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17:01 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish state bombs village of Eyn Isa
16:24 NEWS Italian police seize 14 tons of amphetamines directed to ISIS
16:23 NEWS Activists in Sydney protest Turkish attacks
15:46 NEWS Children of Fire Initiative issues balance sheet for June
15:00 KURDISTAN Guerrillas destroy 3 Turkish army positions in Tepê Dupişk
14:14 NEWS KOM-MED calls on everyone to join rally against Çavuşoğlu
13:39 KURDISTAN HPG disclose identities of martyrs of Heftanin
13:01 NEWS Memorial for martyrs Zilan and Mazlum in Limassol
12:32 WOMEN Turkish occupation in Afrin guilty of femicide and gender crimes
11:57 NEWS Turkish government demands compensation from guerrilla's family
11:28 HUMAN RIGHTS HDP calls on EU and UN to monitor situation in Turkish prisons
10:54 NEWS Most hospitals collapse in Bolivia due to Covid pandemic
10:26 NEWS HDP calls on people to join commemoration of Sivas massacre
09:55 NEWS Activists to protest Erdogan's ministers visit to Berlin
09:22 NEWS Explosion in Teheran clinic
08:58 ROJAVA-SYRIA Three jihadists, one a ISIS regional leader, captured in Hesekê
08:23 HUMAN RIGHTS Lawyers demand justice for colleagues on death fast
07:49 WOMEN Kongra Star writes to UN Secretary General
22:20 KURDISTAN Turkish jets bomb South Kurdistan
21:21 HUMAN RIGHTS Lawyer Timtik's aunt arrested
20:47 NEWS Lawyers rally in Istanbul: The defence cannot be silenced
20:02 NEWS HDP Youth Assembly members detained in Istanbul
19:29 WOMEN YJA Star commemorates Zeynep Kınacı
18:36 KURDISTAN HPG: 22 Turkish soldiers killed in guerrilla actions
17:30 NEWS Five bodies found in Lake Van 3 days after boat capsizing -UPDATE
16:57 FEATURES Revolutionary perspective on Corona and the ecological crisis
16:19 NEWS Burial site of Sheikh Said still secret
15:42 NEWS HDP: The government is using naked force to maintain its rule
15:01 NEWS Five people detained in Maraş
14:27 NEWS Öcalan’s lawyers apply to visit Imralı
13:49 NEWS HDP statement on massacres in Turkish cross-border attacks
13:17 NEWS RiseUp4Rojava calls for protests against Çavuşoğlu visit
12:45 KURDISTAN Guerillas express their determination: We will win
12:14 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Women's Press Union established in Qamishlo
11:50 HUMAN RIGHTS Van parties and associations condemn torture inflicted on Çetin
11:22 HUMAN RIGHTS Boat sinks in Van lake, 100 refugees missing
10:51 NEWS Group from Duisburg takes over Freedom for Öcalan Vigil
10:16 NEWS FARC denounces killing of 214th former guerrilla
09:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA ISIS rioting prisoners demand trial
09:18 NEWS Activists in Moscow say stop Turkish aggression on Kurds
08:47 NEWS Six people arrested in Bismil
08:17 NEWS Activists in Dresden protest Turkish attacks
07:49 NEWS Activists in Sheffield and Leeds protest Turkish attacks
21:09 NEWS Number of arrests in operation against DTK rises to 22
20:32 ROJAVA-SYRIA Protest in Ain Issa against Turkey’s war crimes
19:59 KURDISTAN Name of the PJAK guerrilla martyred in Kunamasi announced
19:22 NEWS FED-DEM holds its Congress in Bremen
18:55 ROJAVA-SYRIA Martyr Omer laid to rest in Shaddadi
18:18 NEWS Family of Medeni Yıldırım says his grave was vandalized
17:51 NEWS Memorial for Zeynep Kınacı in Rojava and Lebanon