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10:10 NEWS California recognises genocide against Assyrian-Syriacs
09:48 NEWS Child hit by police armored vehicle dies
09:30 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish army and its mercenaries bombing Sherawa
09:18 HUMAN RIGHTS Maxmur Camp suffers shortages in medicines due to embargo
08:47 NEWS Amed Democracy Vigil: Don't touch our will!
08:18 NEWS The use of drones by the Palestinian Resistance worries Israel
07:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA Controlled explosion prevents ISIS attack in Deir ez-Zor
21:17 NEWS Explosion in Kulp: Seven dead
21:13 ROJAVA-SYRIA Explosion in Manbij
17:15 KURDISTAN HPG reports action in Xakurke, operation and clash in Dersim
16:45 NEWS Democracy Vigil in Mardin: We will get the final say
16:15 ROJAVA-SYRIA Preparations underway for the new school year in Deir ez-Zor
15:45 NEWS ‘September 12’ protest in Istanbul: The coup continues with AKP
15:15 NEWS Long March activists on their way to Düsseldorf
14:45 ROJAVA-SYRIA Kurdish Tribes Workshop held in Derik
14:15 NEWS 39th anniversary of Turkey's September 12 military coup
13:45 NEWS Six-year-old hit and critically wounded by police vehicle in Amed
13:15 NEWS Seven detained on terrorism charges in İzmir
12:45 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRE: Three terrorists killed in Afrin and Mare
12:17 KURDISTAN Maxmur Peace Mothers: Day 12 of action
11:47 ROJAVA-SYRIA Over 8,000 books delivered to schools in Shaddadi
11:17 NEWS Fourth day of the Long March to end in Dusseldorf this evening
10:47 NEWS Al-Nusra member stripped of Swiss citizenship
10:17 NEWS New application from Öcalan's lawyers
09:47 NEWS UN to discuss Syria report in Geneva
09:17 NEWS Roadmap agreed between Sudan rebels and ruling council
08:47 NEWS Turkey problem with democracy discussed at Swiss Parliament
08:17 NEWS Sentence reduced for police who killed student Şerzan Kurt
07:47 NEWS Scottish Supreme Court ruled suspension of UK parliament unlawful
20:00 NEWS Denmark to summon Turkish ambassador over denunciation of Kurds
17:15 NEWS Democracy Vigil in Van: Only peace can save this country
16:45 CULTURE MSD awards artists of the project for children’s painting
16:05 NEWS Leyla Güven: AKP is facing collapse
15:15 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRE: Three Turkish-backed terrorists killed in Azaz and Bab
14:45 NEWS Long March for Öcalan continues in Bonn on day 3
14:15 ROJAVA-SYRIA Active struggle against ISIS mentality in Hol Camp
13:45 NEWS Gothenburg Municipality in solidarity with HDP
13:15 KURDISTAN Maxmur Peace Mothers reach day 11 of sit-in against embargo
12:45 ROJAVA-SYRIA 4 ISIS commanders arrested, 2 members killed in YPG operations
12:15 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey’s gangs abduct more civilians, shoot villagers in Afrin
11:45 NEWS Freedom for Öcalan Vigil in Strasbourg on week 377
11:15 ROJAVA-SYRIA More refugees sent to the new camp in Tabqa
10:45 KURDISTAN Kirkuk writers express solidarity with the HDP
10:15 NEWS Van products, affordable and cheap
09:47 CULTURE Learning Kurdish to fight assimilation
09:17 NEWS One civilian murdered and one kidnapped in Afrin
08:48 KURDISTAN Mother of Peace protesting embargo in Maxmur taken to hospital
08:17 KURDISTAN Football tournament in Qandil
07:47 NEWS Malta finally allowed the Alan Kurdi to enter its port
20:30 NEWS Court rejects appeal against release verdict for Demirtaş