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13:38 ROJAVA-SYRIA MSD invites UN Commission to Northeast Syria
12:56 NEWS One person detained and five under judicial control in Amed
12:22 ROJAVA-SYRIA Evin Cuma: UN report only shows part of the crimes against women
11:45 HUMAN RIGHTS 75-year-old prisoner Özkahraman dies in prison
11:11 ECOLOGY Mining in Hakkari destroys a cultural heritage of 12,000 years
10:33 NEWS HDP politician Aktumur threatened with death
10:04 KURDISTAN YJA-Star guerrilla Gabar: We are the successors of our martyrs
09:34 CULTURE The art of working with copper
08:58 ROJAVA-SYRIA Football tournament kicks off in Raqqa
08:24 HUMAN RIGHTS Italian authorities allow rescue boat Open Arms to disembark
07:49 HUMAN RIGHTS Sweden wants to deport a 10-year old Kurdish girl to Turkey
20:28 NEWS Kurdish women in Russia join the KCK campaign
19:59 WOMEN PACE: Aims of Istanbul Convention intentionally distorted
19:24 NEWS Three people jailed in Muş
18:39 NEWS MHP leader demands closure of Turkish medical association
17:58 NEWS Libya's Haftar agrees to lift oil blockade with conditions
17:14 ROJAVA-SYRIA Occupation forces kidnap 10 civilians in Afrin
16:31 WOMEN Women fined for protesting against violence
15:44 NEWS Families of Öcalan and fellow prisoners apply to visit Imralı
15:09 ROJAVA-SYRIA Regime forces attack two Turkish armoured vehicles in Syria
14:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA New Turkish military reinforcement enters “de-escalation zone"
14:00 HUMAN RIGHTS UN calls on Turkey to respect international law in Syria
13:27 KURDISTAN HPG Commander: Guerrilla actions will be expanded
12:51 HUMAN RIGHTS Hunger striker's mother: We won't give up our rights
12:21 NEWS US say ISIS plans to free mercenaries held in SDF detention camps
11:38 NEWS Bolivia self-proclaimed president withdraws from October election
11:07 ROJAVA-SYRIA Autonomous Administration: UN report good but not sufficient
10:33 KURDISTAN Guerrilla Brusk Reşit, commitment and determination
09:32 NEWS Solidarity rally with political prisoners in Stuttgart
08:58 NEWS Local Associations Platform joins KCK campaign
08:24 NEWS FARC senator denounces death of another former guerrilla
07:49 HUMAN RIGHTS Villagers in intensive care have been thrown from army helicopter
22:27 KURDISTAN Turkish jets bomb a village in Southern Kurdistan
20:20 NEWS Leyla Güven released from custody
19:27 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS English PEN gives jailed Kurdish journalist honorary membership
18:39 KURDISTAN KODAR and PJAK launch campaign for democracy against execution
17:59 WOMEN Peace Mother calling for peace detained for “insulting Erdoğan”
17:21 NEWS Leyla Güven taken into custody in Hakkari
16:36 ROJAVA-SYRIA Abdi: The UN report is just a small part of the war crimes
15:31 NEWS Kurdish youth announce participation in the KCK campaign
14:42 FEATURES "Bijî Serok Apo" - The story of a slogan
13:52 KURDISTAN Three guerrillas martyred in Xakurke
12:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA 41 more coronavirus cases recorded in North-East Syria
12:21 NEWS Attack on Hashd al-Shaabi in Kirkuk lives 3 militias dead
11:39 NEWS Turkish jihadist says he killed man to avenge the Prophet
11:07 CULTURE Pervin Buldan: The wall must fall
10:36 KURDISTAN Guerrilla Ferman: Protecting Kurdistan lands against the invaders
10:04 NEWS Turkish soldier wounds sheperd looking for his sheep in Van
09:33 KURDISTAN Guerrillas will lead the 'Time to ensure freeedom' initiative
08:57 ECOLOGY State starts fires to turn Kurdistan into a military barrack