Öcalan's birthday celebrated with an exhibition in Hesekê

Exhibition opened in Hesekê to mark the 70th birthday of Abdullah Öcalan.

An exhibition promoted by the Culture and Arts Committee of Hesekê canton opened at the Xabur Culture and Arts Center in Miftî to mark the 70th birthday of Abdullah Öcalan.

In addition to portraits of Öcalan, a sculpture of the historical blacksmith Kawa were displayed at the exhibition. A video presented the life and struggle of Öcalan.

Efaf Heskî, one of the executives of the Hesekê Canton Culture and Art Committee, said: “We opened this exhibition to mark the birthday of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan. Öcalan's birthday is the birthday of humanity and freedom. It is an important day for the Kurdish people and for all the peoples who struggle for freedom.”