Adem Uzun calls for a Kurdistan National Unity conference

Adem Uzun of the KNK pointed out that Kurds are at the centre of the 3rd World War and said, "We must take serious and important decisions. Either we will disappear or we will achieve gains."

The 22nd Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) General Assembly Interim Meeting continues with speeches. Speaking at the meeting, KNK Member Adem Uzun pointed out that the Third World War is taking place in the Middle East and said that all Kurds should be aware of this reality.

'A new system is being created in the Middle East'

Adem Uzun stated that the events in the Middle East are taking place before the formation of a new system and said, "Everyone is pursuing a plan for this. Turkey and Iran in particular are making efforts in this regard. They are making plans accordingly. However, these forces see the Kurdish Freedom Movement as a problem for themselves. That is why they are preparing operations and attacks. Because new things are happening in the new century, and they do not want the Kurds to have gains. Today, both the war in Gaza and the war in Iran in the Middle East concern us. We cannot act as before. We must take serious and important decisions. Either we will disappear or we will achieve gains."

Drawing attention to the ongoing wars in the Middle East and the Caucasus, Uzun said, "What is happening today is the 3rd World War. Kurds are at the centre of it. We cannot sacrifice the Kurdish gains that have emerged so far in this period. Therefore, our attitude towards the forces acting with the enemies must be clear and open. We must condemn the attitude of these forces."

'Abdullah Öcalan is our national value'

Adem Uzun underlined that the problems of Kirkuk and other Kurdish cities are their national problems and continued:" Kirkuk is a national issue for us, and so are other Kurdish regions. Abdullah Öcalan's situation is also our national problem. We cannot see Öcalan as the leader of a party and a part. All Kurdish leaders have been massacred in history. If something happens to Leader Öcalan today, what will we say before history? In order to have honour in the world, we need to protect all our values."

Let's hold the Kurdistan National Unity Conference this year’

Uzun concluded: "We are in the 100th year of Lausanne. One hundred years ago, states dismembered our country. Today, we are struggling to frustrate this. We had decided on Kurdistan National Unity Conference at the Lausanne Conference last year. I call again here; let's hold this conference within this year. No matter who attends it or doesn’t, let us realise it. If we do not ensure our national unity, no one will take us seriously."