMAN RIGHTS Hunger strikes in Maxmur and Greece continue
09:17 HUMAN RIGHTS Hunger strike in prison reaches day 53
08:46 NEWS Students in Mainz express solidarity with Boğaziçi University struggle
08:18 NEWS Request of arrest for 20 people out of 47 detained in ESP operations
07:44 KURDISTAN “Whether in Heftanin or prisons, the resistance continues”
19:53 WOMEN Signatures collected for the "100 Reasons" campaign in Sulaymaniyah
17:37 KURDISTAN Four workers killed in traffic accident laid to rest in Maxmur
16:54 ROJAVA-SYRIA SOHR: Turkish forces establish new post in northern Saraqeb
15:53 WOMEN Women’s campaign against occupation enters second phase
15:15 KURDISTAN Explosion kills 8 soldiers and a civilian in Shengal
14:40 ROJAVA-SYRIA Military deployment by occupation forces in northern Syria
13:41 NEWS 24 people sentenced to prison for demonstration against violence
12:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey erects observation tower near Ain Issa
12:19 ROJAVA-SYRIA Autonomous Administration sets out to solve bakeries issue
11:44 WOMEN Lêgerîn: A woman with a will of her own
11:13 KURDISTAN Vigil in Shengal reaches day 47
10:45 HUMAN RIGHTS Çelik: Prisoners determined to fast until isolation ends
10:16 ROJAVA-SYRIA Autonomous Administration works to provide water to the people of Hesekê
09:47 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoner Inal calls on people to support the resistance in prison
09:19 HUMAN RIGHTS Hunger strikes demanding the end of isolation continue
08:42 NEWS Two-week vigil for Shengal launched in Hanover
08:11 NEWS Germany-wide solidarity actions with the prison resistance in Turkey
07:43 FEATURES AKP expands its police force and intelligence services
19:35 ROJAVA-SYRIA YPG Spokesperson: We abide by protocols, do not recruit minors
17:29 ROJAVA-SYRIA Afrin IDPs vow to continue resistance until occupiers are expelled
16:43 NEWS Turkey takes exception to mural with Öcalan quote in Oslo
15:57 HUMAN RIGHTS "The murderer of Abdullah Canan was a Turkish major"
15:15 CULTURE Last synagogue in Amed in danger of collapsing
14:40 ROJAVA-SYRIA SOHR reports disagreements between Turkish-backed factions
13:33 KURDISTAN "The governments are to blame for the crisis in Southern Kurdistan"
12:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA Would vaccination against Covid begin in March in Rojava?
12:20 KURDISTAN Vigil in Shengal reaches day 46
11:48 HUMAN RIGHTS Solidarity hunger strikes in Maxmur and Greece continue
11:10 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS IFJ and EFJ call for release of journalists
10:47 KURDISTAN 2020 War Balance: 1005 invading Turkish soldiers killed
10:16 KURDISTAN PKK discloses identity of guerrilla fallen in November 2019
09:42 HUMAN RIGHTS 11th group of prisoners takes over hunger strike in prisons
09:14 FEATURES Chomsky: The Rojava Revolution is a miracle that the world must see
08:44 WOMEN Women from Eastern Kurdistan support the "100 reasons" campaign
08:12 KURDISTAN Memorial ceremony in Shengal
07:42 WOMEN “Guerrilla is the best place to fight sharia and capitalism”
20:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA Amude people: We will follow Leader Abdullah Öcalan
20:20 ROJAVA-SYRIA Anwar Muslim: We insist on establishing Kurdish national unity
19:38 WOMEN Self-defense workshops for women and girls in İzmir