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15:36 ROJAVA-SYRIA Kino Gabriel: 80 SDF members in Turkish custody
14:30 ECOLOGY Ecological destruction by "security dam" in Şırnak
13:26 ROJAVA-SYRIA Autonomous Administration of NE Syria demands recognition by the UN
12:49 CULTURE First graduation ceremony at Firaz Dağ School in London
12:15 KURDISTAN Guerrilla Asos: "Our war has two pillars, the guerrillas and the people. United we'll win"
11:46 KURDISTAN Gerîla TV releases footage of action by YJA Star
11:17 ROJAVA-SYRIA TEV-DEM holds the UN and international community co-responsible for Turkish crimes in Afrin
10:48 NEWS Activists in Hanover celebrate the 9th anniversary of the Rojava Revolution
10:19 ROJAVA-SYRIA Explosion in Turkey-occupied Afrin
09:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA Activists in Stuttgart protest Turkish occupation attacks in South Kurdistan
09:23 WOMEN Workshop on femicide in Qamishlo discuss ways to prevent violence against women
08:51 ROJAVA-SYRIA The Syrian Democratic Council condemns desecration of martyrs cemetery by Turkey
08:22 KURDISTAN Guerrilla action in Avashin leaves many Turkish soldiers dead
07:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA Avrin Hospital says that 73 martyrs are buried in the cemetery attacked by Turkey
18:51 HUMAN RIGHTS Despite repression, MEBYA-DER holds congress in Amed
18:03 KURDISTAN HPG: Occupiers repelled from the battle tunnels
17:29 FEATURES KCK: “The Rojava Revolution has changed the Middle East fundamentally”
16:46 KURDISTAN HPG announces identity of guerrilla martyred in Amed
16:03 ROJAVA-SYRIA ISIS women and children handed over to Belgium
15:29 FEATURES “The July 19 Revolution is based on the legacy of a long struggle”
14:57 NEWS Deniz Poyraz commemorated in Ankara
14:24 KURDISTAN Five years of state of emergency in Van province
13:49 HUMAN RIGHTS Refugees from Afghanistan arrive in North Kurdistan
13:11 NEWS Application to visit Öcalan on Imrali
12:43 ROJAVA-SYRIA Villages near Manbij under attack
12:15 NEWS Iraqi Prime Minister will meet US president next week
11:46 ROJAVA-SYRIA People in Northern and Eastern Syria celebrate 9th anniversary of the Rojava Revolution
11:17 ROJAVA-SYRIA Co-chair Eyüp says over 100,000 people in Til Temir are without water and electricity
10:48 KURDISTAN Guerrilla Vejin Agirî, a torch that will never go out
10:19 FEATURES Deputy Dallemagne: The Belgian government should propose a roadmap for the Yazidis
09:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA PYD: The Turkish state is trying to hide the truth and its crimes
08:51 NEWS Siirt Governor imposes a 15-day ban on actions and activities
08:22 NEWS Students from Boğaziçi University: All trustees must go
07:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA YPG spokesperson Mehmud: 71 bodies of civilians and fighters in the destroyed cemetery
20:37 ROJAVA-SYRIA Families of martyrs denounce Turkish attack on cemetery in Afrin
19:59 NEWS Unknown man threatens HDP in Elazığ: "Slaughter Kurds"
19:24 KURDISTAN HPG: Turkish army uses chemical warfare agents
18:48 ROJAVA-SYRIA IDPs from Afrin call on UNICEF to reconsider its decision
17:52 KURDISTAN Pregnant woman tortured by police during house raid
16:52 ECOLOGY Flooding in Serhat region kills animals, wrecks houses and barns
16:11 ROJAVA-SYRIA Occupation troops desecrate cemetery in Afrin
15:33 NEWS HDP MP Gergerlioğlu returns to parliament: "We resisted and won"
14:59 NEWS HDP Elazığ Provincial co-chair Dede: Imperialist hegemony exposed in Imrali
14:02 NEWS Ömer Gergerlioğlu's parliamentary seat will be returned
13:33 NEWS Reuters journalist killed covering clash between Afghan forces and Taliban
12:58 FEATURES Bayık: The guerrillas are fighting this battle for humanity
12:27 NEWS HBDH Kurdistan Committee says it carried out sabotage action in Mardin
11:53 HUMAN RIGHTS Lawyer Kutevi: 'Prisoners are deprived of all their rights'
11:21 KURDISTAN Guerrillas shoot down Turkish killer drone Bayraktar TB2
10:48 FEATURES "Only Öcalan could come up with a workable peace plan," says Professor Radha D’Souza