YSK: Court decision on Zeydan is devoid of legal value

In its reasoned decision on Abdullah Zeydan, the Supreme Election Board stated that the court decision to strip him of his civil rights was "devoid of legal value and null and void" and that Zeydan was qualified to stand for election.

DEM members Abdullah Zeydan and Neslihan Şedal received around 55.5 percent of the vote in the local elections in Van on 31 March. However, the Turkish regime wanted to appoint an AKP politician as mayor in their place and had Zeydan declared ineligible at short notice. The background to the decision to exclude Zeydan from the election is a court ruling on the 52-year-old politician's restoration of all civil rights after serving several years in prison, including the right to run for political office. The court had approved the application in 2022, but withdrew its own decision two days before the election on the initiative of the Ministry of Justice. Zeydan was not informed of the move, which, according to lawyers, was unlawful. Following massive protests, Ankara rowed back and finally confirmed Zeydan's election victory. The Council of Judges and Public Prosecutors (HSK) is now investigating the court that restored the Kurdish politician's civil rights.

The Supreme Election Board (YSK) announced its reasoned decision on Abdullah Zeydan, who received his certificate of election yesterday upon the return of his civil rights.

"Although the decision of the Diyarbakır High Criminal Court dated 29/3/2024 is null and void, it has not yet been finalised as such. Since Abdullah Zeydan has a finalised decision on the restoration of prohibited rights, which was submitted and accepted in due time in accordance with the election calendar, he is qualified to be elected as of the voting day on 31 March 2024."