Kurds take part in protests against G7 summit

Thousands came together against the G7 summit in Italy and protested against the policies of the war barons.

COBAS workers' union, student collectives and many other organisations gathered in the city centre to protest against the G7 summit in Fasano, Italy.

Thousands of people condemned the war bosses who organised the G7 summit and shouted that they would not be a partner in the war they wanted to create. The demonstration was also supported by members of the Kurdish Committee.

Erol Aydemir, who spoke at the protest on behalf of the Kurds, pointed to the international isolation system developed against Abdullah Öcalan and stated that the G7 war bosses are dragging the world towards a total dirty war and that the capitalist system, which is experiencing chaos, is devising new war projects in order to overcome this.

Aydemir, who attributed the cause of the current climate change and the complete deterioration of the ecological balance to the production of chemical and nuclear weapons by these war bosses, emphasised that these pro-war states have enabled the genocide of societies by including Erdoğan in their dirty purposes.

Aydemir pointed out that Democratic Confederalism is the solution to the capitalist system of the nation-states, which is choked up by the coming war.

During the march, slogans such as "Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan", "Freedom for Palestine" and "Terrorist Erdoğan" were chanted.