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18:28 WOMEN Europe-wide congress of young women underway in Germany
17:53 ROJAVA-SYRIA SDF: Turkey wants to extend the occupation zone
17:21 NEWS Death toll in Elazığ earthquake rises to 22
15:57 NEWS Parents demanding fair trial for their son on death fast detained
15:15 NEWS Adıyaman Prison evacuated after earthquake
14:47 FEATURES "Help is not lent to the aggressor, but to the victims"
14:24 ROJAVA-SYRIA A family displaced first by ISIS, then by Turkey
13:38 ROJAVA-SYRIA Til Temir: US troops encounter Russian military convoy
13:06 NEWS Five police vehicles burned down by Vengeance Unit in Istanbul
12:31 NEWS Four members of Christian NGO missing in Baghdad
11:56 NEWS TUAY-DER: Prisoners in Elazığ and Malatya are fine
11:27 NEWS Polls show sharp jump for Sinn Féin as elections near
10:57 NEWS DBP's Aydeniz: The AKP wants more war
10:22 NEWS ESP: AKP investing in war instead of people's safety
09:59 ROJAVA-SYRIA Syriac Military Council repels attacks in Til Temir
09:31 NEWS After the earthquake in Elazığ: Latest report
08:57 NEWS Rescue teams save child under debris
08:18 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoners in Elazığ are kept in isolation
07:46 ROJAVA-SYRIA People protest murder of two Arab women in village of Serêkaniyê
22:29 NEWS Earthquake in Elazığ: 27 dead, 225 injured
21:30 NEWS Over 100 buildings collapsed in Elazığ earthquake
20:52 NEWS 6.8 earthquake in Elazığ
19:01 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey's gangs kill two Arab women in a village of Serekaniye
18:29 ROJAVA-SYRIA Occupation forces attack villages in Shera, Afrin
18:16 KURDISTAN Two sentenced to life imprisonment in the Sur trial
17:17 NEWS Another former deputy of AKP resigns from the party
16:41 HUMAN RIGHTS Rally for the Day of the Endangered Lawyer in Istanbul
16:02 NEWS HDP co-chair Temelli: We must re-read Öcalan
15:29 KURDISTAN Police storm association in solidarity with prisoners’ families
14:57 NEWS Hundreds of thousands take to the streets in Baghdad
14:25 NEWS Families’ appeal to visit Imralı rejected
13:27 FEATURES “The new caliph of ISIS is in Turkey”
12:52 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Yet another journalist sentenced to prison in Turkey
12:21 WOMEN Miscarriages and maternal health risks amid Turkish invasion
11:56 ROJAVA-SYRIA Second group of refugees from Idlib reaches Manbij
11:34 NEWS Boycott Turkey campaign spreads in Finland
10:56 HUMAN RIGHTS Prisoners in Tekirdağ say they are not given books
10:32 WOMEN Taşdemir: More determined in our struggle against isolation
09:59 CULTURE Le Monde Diplomatique dedicates issue to Kurds
09:27 NEWS European Parliament to vote on Brexit next Wednesday
08:59 NEWS Chancellor Merkel meets President Erdogan
08:21 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS WikiLeaks founder trial split in two
07:47 NEWS Metal workers to go on strike on 5 February
22:24 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkey-linked mercenaries kidnap 10 civilians in Afrin
21:53 NEWS US sanction companies "helping" Iran
18:51 NEWS The UN will discuss Turkey's human rights record
17:50 NEWS 13 people including an HDP member jailed in Amed
17:01 NEWS HBDH destroys business center of pro-AKP member of TFF
16:33 WOMEN Women's Foundation in Rojava expands its field of activity
16:04 ROJAVA-SYRIA Turkmens reject Russian aid: We just want Turkish troops to leave