Provincial Election Board accepts DEM Party objection to refusal of Iğdır and Hoşhaber candidates

The objection application made to the Provincial Election Board by DEM Party Îdir Municipality and Hoşhaber co-mayor candidates was accepted.

Iğdır (Îdir) Provincial Election Board, affiliated with the Supreme Electoral Board (YSK), accepted the objections filed by Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) Igdir co-mayor candidates Mehmet Nuri Güneş and Hoşhaber co-mayor candidate Emine Yöndem Kartal. The two candidacy applications were rejected by the District Election Board on 26 February.

The District Election Board claimed that the two co-mayor candidates and 4 other candidates could not be accepted because they had been sentenced. The DEM Party filed an objection to the Provincial Election Board, stating that the candidates had received approval from the court regarding the re-establishment of their rights and that there was no legal obstacle to both candidacies.

The board accepted the candidates' objections on Wednesday, referring to the regulations made and pointing out that anyone who was punished for any crime and executed this sentence and later received a court decision regarding the "re-establishment of civil rights" could be a candidate.