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20:30 News Turkish attacks on Makhmur and Shengal protested all over Europe
18:00 Human Rights London determines perpetrators of Tahir Elci murder
17:00 News Anderson calls for release of Öcalan and all political prisoners
16:30 News Attacks on Makhmur and Shengal protested in Graz and Berlin
16:00 News Freedom for Öcalan Vigil continues
15:45 News Kurds protested Makhmur attack in Paris
15:30 News Kurds protest all over Europe against Turkish attacks
15:10 Kurdistan Victims of Turkish attack laid to rest in Makhmur
15:00 Kurdistan First images from the scene of Turkish air raid in Makhmur
14:30 Kurdistan Chants of “Murderer Erdogan” during funeral in Makhmur
14:15 News Norwegian MP visits hunger strikers for Öcalan in Oslo
13:45 Rojava-Northern Syria Intense clashes between SDF and ISIS in Hajin
13:30 Kurdistan Images from the funeral in Makhmur
13:15 Kurdistan People of Makhmur protest Turkish attack and march to UN office
12:50 News MP Jelpke: Germany should take action against Erdoğan’s war
12:15 News FEDA: Turkey has committed blatant crimes against humanity
12:00 News Kurds in Toronto protest Turkish attacks on Southern Kurdistan
11:30 Kurdistan People of Makhmur flock to the funeral of Turkish attack victims
11:00 Kurdistan Footage from guerrilla action in Sidekan
10:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Kongreya Star calls on people to protest against invasion threats
10:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Yûsif: Turkey wants to expand the life of the Syrian crisis
10:00 Rojava-Northern Syria YPG: Five Turkish soldiers were killed in Afrin
09:30 Kurdistan Kara: The Iraqi state and the UN must act after Makhmur bombing
08:55 Kurdistan Identities of four women killed by Turkey in Makhmur announced
08:35 Kurdistan First footage from Makhmur after Turkish attack
08:25 News KCDK-E calls to protest Turkish bombing of Makhmur and Shengal
08:00 Kurdistan Hash al-Shaabi delegation went to Makhmur after bombing
07:30 News Students in Colombia marched for free and public universities
21:35 Rojava-Northern Syria Explosion in central Afrin leaves casualties
20:50 Kurdistan Turkish attack on Makhmur kills 4 self-defense fighters - UPDATED
20:40 Kurdistan “Murderer Erdogan” chant the people of Makhmur after the attack
20:20 Rojava-Northern Syria People of Serêkaniyê: We are ready to counter any attack
19:55 Kurdistan Turkish jets bomb a village of Shengal
19:50 Kurdistan Fighter jets strike Makhmur Camp
16:30 News KNK: Turkey's attack on Rojava resuscitates ISIS
16:00 Rojava-Northern Syria People of Qamishlo and Gire Spi rally against occupation
15:40 Features Did Hakan Fidan have Idlib on the agenda in the US visit?
15:05 Rojava-Northern Syria Northern Syrian political parties: We won’t allow an invasion
14:45 Rojava-Northern Syria Thousands protest Erdoğan’s occupation threats in Kobane
14:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Turkish army bombs villages of Afrin - UPDATED
14:15 News English Lawyer Owen writes about Demirtaş trial
13:30 News German MP Hunko: Leyla Guven’s demands are our demands
12:45 News Isolation of Öcalan on the Swiss deputies' agenda
12:15 News Police raid on hunger strike in Amed: 50 detained
12:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Invaders send back up to Manbij and Jarablus
10:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Autonomous Administration spoke out against Erdoğan’s threats
09:30 News Kurdish issue discussed in the European Parliament
09:00 Rojava-Northern Syria TEV-DEM's Xelîl responds to Erdoğan's threats
08:30 Kurdistan Kurdish Language Platform call to step up work
08:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Military movements at Serêkaniyê border