The resistance of the Van people ended the trustee period

Politicians, civil society representatives and lawyers who spoke after the YSK reinstated Abdullah Zeydan said that the trustee period ended with the resistance shown by the people of Van.

DBP Van Provincial co-chair Harun Okay, DEM Party Van Provincial co-chair Veysi Dilekçi, Çev-Der president Ali Kalçık and lawyer Feyzi Çelik spoke to ANF and said that the Supreme Election Council (YSK) made a big mistake.

The people of Van made history

DBP Van Provincial co-chair Harun Okay: "The will of the people has overcome all difficulties. Our people have shown their will once again for two days. An unlawful decision has been corrected. Our people have shown that they never accepted trustees and will never accept them. Our people's consciousness of democracy. Our people's awareness of democracy has once again breathed life into the country."

This is a milestone

HDP Van Provincial chair Veysi Dilekçi: "YSK put an end to lawlessness, the will of our people won, another obstacle placed in front of our people in the democratic struggle was overcome. This event is a milestone and it shows that nothing will be the same in Turkey anymore. The trustee period is over. And our people have put an end to this with the determination they have shown for two days."

Without reaction, the YSK would not take a step back

Lawyer Feyzi Çelik: “It had to be like this, as a requirement of the law. The previous decision was completely against the law. Civil rights were taken back. This decision would not have been made without the reaction of the people of Van and the democratic public. The YSK decision is final and there is no way to appeal against it. They generally don't make corrections. It is good to be cautious anyway."

We lived the Van spirit of the Gezi resistance

ÇEV-DER president Ali Kalçık: “I salute the people's resistance. If we could have done this in the past, this wouldn't happen today. We experienced the Van spirit of the Gezi resistance. The Van resistance will also be recorded like this. Van was never going to accept this and they saw that. The decision made with the instruction was withdrawn with the instruction. The resistance of the people of Van ended the trustee period. As long as our people are like this, they cannot mortgage the future of the Kurdish people."