European Youth Movements launch Dengê Ciwanan (The Voice of Youth) program broadcast

The Dengê Ciwanan (The Voice of Youth) program, launched by the European Youth Movements, started broadcasting on virtual media platforms.

The Voice of Youth program, which was launched by the European Youth Movements with the slogan "No power can stop the youth, whose heart beats with the passion for freedom", started broadcasting today.

In the statement made by the Youth Movements on the subject support for the program was asked. The statement said: "To all friends whose hearts beat with the passion for freedom. Persecution, occupation, war and social slaughter continue with all their rage all over the world. This situation creates two poles in societies. Those who remain silent and those who resist…

A new method

Today, those who resist continue this struggle not only at a certain point, but all over the world. Since there is a struggle, there are those who do not keep silent. And for them there will be a new medium to further raise this voice.”

What will happen?

According to the statement; The Voice of Youth will endeavour to convey the struggle of revolutionary, anti-fascist, international and Kurdistan youth all over the world. The digital platform, which will consist of street interviews, culture and art publications, political-social evaluations, women's struggle and portraits, will act with the awareness of responsibilities towards the society.

Basic principles of publication

The statement added that the Voice of Youth will be based on respect for human rights and freedoms, and added: “It will respect social differences regardless of race, language, religion, sect or gender. It will refrain from all kinds of racist, sexist, fascist and speciesist publishing.”


The statement said that “The Voice of Youth is the voice of everyone, of all of us. Join the network, raise the challenge!”

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