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10:05 WOMEN Amed MP Dağ: Women are primary target of the AKP warfare policies
09:31 FEATURES Kurdism, or the mask of the KDP
08:58 ROJAVA-SYRIA People in Serêkaniyê protest against rape and kidnapping
08:23 HUMAN RIGHTS Kaya: Lawyer Timtik's condition worsening in hospital
07:49 NEWS Commander Haftar rejects ceasefire by UN-recognised government
19:48 NEWS Children of Fire target companies supporting the AKP-MHP regime
19:07 KURDISTAN Four Turkish soldiers killed in guerrilla actions
18:33 ROJAVA-SYRIA Motorbike bomb injures three civilians in Hajin
18:01 NEWS Long March from Hannover to Hamburg in September
17:26 HUMAN RIGHTS Staff surveys reveal widespread racism at the United Nations
16:44 KURDISTAN KCK calls for unity against Turkey’s occupation attacks
15:35 ROJAVA-SYRIA 11 more civilians abducted in occupied Afrin
14:36 KURDISTAN People demand the resignation of government in Southern Kurdistan
13:44 WOMEN Woman from Turkmenistan murdered in Istanbul
12:50 WOMEN "Murderers of women are protected by the state"
12:16 NEWS Tension grows in Eastern Mediterranean
11:36 NEWS Employment agency in Hakkari hires AKP supporters
11:05 HUMAN RIGHTS New massacre of young people in Colombia
10:32 ROJAVA-SYRIA 27 new Covid-19 cases in North East Syria in the past 24 hours
10:03 WOMEN Activists in Nuremberg protest violence against women in Turkey
09:31 ROJAVA-SYRIA Martyr Ceylan Cûdî laid to rest in Manbij
08:58 KURDISTAN I joined the PKK to counter the fascist and genocidal attacks
08:24 WOMEN Women's Revolution as an Antidote to Capitalism, a webinar
07:49 NEWS Activists in Copenhagen and Rennes protest isolation of Öcalan
19:07 NEWS Protest in Dusseldorf despite police obstruction
18:26 ROJAVA-SYRIA Urgent call for action against Turkey cutting off water to Heseke
17:47 NEWS Demo in Stockholm: "Turkey, get out of Kurdistan"
17:11 ROJAVA-SYRIA Syrian Patriarch writes to UN, EU for Heseke left without water
16:34 KURDISTAN Youth activist allegedly handed over by KDP to Turkey
15:59 CULTURE Biography of Sakine Cansız published in Russian
15:27 KURDISTAN Curfew imposed ahead of protest demonstration in Sheladize
14:54 KURDISTAN 33 journalists and activists detained in Duhok in two months
14:23 ROJAVA-SYRIA Occupation forces bomb Til Rifat
13:49 KURDISTAN Turkish troops destroy civilians' houses in Heftanin
13:20 ROJAVA-SYRIA 47 new corona infections detected in northeast Syria
12:42 NEWS Irish minister resigns for breaching Covid-19 regulations
12:09 KURDISTAN Soldiers and police housed in civilian estates in Hakkari
11:36 FEATURES Building Free Life: Dialogues with Öcalan, a book
11:02 NEWS A series of new killings, no arrests made, anger grows in Iraq
10:33 NEWS Court in Siirt sends 8 people to jail
10:04 NEWS Youth in Basel march against Turkish fascism
09:29 CULTURE Screenings of Ji bo Azadiyê in the Arab world, Europe and Japan
08:58 FEATURES Osê: Turkey attacks, international forces turn a blind eye on it
08:22 NEWS Court sends six dismissed workers to prison
07:49 HUMAN RIGHTS Lawyer Ünsal: We stand together against repression
20:27 ROJAVA-SYRIA Abdi calls on guarantors to act against Turkish attacks
19:45 WOMEN Seven women murdered in Amed in seven months
18:53 KURDISTAN Guerrillas hit Turkish soldiers in Heftanin and Xakurke
18:11 WOMEN Woman murdered by husband in Nevşehir
17:34 NEWS Libya's government announces ceasefire, calls for elections