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13:49 NEWS Second day of march for Shengal in Germany
13:17 NEWS Armenian Battalion warns against Neo-Ottoman expansionism
12:40 FEATURES MIT conducts trade over ISIS women
12:06 NEWS Socialist Alliance supports call for Day of Action for Rojava
11:38 KURDISTAN HPG releases identity of 3 guerrillas fallen martyrs in Heftanin
10:37 NEWS Information tents for Öcalan in German cities
10:08 CULTURE Rojava Intellectuals Union celebrates culture in Qamishlo
09:42 FEATURES Yûsif: The Rojava Revolution marks the Middle East renaissance
09:05 NEWS Court rules detention for 18 of 29 people arrested in Antep
08:39 NEWS Three-day information tent on Abdullah Öcalan in Zurich
08:07 WOMEN Another sexual assault in Ağrı
07:48 NEWS Call for joining the Global Action Day for Rojava in London
21:02 ECOLOGY Hydroelectric power plants destroy Kurdistan’s environment
20:28 ROJAVA-SYRIA 24 ISIS members captured on the first day of SDF offensive
19:42 ROJAVA-SYRIA Workshop on the role of humanitarian organizations in Afrin
18:58 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey "rescues" Moldovan ISIS woman from Hol Camp
18:16 KURDISTAN HPG: Five special team members killed in Şırnak
17:34 KURDISTAN Minor shot by Turkish soldiers in intensive care
16:57 KURDISTAN Turkish army starts operation in Şırnak countryside
16:11 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF launches second stage of operation against ISIS
14:49 HUMAN RIGHTS The Human Rights Association celebrates its 34th anniversary
14:07 KURDISTAN HPG Commander: We will defeat the Turkish army
13:33 NEWS Two-day march for Shengal kicks off in Germany
13:04 NEWS Martyr Sakine Cansiz Revenge Unit claims several actions
12:39 NEWS Information tent in Cologne denounces isolation of Öcalan
12:02 NEWS Nine people remanded in custody in Antep
11:31 NEWS TJK-E calls on women to join Global Action Day for Rojava
11:01 NEWS Activists in Bilbao: Stop the Turkish attacks on Kurds!
10:33 KURDISTAN KCK: The Rojava Revolution continues to be a hope for the world
09:56 CULTURE London Kurdish Film Festival goes online
09:25 NEWS Action tent in Berlin to protest Turkish attacks on Kurdistan
08:57 NEWS Youth in Kızıltepe protest sexual assault and rape
08:46 ROJAVA-SYRIA Internal Security Forces say Turkey targeted Russian army point
08:23 NEWS Newly formed Dublin government sailing on troubled waters
07:47 NEWS Activists gear up for Global Action Day for Rojava
20:54 ROJAVA-SYRIA People take to the streets in Qamishlo, Tirbespiye and Hol
20:03 ROJAVA-SYRIA Appeal from Kobanê to UN Security Council
19:28 KURDISTAN 15-year-old shot by Turkish soldiers in Van
18:49 KURDISTAN Turkish airstrikes on Southern Kurdistan continue
18:02 KURDISTAN Guerilla actions in Heftanin, Xakurke and Dersim
17:32 ROJAVA-SYRIA People of Til Temir protest against Turkey’s attacks
16:44 NEWS HCE calls for participation in the demonstration for Shengal
16:01 KURDISTAN Protests after attempted rape of a 13-year-old in Şırnak
15:27 NEWS AKP supporters rally in front of Turkish consulate in Hamburg
14:49 NEWS Lawyers apply to visit Öcalan
14:13 ROJAVA-SYRIA Drone attack near Dirbêsiyê injures a civilian - UPDATE
13:39 WOMEN Strong voices against violence against women
13:06 WOMEN Webinar on Feminicide and Self Defense with YPJ commander Aryen
12:38 NEWS South African ILRIG condemns Turkish attacks on Kurds
12:03 NEWS KCDK-E calls on people to join the global actions for Rojava