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18:51 WOMEN Women in Southern Kurdistan write letters to Öcalan
18:01 NEWS Memorial event for Seyit Evran in Brussels
17:23 HUMAN RIGHTS Kurdish political prisoner on death row begins hunger strike in Urmia
16:36 ROJAVA-SYRIA Child killed, dozens injured in clashes between Turkish-backed mercenaries in Serekaniye
15:55 FEATURES Seyit Evran will always be among us and guide us
15:11 KURDISTAN HPG reports Turkish attacks with chemical weapons and tactical nuclear bombs
14:00 NEWS Political parties, organizations and NGOs to march to Gemlik in protest at the isolation of Öcalan
12:58 HUMAN RIGHTS Saturday Mothers violently attacked and detained by the police
12:14 FEATURES Terrorists in Rojava, heroes in Ukraine
11:11 ROJAVA-SYRIA Citizen from Serêkaniyê killed by Turkish soldiers
10:34 ROJAVA-SYRIA Young Yazidi girl saved by YPJ to be reunited with her family
09:55 KURDISTAN For women activists abducted in Seqiz
09:12 HUMAN RIGHTS Political prisoners in Sincan women's jail write to CPT
08:33 NEWS Investigation against Green Left Party MP Ömer Öcalan
07:50 FEATURES Sorxwîn Kobane: ISIS is a danger to humanity itself
17:42 ROJAVA-SYRIA Dangerous ISIS operative apprehended in joint anti-ISIS operation in Raqqa
16:49 NEWS Over 88,000 people from the Karabakh region have fled to Armenia
15:53 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Employee of Yeni Yaşam daily detained in Dersim
14:24 KURDISTAN AKP builds dwellings for 15,000 Meskhetian Turks in Ahlat, Bitlis
13:48 NEWS Families apply to visit their relatives on Imrali
13:09 KURDISTAN HPG: Four Turkish soldiers were killed by snipers in Zap
12:28 KURDISTAN Gerîla TV publishes footage of action in Girê Amediyê
11:55 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish state attacked villages of Ain Îsa and Girê Spî dozens of times in September
11:12 NEWS A journalist and four HDP politicians sentenced to one and a half years in prison in Bursa
10:34 KURDISTAN HPG pays tribute to guerrilla Wêlat Asê
09:55 ROJAVA-SYRIA Manbij Military Council carries out new precise defensive attack in Manbij
09:12 KURDISTAN Armed attack in a restaurant in Sulaymaniyah leaves one person dead and one injured
08:33 KURDISTAN Armed attack by AKP executive leaves one dead and four injured
07:50 FEATURES SGDF: Prison won't break young people
20:30 HUMAN RIGHTS Supreme Court confirms prison sentence for 5 people in Gezi Park case
18:18 ROJAVA-SYRIA Second Syrian Workshop organized by PYD kicks off in Raqqa
16:58 HUMAN RIGHTS 1,803 agricultural workers died in occupational homicides in 10 years
15:55 KURDISTAN Guerrilla actions in memory of Seyit Evran
14:39 ROJAVA-SYRIA Young women march in Kobanê to denounce the international conspiracy against Öcalan
13:51 KURDISTAN Soldiers storm houses in the village under military siege for 2,5 months
13:08 KURDISTAN KCK commemorates the recent martyrs of the Kurdish people
12:01 ROJAVA-SYRIA Raqqa Civil Council moves refugees in regular camps
11:12 WOMEN One more Yazidi woman rescued from ISIS mercenaries
10:34 NEWS Activists in Turin protest KDP and Turkish state attacks
09:55 CULTURE FilmAmed Documentary Film Festival kicks off
09:12 HUMAN RIGHTS The body of HPG guerrilla Fedekar Hêlîn given to his family after 10 month wait
08:33 HUMAN RIGHTS ÖHD lawyers call on Turkish government to adhere to its own and international laws
07:50 HUMAN RIGHTS Report exposes systematic rights violations of prisoners in Tarsus jail
19:06 ROJAVA-SYRIA More civilians kidnapped in Turkish-occupied Afrin
18:27 ROJAVA-SYRIA One killed, two injured as occupation forces attack a village in Raqqa
17:52 NEWS More than 50,000 Armenians living in Nagorno-Karabakh forcibly displaced by Azerbaijani operation
16:36 ROJAVA-SYRIA Thousands bid farewell to journalist Seyit Evran and YPG commander Aslan Qamişlo
15:19 KURDISTAN Turkish drone attack on a village in Qandil results in casualties
14:38 ROJAVA-SYRIA ISIS leader apprehended in North Syria
13:59 WOMEN Kurdish politician Selma Irmak sentenced to four years in prison