“Art Against War” event revives colors in Raqqa

The “Art Against War” event in Raqqa has ended with messages of solidarity to SDF forces and people of Raqqa.

Rojava Intellectuals’ Union has organized a three-day event titled “Art Against War” in the central Al-Naim Square of Raqqa city that was liberated by YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in late October, ending four-year ISIS rule in the city.

During three days of the event that kicked off on December 26, painters drew at the Al-Naim Square, which was publicly known as the “Square of Hell” and where ISIS would behead people during the occupation. Some of the paintings depicted what was experienced at Al-Naim Square, while others told about the battle SDF has fought against the darkness of ISIS.

Painters also portrayed the martyrs whose photographs were brought to them by their relatives from across Raqqa. Every painting depicted a truth.

Paintings made at the square, by painters Mihemed Emin Ebdo, Rami El Cerad, Ferhad Xelil, Ekrem Zave, Mihemed Şahin, Berxedan Mişo, Ayida Hesen and Musa Musa, will be displayed in an exhibition to be held later on.

One of the painters, Ferhad Xelil said; “The event drew remarkable interest from the locals. We wanted to show our solidarity for the SDF and people of Raqqa to the whole world. We want the faces of children to smile again.”

Women attending the event painted the resistance, struggle and presence of women in all areas of life, as well as their opposition to war and dominating power, tragedy of Êzidî women and the reality of women in Raqqa, Syria and the Middle East.

Painter Berxedan Mişo laid emphasis on the importance of women’s emancipation by standing against the dominating system, inviting all women to struggle.

YPJ Commander Cîhan Şêx Ehmed pointed out that; “ISIS gangs had turned squares into areas of beheading people. For this reason, organization of this event here is an important step in terms of ideology.”

Saying that painters depicted their hopes and wishes of peace and freedom for the New Year, YPJ Commander noted that YPG, YPJ and SDF that fight against ISIS for the formation of a democratic society have contributed to the organization of this event.

YPJ Commander stressed that their forces will build a beautiful life in Raqqa in the new year basing on the brotherhood of peoples, and recalled the sacrifices they have made in order for morality and conscience to prevail in society.