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09:59 NEWS Long March to kick off in a week
09:28 NEWS Suruç Families Initiative in Urfa to attend new hearing
08:57 HUMAN RIGHTS "Öcalan is the main actor of any the solution"
08:19 WOMEN Kurdish refugee murdered by husband commemorated in Lavrio
07:44 HUMAN RIGHTS IHD: 1,657 violations of rights recorded in Van in 2019
19:01 NEWS Deposed co-mayor of Sur faces up to 15 years in prison
18:16 ROJAVA-SYRIA People of Til Rifat protest Turkish massacres
17:41 ROJAVA-SYRIA Displaced people from Rojava return from South Kurdistan
17:06 NEWS Hunger strike activists call on the CoE and CPT to act for Öcalan
16:07 ROJAVA-SYRIA Assyrian twins: We are resisting the grandchildren of Ottomans
15:32 ROJAVA-SYRIA Three-month balance of the occupation of Girê Spî
14:57 NEWS "The Belgian PKK verdict should be a precedent in the EU"
14:08 NEWS ISIS attacks Iraqi military checkpoints
13:34 NEWS Öcalan’s lawyers apply to visit Imralı
13:02 ROJAVA-SYRIA 3 sergeants killed as HRE hits Turkish forces in Afrin
12:38 NEWS Metal workers will go on strike on 5 February
12:11 KURDISTAN From military service to guerrillas
11:34 HUMAN RIGHTS Violations of human rights in prisons increasing
10:58 NEWS Brazilian Petrobras workers go on indefinite strike from tomorrow
10:19 NEWS Coronavirus has already killed 170
09:54 NEWS Basque Country comes to a standstill during general strike
09:28 WOMEN Woman killed by husband in police station housing refugees
08:56 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish-backed mercenaries kidnap civilian in Girê Spî
08:18 NEWS Sinn Féin says new government must work for Irish unity
07:47 NEWS Palestinians angry at Trump's plan
20:44 NEWS Alevis accommodated in house of prayer in Elazığ
20:11 NEWS HDP: Unilateral agreements cannot establish peace in the ME
19:34 ROJAVA-SYRIA Villages of Afrin and Shehba under attack
18:52 ROJAVA-SYRIA Clash among Turkey’s mercenaries reported in Serekaniye
16:16 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkish attack kills a child, wounds another in Til Rifat -UPDATE
16:09 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Up to 5-year prison terms sought for journalist Oruç
15:30 KURDISTAN PKK fighter of 27 years, Dijwar Botan dies of heart attack
14:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA Occupation forces attack villages in Afrin and Til Temir
13:49 NEWS European Parliament to host the 16th Kurdish Conference
13:11 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRE: Two mercenaries killed, one drone downed
12:36 WOMEN Sexual violence perpetrated by occupation forces in Serêkaniyê
12:09 NEWS HDP: Embargo against Maxmur must be lifted
11:41 NEWS 27 social leaders killed in 27 days in Colombia
11:04 NEWS Former co-mayor of Savur sentenced to over 10 years in prison
10:32 NEWS European Parliament set to accept UK Brexit deal
10:02 CULTURE The State targets docs and film addressing the Kurdish issue
09:35 KURDISTAN Van people protest Erdogan: The State did not help us!
08:57 NEWS Kurdistan Alliance calls for solidarity with earthquake victims
08:19 KURDISTAN Ban on actions extended for further 15 days in Hakkari
07:46 KURDISTAN Prosecutor asks prison sentence for Veli Encu and three others
22:59 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey and its mercenaries target civilians on the M4
20:20 CULTURE Mîtan Theatre Festival in Shehba canton
19:44 ROJAVA-SYRIA Federation of disabled war veterans opened in Qamishlo
19:03 NEWS Osman Kavala remains in custody
18:06 ECOLOGY Turkey's mercenaries cut down 400 olive trees in Afrin