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12:01 CULTURE Ma Music Coordinator taken into custody
11:28 HUMAN RIGHTS Kurdish workers detained and beaten by police in Kadıköy talk about their experience
10:48 ELECTIONS 2023 Peace Mothers: Go to the polls in the second round of elections
10:19 NEWS Activists in Berlin call for the UN to speak out against siege of Maxmur
09:52 NEWS Kurds in Bern protest siege of Maxmur
09:23 KURDISTAN Turkish drone targets house in Shengal
08:51 NEWS Police take many into custody in new political operations in different cities
08:22 KURDISTAN Young people in Shengal march against attacks targeting Maxmur camp
07:49 KURDISTAN Resistance of Maxmur people opens door to negotiation
21:33 KURDISTAN Delegation of mothers from Maxmur meets Iraqi authorities
19:27 ELECTIONS 2023 ATA Alliance to support Erdoğan in the runoff on May 28
18:52 KURDISTAN Amid increased military activity, Iraqi army digs trenches around Maxmur Refugee Camp
18:23 KURDISTAN TKP-ML calls for support for the resistance in Maxmur refugee camp
17:41 KURDISTAN Maxmur People's Assembly calls for the withdrawal of Iraqi troops: “We are ready for dialogue”
17:00 KURDISTAN South Kurdistan parties urge the Iraqi government to stop the blockade of Maxmur
16:21 NEWS Police attack youths dancing to Kurdish music in Istanbul
15:33 NEWS Kurds in Switzerland to take to the streets for Maxmur
14:52 ELECTIONS 2023 Voting for the second round of presidential election continues in Berlin
14:19 NEWS Greek ruling right-wing party wins elections, falling short of outright majority
13:38 KURDISTAN KCK: Iraq must end the siege in Maxmur and resolve problems through dialogue
12:57 KURDISTAN Resistance of Maxmur people enters third day
12:22 WOMEN Grave of Jina Amini desecrated
11:46 ELECTIONS 2023 Voting process in Switzerland registers high turnout
11:17 ROJAVA-SYRIA People in Derik protest attempts to besiege Maxmur Camp
10:48 ELECTIONS 2023 Free Women’s Movement: We won't surrender our hope, future and freedom to tyranny and fascism
10:19 NEWS Police take 19 people into custody in 5 cities
09:52 ELECTIONS 2023 People go to cast their vote in high numbers in Berlin
09:23 KURDISTAN People in Maxmur carry out vigil against the Iraqi army's attempt to besiege the camp
08:51 KURDISTAN Reactions to siege attempt in Maxmur increase
08:22 ELECTIONS 2023 Campus Witches make "purple chain for life" in Izmir against misogynistic AKP-MHP politics
07:49 NEWS KCDK-E: We call on everyone to support the resistance of the people of Maxmur
19:11 ROJAVA-SYRIA TEV-DEM condemns UN silence on Maxmur, calling for urgent intervention
18:33 KURDISTAN Prisoner Mazlum Dağ denounces torture by KDP forces in Hewler Prison
17:54 ROJAVA-SYRIA Eight ISIS members arrested in Heseke, Deir ez-Zor and Manbij
16:42 KURDISTAN KONGRA- GEL calls for action for Maxmur under siege
15:56 FEATURES If Erdoğan wins again, Turkey will see a watered-down version of Taliban and ISIS rule
14:18 KURDISTAN People of Maxmur continue resistance against siege by the Iraqi army
13:25 ROJAVA-SYRIA AANES expresses support for the resistance of Maxmur people
12:38 KURDISTAN HPG: Turkish attacks on guerrilla areas continue
11:57 WOMEN Kurdistan Free Women's Movement condemns Iraqi government's siege of Maxmur
11:16 NEWS Sinn Féin is biggest party in local government
10:48 ELECTIONS 2023 Baydemir calls on voters abroad to go to the polls
10:19 ELECTIONS 2023 Higher number of voters in Switzerland on first day
09:52 KURDISTAN Shengal Autonomous Administration calls on all people to protect Maxmur
09:23 NEWS Migrant Workers Union established in Britain
08:51 ELECTIONS 2023 Voting continues in Melbourne
08:22 ELECTIONS 2023 Voting begins in Italy
07:49 KURDISTAN KCK calls on everyone to stand with Maxmur
19:37 ROJAVA-SYRIA Three SDF fighters injured in attack in Deir ez-Zor
19:00 KURDISTAN Maxmur people continue their resistance amidst an attack by the Iraqi army