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11:29 WOMEN HDP Women's Council to investigate claims against Muş MP
11:02 NEWS Clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan resume
10:32 ROJAVA-SYRIA Drone hits civilian point in Dirbêsiyê
10:01 NEWS Freedom for former FARC peace negotiator Simón Trinidad
09:29 NEWS Activists in Kiel protest Turkish attacks on Kurds
08:57 KURDISTAN Guerrilla Welat: The Turkish State will drown in Heftanin
08:28 NEWS KNK on Hagia Sophia: Erdogan’s Islam is an Islam of conquest
08:01 NEWS Reconnaissance plane crashes in Van: 7 police officers killed
07:59 WOMEN Activists protest violence against women in Duisburg
07:31 ROJAVA-SYRIA "Hesekê explosion caused by technical fault no external attack"
21:36 NEWS Neo-nazi march disrupted in Osnabrück
20:47 ROJAVA-SYRIA Huge explosion in Hesekê: 6 civilians wounded
17:58 NEWS Police operation against Islamists in Berlin
17:11 WOMEN Aklime Hanas arrested in Amed
16:28 KURDISTAN Turkish soldier killed in Heftanin
15:49 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF affirms commitment to protect children and schools
15:15 ROJAVA-SYRIA People of Til Berak protest against Turkish invasion
14:24 KURDISTAN YJA-Star guerrilla: "The enemy lacks our will and courage”
13:36 NEWS Prison sentence against deposed co-mayor of Amed confirmed
13:03 HUMAN RIGHTS Iran: Ten years imprisonment for Kurdish teacher
12:34 NEWS Indigenous communities in Peruvian Amazon hit by Covid-19
12:04 FEATURES Call for participation in Rojava Revolution Days of Action
11:32 NEWS Switzerland and Germany commemorate Martyrs of Great Resistance
11:05 NEWS KCDK-E calls on people to join march for Shengal and the Yazidis
10:31 NEWS Diyadin Municipality Co-Mayor Betül Yaşar sent to prison
10:03 NEWS Work-related accidents claim the life of 4 workers in 20 days
09:27 NEWS Another former FARC guerrilla killed brings the toll to 218
08:53 HUMAN RIGHTS IHD Çevirmen says violation of rights in prisons increased
08:23 HUMAN RIGHTS Two Kurdish political prisoners executed in Iran
07:49 HUMAN RIGHTS Peace Mothers call on people to stand up against isolation
19:22 ROJAVA-SYRIA Occupation forces set fire to fields in Afrin
18:38 KURDISTAN "PKK existed long before the Kurdistan autonomous region"
17:57 ROJAVA-SYRIA HRE kills a “collaborator”
17:21 WOMEN TJK-E calls for solidarity
16:36 KURDISTAN Heftanin resistance continues: At least 16 soldiers killed
15:59 WOMEN "Femicide rate in Turkey resembles a war record"
15:27 NEWS Online event: Ecology & Democratic Confederalism
14:49 WOMEN Women's organizations: We will never step back!
14:14 NEWS German arms exports booming despite pandemic
13:42 KURDISTAN 70-year-old woman detained in Amed
13:09 ROJAVA-SYRIA Bomb attack on Turkish-Russian patrol in Idlib
12:38 FEATURES AKP builds mosques in front of ruins of Armenian churches
12:06 NEWS Kurdistan Democratic Society Federation holds 3rd Congress
11:33 NEWS Yazidi institutions take over Freedom for Öcalan Vigil
11:01 KURDISTAN The story behind "Ev der Heftanin e"
10:31 NEWS Mapuche leader Machi Celestino enters 73rd day of hunger strike
09:57 NEWS Governor bans public activities in 22 areas in Şırnak
09:27 KURDISTAN Guerrillas deal heavy blow to invaders in Kartal Hill, many dead
08:58 NEWS Police confiscate keys of all offices of Diyadin Municipality
08:22 NEWS New political police operation in Amed and Antep, dozens arrested