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16:32 KURDISTAN PUK: KDP is preventing the elections but they will be held sooner or later!
15:57 NEWS Federal Court session on Barzani's objection postponed
15:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA TEV-DEM calls for international action to stop Turkey’s crimes in North-East Syria
14:16 ROJAVA-SYRIA 13-year-old seriously wounded in Turkish attack in Shehba, dies
13:39 KURDISTAN PKK: KDP administration and Barzani family have taken betrayal to the next level
12:02 ROJAVA-SYRIA Rojava University's Second Spring Festival kicks off
11:13 HUMAN RIGHTS Release of ill prisoner postponed for 4th time
10:34 CULTURE Women prime at 35th Festival of Folklore Dances of Kurdistan
09:55 NEWS Prisoner Ilhan released from jail after 30 years
09:12 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF Commander-in-chief: We draw our strength from the martyrs
08:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA In Turkey-occupied Afrin 10,332 people have been kidnapped since 2018
07:50 FEATURES Kalkan: The health of a society is linked to the situation of women
18:39 CULTURE Kurdish Language Symposium starts in Van
17:44 FEATURES Conspiracies and plots as a form of governance
17:08 ROJAVA-SYRIA Three civilians, including a child, injured in Turkish bombardment in Manbij
16:32 WOMEN Kongra Star: The AKP-MHP mentality is a danger to the whole world
15:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish shelling injures four children in Shehba
14:49 CULTURE Kurdistan Folklore Dance Festival starts in Esslingen
14:01 ROJAVA-SYRIA Two children injured in Turkish attacks in Shehba
13:29 ROJAVA-SYRIA Mahmud Mihemed Nur Salîh, a symbol of the Sheikh Maqsoud resistance
12:53 KURDISTAN Van under siege by the police and military
12:03 KURDISTAN HPG pays tribute to martyrs Zêrevan and Koçer
11:13 NEWS European politicians protest Turkey for Kobanê case sentence
10:34 HUMAN RIGHTS Release of Ramazan Karataş postponed for 6 months
09:55 CULTURE PEN International "utterly condemns shocking sentencing of Selahattin Demirtaş
09:12 NEWS 18 people sent to prison in Istanbul, Manisa and Izmir
08:33 CULTURE Ararat Socio-Cultural Center in Rome celebrates 25 years of activity
07:50 FEATURES Kalkan: The guerrillas are ready to respond to any Turkish attack
18:47 NEWS Escalating oppression of Kurds in France discussed in Paris
18:00 WOMEN Two Kurdish female activists on hunger strike in Evin Prison
17:15 KURDISTAN PUK Spokesperson: Masrour Barzani encourages the Turkish state to attack Sulaymaniyah
16:34 NEWS Kobanê Conspiracy Case: There can be no such thing as ‘aiding’ the offence of an abstract danger
15:23 HUMAN RIGHTS Lawyers protest the verdict in Kobanê Trial: We will fight against the darkness
14:51 NEWS Erdoğan sets murderers and coup plotters free
14:12 KURDISTAN 21 of the 55 people detained in Van remanded in custody
13:29 KURDISTAN 'Leader Öcalan is a Guest in Your Home' campaign in Shengal
12:47 NEWS Figen Yüksekdag: We will win by resisting
12:02 NEWS EUTCC: Verdict in Kobanê trial is ignoring European rulings
11:13 KURDISTAN Iranian state forces kill a kolbar in Bane
10:34 KURDISTAN Three people from the Arvas family were sent to prison
09:55 NEWS Tuncel: We will continue to strengthen our fight for freedom, peace and democracy
09:12 FEATURES KCK: The court that sentenced politicians to imprisonment is a genocide court
08:33 NEWS Prisoner Yavuz released after 30 years in jail
07:49 FEATURES Kalkan: There is a complicity attitude against Abdullah Öcalan
22:47 NEWS Gültan Kışanak: We need freedom not release decisions
20:01 NEWS Urgent call from the DEM Party regarding the unlawful verdicts in the Kobanê Case
19:11 NEWS DEM Party co-chairs: We don't recognize the Kobanê Case sentence
18:00 NEWS Vigil in Strasbourg: 'We are here for the freedom of our leader'
17:23 NEWS 10 Kurds detained in Paris
16:36 NEWS Lawyer Demir: CPT has become a part of isolation