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12:49 KURDISTAN Halabja Association Against Chemical Weapons member slams Turkish chemical attacks
11:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA SOHR reports new Turkish military reinforcement to Syria
11:09 HUMAN RIGHTS Beaten and put on trial: Guards file lawsuit against 19 women prisoners
10:47 NEWS Peace Mothers call on Kurds to take action and demand freedom for Abdullah Öcalan
10:20 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish army and its mercenaries bomb village of Dirdara
10:09 KURDISTAN HPG commander Rûstem Botan: The Turkish army won't succeed
09:42 HUMAN RIGHTS Academic Hifzullah Kutum sent to prison over "Kurdistan" tweet
09:24 NEWS Internationalist demonstration in Basel condemns Turkish use of chemical weapons
09:03 HUMAN RIGHTS Repression of prisoners continues, says Human Rights Association
08:41 CULTURE Children's channel broadcasting in Kurdish seeks to increase audience worldwide
08:19 NEWS Iraq Prime Minister al-Kadhimi survives assassination attempt by drone
07:49 WOMEN Kongra Star Coordination condemns brutal murder of four women activists in Afghanistan
19:24 NEWS DKP/BÖG: The only option is to join the united revolutionary war
18:56 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey sends large reinforcement to “Euphrates Shield” areas
17:58 CULTURE Kurdish youth in Stuttgart vow to continue their actions for Öcalan’s freedom
17:25 NEWS 25 workers from Van died at work
15:47 ECOLOGY Flooded village in Duhok reservoir resurfaces after 36 years
15:03 NEWS HDP Report: 104 suicide attempts, 1847 workplace homicides
14:01 ROJAVA-SYRIA 'Autonomous Administration is the colour of the peoples'
12:57 WOMEN Women's rights activist murdered in Afghanistan
12:23 KURDISTAN Protest in Binarê Qendîl against Turkey’s use of chemical weapons
11:48 NEWS Can: Turkey wants to stay at the negotiation table in Syria, Iraq
11:17 FEATURES Writer Meral Şimşek: They want to end my literary life
10:42 NEWS Court sentences MEBYA-DER co-chair Karadağ to 6 years and 3 months in prison
10:24 NEWS Erzurum Regional Administrative Court finds no reason to lift ban on actions in Van
10:05 ECOLOGY Trustee appointed to Erciş Municipality doesn't even bother to collect garbage
09:36 NEWS Protests against Iraqi election results turn violent, 125 people injured
09:18 NEWS Danish politicians to Erdogan: release Demirtaş
09:02 CULTURE Mesopotamia Cultural Center holds concert in front of HDP building today protesting Governor's ban
08:41 WOMEN Istanbul 25 November Women's Platform demonstrates in solidarity with Çilem Doğan
08:22 WOMEN “Çay on the women's front”, the new podcast of internationalist women in Rojava
07:49 WOMEN Women in Frankfurt protest use of chemical weapons by Turkish state
19:45 WOMEN Başaran: Rape is used as a war tool in Kurdistan
19:12 WOMEN Protests for Istanbul Convention in Turkey: 178 detained, 23 faced charges
17:47 NEWS HDP submits preliminary defence to the Constitutional Court
17:10 NEWS HDP delegation concludes visit to Spain
16:28 NEWS Academic faces arrest warrant for writing “Bijî Kurdistan” on social media
15:46 ROJAVA-SYRIA Occupation forces kidnap a tribal leader, injure many in Afrin
15:09 KURDISTAN Guerrillas strike Turkish attack helicopter in Zap
14:22 NEWS Former intelligence official confesses his role in assassination attempt against Öcalan
13:41 KURDISTAN PUK dismisses co-president Lahur Sheikh Jangi
13:12 WOMEN Women's League of the Communist Party of Kenya expresses solidarity with Rojava Revolution
12:44 KURDISTAN Footage of guerrilla action in Çukurca
12:15 FEATURES HPG and YJA Star guerrillas: Our goal is victory!
11:46 FEATURES 20 students get their graduation certificates in Kirmanckî in Qamishlo
11:16 KURDISTAN KCK calls for international investigations in the guerrilla areas of South Kurdistan
10:47 NEWS HDP presents preliminary defense of party’s closure case to Constitutional Court today
10:18 FEATURES Freedom ship will travel from Greece to Italy demanding freedom for Abdullah Öcalan
09:49 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Seriously ill imprisoned journalist Devrim Ayık remains in prison
09:20 CULTURE HDK promotes panel on importance of political music in dark times