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09:35 News Meeting in Graz to support hunger strike resistance
09:08 News Kurds protested isolation in Montpellier and Toulouse
08:30 News Demo in solidarity with the hunger strikers in Paris
08:00 Human Rights Victims of execution in Iran commemorated in Stockholm
07:30 Features Peace Delegation to Imrali met Council of Europe representatives
15:30 Women Mothers from Rojhilat visit Leyla Guven
15:00 News Prisoners’ families in Bakirkoy: We will come every day
14:30 News Prisoners’ families: We need courage to break the isolation
14:00 Rojava-Northern Syria Reconstruction in Raqqa is progressing
13:31 News Human chain against isolation in Dusseldorf
13:09 News Former intelligence chief admits to “Turkish imams as agents”
12:39 Women KJK: Erdoğan even fears the white head scarves of mothers
12:12 News Amedspor’s income confiscated
11:59 News Governor of Siirt bans actions for hunger strikes
11:21 News Canadian MP visited Kurdish hunger striker Iba in Toronto
11:03 News Leyla Güven reached day 185 of her hunger strike
10:29 News Death faster Aydın: Let's spread the resistance everywhere!
09:29 News Protests against Afrin wall held in Zurich and Nicosia
09:00 News Demo in Vienna to protest isolation and PM Kruz
08:35 Women Women in Berlin: Be the voice of hunger strikers' mothers!
08:00 News Imam Şiş: Day 146 of hunger strike
07:33 News 30 prisoners on death fast
21:00 News 9 women against isolation detained in Ankara
20:45 News 7 demonstrators and a journalist detained in Istanbul
17:20 News Demo against isolation in front of the European Commission
16:50 Rojava-Northern Syria HRE: 2 Turkish soldiers and 3 jihadists killed in Azaz and Afrin
16:20 Features “We handled handovers for Turkish soldiers in Suleiman Shah”
14:50 News Suspicious soldier death in Van
14:25 News Police attacked mothers with pressurized water in Amed
14:00 News Prisoners’ families detained in Bakirkoy
13:30 Rojava-Northern Syria People of Qamishlo: We will tear down the wall and the invasion!
12:50 News Syrian regime advances in Idlib
12:21 Rojava-Northern Syria Turkish regime executes two brothers in al-Bab
11:59 Rojava-Northern Syria Occupation police forces clash in al-Bab
11:37 News Leyla Güven: 184 days on hunger strike
11:07 News Today 15 new prisoners will go on death fast
10:41 News Mothers confirmed they will be in Esenyurt square today
10:18 News Sinn Féin MP Michelle Gildernew met hunger strikers in London
09:42 News Prisoner on death fast: We will succeed if we stand together
09:20 News Demos in Europe in solidarity with mothers of hunger strikers
08:31 News Families in Gebze: We will be here every day!
08:00 Kurdistan New mass grave discovered in Shengal
19:00 Features Lawyer Newroz Uysal talks about the meeting with Öcalan
18:33 News Women wearing white head scarves rallied in Cologne
18:00 News Mothers of hunger strikers in prison: Let's build peace!
17:02 News PYD members visit Strasbourg hunger strikers on day 144 of fast
16:30 Rojava-Northern Syria Turkish bombardment against villages of Afrin continues
16:00 Freedom of the Press Morning Star in solidarity with Kurdish journalist Kibriye Evren
15:33 Rojava-Northern Syria Drug trade as a weapon of war against self-government
15:02 Women Mothers battered and detained in front of Bakirkoy Prison