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07:49 FEATURES The prison resistance of 14 July 1982, a source of inspiration
20:36 WOMEN Rosa Association activist Gültekin released from custody
19:56 ROJAVA-SYRIA ISIS member captured by SDF in Deir ez-Zor
19:14 KURDISTAN 13 July 1930 - Zilan Valley massacre
18:38 NEWS EU ministers criticise Turkey over Hagia Sophia, drilling
17:52 NEWS Protest in Diyadin: No one can take away our will
17:13 ROJAVA-SYRIA MSD holds Damascus responsible for the crisis in Syria
16:36 CULTURE HDP: Hagia Sophia is a 15-century-old common heritage of humanity
15:59 KURDISTAN Turkish army suffers heavy losses in Heftanin: 31 dead
15:24 NEWS Further actions by militant groups in Turkey
14:48 WOMEN Pervin Buldan: Hands off women!
14:14 ROJAVA-SYRIA Occupation forces set fire to forests in Afrin
13:45 NEWS Police assault in Amed
13:07 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Journalist arrested by KDP missing for 17 days
12:32 HUMAN RIGHTS Three prisoners on hunger strike in Osmaniye prison
12:02 FEATURES Historic, seismic, left: The vote in the Basque Country & Galicia
11:33 NEWS Loyalist sectarianism in the North of Ireland isn't dead
11:04 ROJAVA-SYRIA Rojava University calls on academic world for support
10:29 KURDISTAN Karasu: The HDP and democratic forces will defeat AKP-MHP fascism
09:26 ROJAVA-SYRIA People commemorate 1982 Amed prison Resistance in Dirbêsiyê
08:54 NEWS FARC party denounces killing of yet another former guerrilla
08:28 NEWS Police raid Diyadin Municipality, arrest HDP co-mayor
07:49 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Hulya Oruç: I expect everyone to support Aziz
19:28 WOMEN Mother and 6-year-old murdered in Tekirdağ
18:39 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Prison sentence for journalist Aslı Ceren Aslan confirmed
17:57 KURDISTAN Turkish army suffers further losses in Heftanin
17:14 WOMEN Woman murdered in İzmir
16:33 KURDISTAN Soldiers set fire to operation area in Lice
15:59 KURDISTAN Lake Van becomes the grave of refugees
15:11 KURDISTAN Footage of YJA Star action in Xakurke
14:36 NEWS Military operation against IS in Iraq
13:59 CULTURE World Council of Churches writes to Erdoğan on Hagia Sophia
13:21 ROJAVA-SYRIA 19 prisoners released from SDF custody
12:39 KURDISTAN Two guerrilla fighters martyred in the Zap region
12:07 FEATURES The Sociology of Freedom by Abdullah Öcalan available in English
11:34 NEWS Iranian forces kill two more kolbars
11:03 FEATURES Palo talks about Palme murder and its consequences for Kurds
10:27 FEATURES Guerrilla Amara Roj, one of those who left their mark in Heftanîn
09:58 NEWS Action in Bilbao condemns Turkish attacks on Kurdistan
09:25 NEWS Activists in Saarbrücken and Den Haag condemn the Turkish state
08:53 HUMAN RIGHTS Actions in Istanbul and Ankara for ill prisoners Gömi and Yakşi
08:22 FEATURES Orhan Family: We won't give up the struggle for justice and truth
07:49 NEWS Activists in Zurich protest Turkish fascism
20:02 NEWS Protest against Turkish occupation attacks in Australia
19:29 NEWS Demo in Duisburg against Turkish occupation attacks
18:41 ECOLOGY Flooding kills 100 sheep in Ağrı
17:53 NEWS HDP administrator jailed in Urfa
17:11 ROJAVA-SYRIA PYD: Turkey endangers regional and international security
16:39 HUMAN RIGHTS The situation in Turkish prisons
15:52 KURDISTAN Fighting between guerrillas and the Turkish army in Heftanin