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11:04 KURDISTAN TAJÊ member Xidir says only guerrillas helped them to liberate Shengal
10:41 ROJAVA-SYRIA Former peshemerga says that silence about chemical weapons is also damaging South Kurdistan
10:12 KURDISTAN Footage of weapons guerrillas seized from the Turkish army in Avashin
09:50 WOMEN Women in Binarê Qendil start 25 November activities
09:23 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoners in Erzurum jails go on hunger strike against torture
08:51 HUMAN RIGHTS Daughter of ill prisoner Mehmet Emin Özkan demands her father's release
08:22 NEWS CDK-F and TJK-F call on everyone to attend the Düsseldorf march today
07:49 FEATURES Dr. Mansouran: Turkish state uses chemical weapons
18:57 NEWS ÇHD and HHB lawyers receive record prison sentences
18:16 ROJAVA-SYRIA Child malnutrition in North-East Syria increases over 150% amid worsening hunger crisis
16:38 KURDISTAN HPG: Nine Turkish soldiers killed in guerrilla actions
15:53 NEWS KNK: Kurds expect Sweden not to choose to use the Kurdish freedom struggle as a pawn
15:04 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Jailed journalist: We were tortured and threatened with death
14:06 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoner who set his body on fire not taken to hospital
13:18 FEATURES Guerrilla doctor Dersim: "Turkish army clearly uses choking agents, mainly chlorine gas”
12:20 KURDISTAN At least 67 protesters killed, almost 800 detained in East Kurdistan
11:35 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Journalists in prison cannot receive visits from colleagues
11:08 NEWS Buldan: Isolation in Imrali very heavy
10:41 NEWS NAV-BEL: We will be in Düsseldorf tomorrow
10:12 NEWS KCDK-E co-chairs: Everyone should be in Düsseldorf tomorrow!
09:50 NEWS Activists in Athens and Turin protest Turkish use of chemical weapons
09:23 NEWS TCŞ and TekoJIN call on young people to attend Düsseldorf march on Saturday
08:51 NEWS Iran Human Rights warns of possibility of hasty executions
08:22 NEWS Kurdish institutions ready to attend tomorrow's march against chemical weapons in Düsseldorf
07:49 KURDISTAN Burning, shooting, bombing, the atrocious methods used by the Turkish army
18:41 NEWS Sweden works hard to win Turkey’s support for NATO bid
17:51 KURDISTAN HPG reports ongoing guerrilla actions against Turkish invasion
16:35 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF remembers internationalist Haukur Hilmarsson martyred defending Afrin and its people
15:36 CULTURE Kurdish artists sing in memory of 17 guerrillas killed by Turkish chemical weapons
14:58 WOMEN Women in North-East Syria grow stronger through organizing
14:23 NEWS Eastern Kurdistan on solidarity strike for Balochistan
13:51 NEWS TJK-E invites all to the major demonstration in Düsseldorf on Saturday
12:48 NEWS Death of 9 Syrians in Turkey: Not a fire but a social homicide caused by poverty
12:11 NEWS Şimşek family members kill two people in Suruç
11:37 HUMAN RIGHTS Hunger strike in Ereğli High Security Prison continues
11:09 WOMEN Women said to have commited suicide are often victims of femicide, say women organizations
10:41 NEWS Martyr Baz Mordem and Helbest Koçerîn Revenge Units carry out action in Van
10:12 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish army targets villages around Zirgan and Til Temir, wounds 65-year-old civilian
09:50 NEWS Activists discuss PKK ban in Hanover
09:23 WOMEN YJK-E calls on women to attend Düsseldorf march on 12 November
08:51 FEATURES Survivor of Dersim Genocide dies aged 93
08:22 ROJAVA-SYRIA Abdi: People's resistance will save Afrin
07:49 NEWS Lawyer Demir: Council of Europe tolerates Turkey
19:06 NEWS MSD warns Sweden against concessions to Erdogan
18:28 NEWS Activists protest Turkish chemical attacks during football match in Germany
17:49 NEWS Demo in front of French Parliament calls for action against Turkish use of chemical weapons
17:11 NEWS Kurdish women protest outside the Council of Europe against silence on Turkey's war crimes
16:36 NEWS Kurdish students protest Turkish chemical attacks at Goethe University
15:59 NEWS Captagon connection: How Syria became a narco-state
15:25 NEWS Civil disobedience action at WHO headquarters denounces Turkish use of chemical weapons