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10:50 ROJAVA-SYRIA 640 students will graduate at Kobanê University next week
10:21 CULTURE The 2nd Nar (Pomegranate) Festival opens in the town of Susê
09:52 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoner with 90% disability subjected to strip search and harassment
09:23 HUMAN RIGHTS Turkish President declares 10 Western ambassadors persona non grata over appeal for Osman Kavala
08:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF says three fighters lost their lives in Turkish drone attach in Kobanê
08:22 ROJAVA-SYRIA KDP ignores Peace Mothers' letter and demands them to end protest at Semalka Border Gate
07:49 FEATURES Sancar: Let's counter the AKP-MHP government policies together!
20:04 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish drone kills three civilians in Kobanê
18:53 KURDISTAN Three soldiers killed in guerrilla sabotage in Avaşîn
18:17 ROJAVA-SYRIA ‘Turkey is plundering schools and holy places in Til Temir’
17:36 NEWS DTK: Abdullah Öcalan's physical freedom is essential to get out of the chaos
16:59 KURDISTAN 'Imam' pile in Kurdish cities
16:26 KURDISTAN "NATO must investigate Turkish war crimes"
15:49 NEWS No progress in Syria talks
15:17 KURDISTAN Turkish soldier commits suicide during invasion operation in South Kurdistan
14:43 ECOLOGY Water level in Munzur falls to the lowest level in its history
14:09 WOMEN "Life in Kurdistan is not possible without struggle"
13:32 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF denies Turkish Defense Ministry reports
12:55 NEWS Abdullah Öcalan given disciplinary penalty for “pacing”
12:24 CULTURE Peace in Kurdistan Campaign remembers Huseyin Çelebî
11:48 ECOLOGY Geliyê Qewalê and Ava Orê Waterfall, the beauties of Hakkari
11:19 WOMEN Ecology as revolutionary paradigm, a webinar
10:50 NEWS Police in Ankara detain workers collecting paper to recycle it
10:21 KURDISTAN German Consulate in Hewlêr says it closely follows Behdinan prisoners' case
09:52 CULTURE 28th Hüseyin Çelebi Literature Event takes place in Basel today
09:23 FEATURES Lindsey German: "Turkey’s actions are totally illegal"
08:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish army and its mercenaries target Ain Issa, Til Rifet and Til Temir
08:22 HUMAN RIGHTS TUHAY-DER protest attacks against prisoners in Van F Type Prison
07:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA YPG Spokesperson: A new war will be different from the one in Serêkaniyê
19:44 ROJAVA-SYRIA ‘Closure of Til Koçer Border Crossing causes humanitarian crisis in camps’
18:11 HUMAN RIGHTS HDP administrator forced to spy on party activities
17:32 ROJAVA-SYRIA Solidarity visits to the Semalka demonstration continue
16:53 KURDISTAN ‘The Turkish state should be prosecuted in accordance with international laws’
16:19 NEWS Children of Fire announce continued actions
15:48 KURDISTAN Fierce clashes between guerrillas and Turkish troops in Avaşîn
15:13 HUMAN RIGHTS IHD: Armored vehicles are causing deaths in Kurdistan
14:41 NEWS Unite the Union demands “Freedom for Öcalan” at 2021 conference
14:10 CULTURE 'The Diary Abroad' in Stuttgart Museum
13:26 WOMEN Başaran: The state has become the main enemy of women
12:53 KURDISTAN Young people from Kirkuk condemn partnership with Turkish forces in South Kurdistan
12:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA Kongreya Star spokesperson: Killing a pregnant woman is the most despicable crime
11:48 KURDISTAN Guerrilla Hebûn Kato: "We will not leave Avaşîn to the enemy"
11:19 NEWS 65 women write to OPCW to investigate claims of Turkish use of chemical weapons
10:50 FEATURES Umut bookstore bombing: Acquittal for “deep state” perpetrators demanded
10:21 NEWS 44 Arab intellectuals call on OPCW to send team in areas of Turkish alleged use of chemical weapons
09:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA Attack in Deir ez-Zor kills one young man
09:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF General Commander Mazlum Abdi: Turkish state's bombing of civilians is a provocation
08:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA 18 families leave Hol Camp
08:22 CULTURE Istanbul court issues arrest warrant against Kurdish singer Ferhat Tunç
07:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Peace Mothers: We will stay at the border until we get the remains of our children