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10:34 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish state attacks villages of Til Temir by land
09:55 ROJAVA-SYRIA Internal Security Forces publish names of 4 fighters martyred in 'Security Reinforcement' operation
09:13 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish state murders 5 civilians in Manbij
08:32 KURDISTAN Kirkuk police kill 2 Kurdish protesters
07:50 KURDISTAN HPG pays tribute to martyrs Axîn and Dêrsîm
23:57 NEWS Thousand rally in Strasbourg demanding 'Freedom for Öcalan, status for Kurdistan'
19:11 KURDISTAN HPG: Three soldiers were killed in guerrilla resistance against the Turkish army
18:34 ROJAVA-SYRIA Drone attack on a vehicle in Qamishlo
18:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA One ISIS member arrested in SDF operation in Al-Dishisha
17:01 ROJAVA-SYRIA Kurdish youngster kidnapped in Afrin
16:17 CULTURE The 6th Children’s Festival kicks off in Kobanê
15:29 HUMAN RIGHTS Saturday Mothers: We will continue to demand justice and not give up Galatasaray Square
14:19 ROJAVA-SYRIA Civil Administration of Manbij calls for an end to Turkish crimes, vowing to struggle until victory
13:38 NEWS Strasbourg rally demanding “Freedom for Öcalan” kicks off
13:00 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF: We remain committed to safeguarding the region against any attempt to incite discord
12:01 CULTURE 7th New York Kurdish Film Festival will open on 20 October
11:16 KURDISTAN HPG releases war balance sheet for August
10:33 CULTURE Dengê Gel radio changes frequency
09:55 KURDISTAN Family waits for five years before being allowed to get remains of their son
09:11 NEWS Young people meet in Dortmund today ahead of 'Journey of Freedom'
08:32 ROJAVA-SYRIA 48-hour curfew in Deir ez-Zor
07:50 FEATURES Aymaz: Schools will only symbolically open in Hatay
18:44 KURDISTAN World Peace Day rally in Amed calls for an “equal and free life for social peace”
17:17 KURDISTAN Images from the village where soldiers executed two people after hours of shelling
16:36 ROJAVA-SYRIA 3 killed in SDF campaign targeting the movements of mercenaries and criminal elements in Deir ez-Zor
15:18 KURDISTAN Bones of HPG guerrilla handed over to family in a box
14:26 ROJAVA-SYRIA Five Syrian soldiers killed during infiltration operation by HTS in Latakia countryside
13:39 KURDISTAN Were guerrillas executed extrajudicially in Silvan?
12:58 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey carried out 51 attacks on Afrin and Shehba in August
12:20 KURDISTAN Everything ready in Amed for World Peace Day rally
11:47 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Solidarity cards for journalists in prison to mark World Peace Day
11:05 HUMAN RIGHTS Iranian court indicts lawyer of Jina Mahsa Amini
10:32 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish-linked mercenaries kill 4 children in Manbij
09:55 KURDISTAN Turkish soldiers attack an abandoned house in Özalp, killing two people
09:13 KURDISTAN Turkish warplanes bomb various regions in South Kurdistan
08:32 HUMAN RIGHTS Diyarbakir City Protection and Solidarity Platform says Prison No. 5 should be "Human Rights Museum"
07:50 FEATURES Economist Müftüoğlu warns of an impending further deepening of poverty
18:58 NEWS Lawyers renew application to visit Abdullah Öcalan
18:14 KURDISTAN HPG reports ongoing resistance against Turkish invasion of guerrilla areas
17:30 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF takes additional measures to pursue armed groups that infiltrated villages
16:44 FEATURES Preparations for a new invasion attack?
15:55 CULTURE Submission deadline for Hüseyin Çelebi Literature Competition extended
15:07 KURDISTAN 12-year-old hit and severely injured by an armored vehicle in Şırnak
14:28 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Iranian authorities rearrest journalist Nazila Maroofian
13:39 FEATURES Elfriede Jelinek and Konstantin Wecker: Peace is more than a dream
12:57 KURDISTAN PUK: The KDP has not learned from its betrayal 27 years ago
12:04 NEWS Lawyer Demir: Isolation of Öcalan must end for the sake of peace
11:11 HUMAN RIGHTS Iranian singer Yarrahi sent to prison
10:34 WOMEN Preparations underway for demonstrations to mark the anniversary of the killing of Jina Amini
09:56 ROJAVA-SYRIA Kyrgyzstan accepts to take back 30 ISIS women and 64 children