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08:22 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF captures arsonist responsible for crop burning and extortion
07:49 WOMEN Men kill at least 40 women in May
18:08 NEWS Families apply for a visit to Imrali
17:16 ROJAVA-SYRIA AANES accuses the Syrian regime of blocking evacuations from Sudan
16:33 NEWS EP Rapporteur on Turkey: EU accession process cannot endure
15:26 NEWS KCDK-E calls for solidarity with Piroğlu facing extradition to Turkey
14:16 ELECTIONS 2023 Green Left Party announces distribution of tasks in parliament
13:39 HUMAN RIGHTS Professor Denis O'Haern: Imrali isolation is unprecedented
12:58 NEWS Abdullah Öcalan's book "Sociology of Freedom" presented in Torino
12:22 KURDISTAN HPG releases balance sheet of war for May
11:46 WOMEN Women's village Jinwar plans new projects
11:15 NEWS Law, Prisons, and the Kurdish Issue conference at the European Parliament
10:48 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS International Federation of Journalists demands release of 12 women journalists in jail in Iran
10:19 NEWS Activists in Vienna and Lucerne show solidarity with Maxmur
09:52 KURDISTAN People of Maxmur enter 14th day of resistance
09:23 FEATURES Shehba FM radio goes on air
08:51 HUMAN RIGHTS Political prisoner Mehmet Şahin released after 30 years
08:22 NEWS Activists in Paris demand freedom for Abdullah Öcalan
07:49 NEWS Günay: Our party is preparing for a new era
19:33 HUMAN RIGHTS IHRNGO: At least 142 were executed in Iran in May, 307 in 2023
18:55 KURDISTAN Five soldiers killed as guerrillas respond to attacks in self-defence
18:22 KURDISTAN YBŞ: Our people should resist the attacks and defend Shengal
17:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA Confessions of a terrorist cell members dismantled by SDF
16:06 ROJAVA-SYRIA Seventh anniversary of the launch of campaign to liberate Manbij
15:01 ELECTIONS 2023 Supreme Election Board releases final results of presidential runoff
14:29 KURDISTAN Aerial attack targets a house in Shengal
13:57 ELECTIONS 2023 Green Left Party MP Tiryaki: We will build the future our peoples deserve
13:17 KURDISTAN Talabani: There is no way other than unity to protect our country
12:39 KURDISTAN HPG Commander: We are growing stronger in the spirit of June 1 offensive
11:54 NEWS Green Left MP candidate remanded in custody
11:21 NEWS NATO Secretary General says he will visit Turkey soon
10:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish state gangs in Afrin killed a child and kidnapped at least 53 people in May
10:23 CULTURE 5th 'Ma Music Days' start on 7 June
09:54 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Governor in Van rejects investigation into police officer who threatened journalists with death
09:25 NEWS Six young people taken into custody in Izmir
08:53 NEWS Selahattin Demirtaş quits active politics
08:21 NEWS Members of Kurdistan Youth Movement take over the Freedom for Öcalan Vigil in Strasbourg
07:44 KURDISTAN HSM commemorates June 1 Offensive: Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas are ready to carry out all tasks
20:18 NEWS Activists at Geneva vigil: Our freedom struggle will continue and we will prevail
19:27 NEWS Turkish lira losing value against the US Dollar and Euro
18:58 KURDISTAN ‘Turkish state wants to eliminate Shengal Autonomous Administration’
18:12 KURDISTAN Iraqi Parliamentarian: Actions taken against Maxmur Camp violate human rights
17:33 HUMAN RIGHTS Justice Vigil by Şenyaşar family enters 800th day
16:52 WOMEN 'Maxmur mothers are symbols of will and resistance'
16:08 HUMAN RIGHTS Journalist denied treatment for speaking Kurdish
15:30 ROJAVA-SYRIA Refugee family returns to Autonomous Administration region after 6 years in Lebanon
14:42 HUMAN RIGHTS Forced disappearances protested in Berlin
14:13 NEWS HBDH Sinan Dersim Militia releases monthly balance sheet of actions
13:40 WOMEN KJK: Elections were not fair
13:01 WOMEN 6th Fidan Doğan Kurdish Women's Festival to take place on 18 June in Paris