Call to join Hasan Kızıler Sport and Culture Festival on Saturday

Organisers called on everyone to join the Hasan Kızıler Sport and Culture Festival which will take place on Saturday, 18 May, in Solothurn, Switzerland.

The 12th annual Sports and Culture Festival, dedicated to Martyr Hasan Kiziler, traditionally organised in Switzerland, this year will be held in the town of Solothurn tomorrow, Saturday 18 May. 

The festival will be organised with the slogan ‘Let's break isolation, let’s destroy fascism, let’s free our leader and Kurdistan.’

In an interview, Tevgera Ciwanên Şoreşger (Revolutionary Youth Movement) activist Umut Sîdar Yıldırım on behalf of the Hasan Kızıler Youth Culture and Spot Festival, explained what people could expect when going at this year’s edition. 

The Festival will be held in the canton of Solothurn this year and will kick off Saturday at 12 pm in Hans-Huber-Strase 41-43. 

The Festival is organised by young activists belonging to the organisations Tevgera Ciwanên Şoreşger and Jinên Ciwan ên Azad.

Umut Sîdar Yıldırım said: “Let us say that Heval Leyla's resistance against isolation will add enthusiasm and morale to our festival which will also connect level with our comrade Nasir Yagiz, who is on hunger strike in Hewlêr.”

As for concerts, Yıldırım confirmed that there will be performances by “Çetin Oraner, Serhat Çarnewa, Medi, Yunus Piran, Seyda Perinçek and the Swiss Folklore Group. There will be playgrounds and activities for children as well.”

Who is Hasan Kızıler 

Hasan Kızıler (Mazlum), who worked for Roja Ciwan / Stêrka Ciwan and Berxwedan newspapers, joined the ranks of the PKK in 1995. 

He had barely stayed a month in the guerrilla when Turkish military warplanes carried out airstrikes on Xakurkê in the Medya Defense Areas. 

Hasan and seven of his friends fell martyrs.