KDC-F condemns expulsion of Kurdish activist Kopal

The Kurdish Democratic Council in France expressed dismay and strongly condemned the expulsion on 9 April of Mehmet Kopal, a Kurdish activist.

The Kurdish Democratic Council in France (KDC-F) issued a statement to protest the expulsion of Kurdish activist Mehmet Kopal, on 9 April.

The statement said: "This expulsion, which occurred less than two weeks after the expulsion of another Kurdish activist, Firaz Korkmaz, is the result of collaboration between the French and Turkish authorities, unacceptable behavior and contrary to fundamental human values."

The statement added: "France, a country known for its defense of human rights, knowingly organized this expulsion, fully aware of the inhumane consequences and long years of imprisonment that await Mehmet Kopal in Turkey. The Turkish media, welcoming this expulsion, reveal close and long-prepared cooperation between France and Turkey, which raises great concerns."

The statement continued: "We denounce the efforts of anti-Kurdish circles within the French state apparatus, who are exploiting the new immigration law to serve their obscure interests with Turkey, to the detriment of the Kurds. These practices, including the withdrawal of statuses, the freezing of assets, and numerous expulsions, constitute deplorable relentlessness and leave an indelible stain on the history of France. This anti-Kurdish policy threatens to seriously deteriorate Franco-Kurdish relations and negatively impact our common interests.

We are particularly alarmed by reports of a possible imminent expulsion of Serhat Gultekin, another Kurdish activist under OQTF, who also faces inhumane treatment and a long prison sentence in Turkey. Faced with these injustices, we cannot remain silent. We demand that the French authorities immediately put an end to these practices contrary to human rights and the principles of the Republic. We call for international solidarity and urgent action to protect the rights and security of Kurdish activists in France. The Kurdish Democratic Council in France remains committed to the fight for justice and human rights, and will not tolerate any further expulsions of Kurdish activists to Turkey."