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17:28 WOMEN Many detained in police attack on 25 November demo in Şırnak
16:41 KURDISTAN HPG: Our forces suffered no losses in Turkish attacks
15:16 WOMEN MSD Co-Chair: Women should unite and strengthen their struggle
14:08 WOMEN YJA Star playing a leading role in the revolutionary operation in Zap
13:39 WOMEN Event on 25 November in Berlin
12:52 KURDISTAN Revolutionary operational unit of guerrillas in Zap: "We will not give in, but the enemy will"
12:01 KURDISTAN YJA Star guerrilla doctors: We want all women in the world to be free
11:13 WOMEN HPJ issues statement to mark 25 November
10:34 NEWS Kurdish activists in Paris call for Abdullah Öcalan to be released
09:55 WOMEN Star Women's Association: 23 women murdered by men in Van in 22 months
09:12 NEWS Information stands in Bern and Solothurn demand "Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan"
08:33 KURDISTAN Guerrillas Mercan and Munzur laid to rest
07:50 WOMEN Zinarîn Kobanê: It is every woman's duty to protect the revolution
18:40 KURDISTAN Kurdish kolbar fatally shot by Iranian border forces in Baneh
17:01 ROJAVA-SYRIA AANES calls for action against Turkey's attacks on civilians in North-East Syria
16:18 ROJAVA-SYRIA Villager injured in drone attack in Manbij
15:32 ROJAVA-SYRIA Three soldiers and 20 mercenaries killed in HRE actions against occupying forces
14:44 ROJAVA-SYRIA One killed, two injured in Turkish aerial attack in Amude
14:00 NEWS Former HDP MP sent to prison
13:10 KURDISTAN HSM and PKK congratulate guerrillas on their revolutionary operation
12:01 HUMAN RIGHTS 28 prisoners being denied release
11:13 KURDISTAN HPG pays tribute to guerrilla who died in Metina
10:34 KURDISTAN Guerrillas mark the 45th anniversary of the founding of the PKK
09:55 NEWS At least 10 people taken into custody in many cities of Kurdistan and Turkey
09:12 ROJAVA-SYRIA Theater as a tool to talk about women's struggle
08:33 NEWS Court in Amed dismisses new terror charge against Kurdish lawyer Aysel Tuğluk
07:50 FEATURES Bayik: The real solution to problems in Middle East lies in policy of the democratic nation
18:54 WOMEN Men rally in Tabqa in solidarity with the struggle of women
18:14 NEWS ESP and SGDF members in custody go on hunger strike
17:30 WOMEN 89,000 women and girls killed across the globe in 2022
16:48 NEWS 7th European Forum condemns Turkish attacks in Kurdish regions
15:30 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish attack in Ain Issa results in injuries
14:28 WOMEN Against all forms of violence and occupation: Jin Jiyan Azadi
13:39 WOMEN 24-year-old woman murdered in Mardin
12:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA Cizire Autonomous Administration: Turkey tries to prevent the eradication of ISIS
12:00 NEWS Conference at university in Liège about revolution and democratic practices in Rojava
11:11 KURDISTAN Guerrillas: We will drive the enemy out of our areas
10:34 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Duhok Public Order Forces don't allow lawyer to visit RojNews journalist Ehmed
09:55 NEWS Supreme Court says acronym HEDEP cannot be used
09:18 FEATURES PKK, 45 years of great struggles and great achievements
08:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRE fighter Berfîn Efrîn buried in Shehba
07:50 FEATURES Bayik: What we are seeing in Gaza right now is a genocide
18:28 NEWS Activists on vigil in front of the UN in Geneva call for enhanced struggle against isolation
16:39 KURDISTAN HPG: Two Turkish soldiers were killed in Serhed
15:54 HUMAN RIGHTS HRW Director: Erdoğan should face consequences for his human-rights record
14:42 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish drones strike two cars near Qamishlo
14:00 NEWS Civil disobedience action in London: Lift the PKK ban
13:26 KURDISTAN Guerrillas: We won’t allow the Turkish army to remain in peace nor retreat in peace
12:01 ROJAVA-SYRIA Afrin Liberation Forces publish identity information of martyr Berfîn Efrîn
11:13 ROJAVA-SYRIA Water problem is being solved in the villages of Kobanê