Jailed Kurdish journalist's paintings to be exhibited in Geneva

Imprisoned journalist and artist Zehra Doğan’s paintings will be exhibited in Geneva, Switzerland by the Amnesty International.

Journalist and artist imprisoned in the Diyarbakır Type E Prison Zehra Doğan’s paintings will be exhibited in Geneva for three days by the Amnesty International Switzerland Branch.

The Geneva Municipality also supports the exhibition titled “Les yeux grands ouverts/Eyes Wide Open”, which can be visited in the Alhambra Cafe-Bistro between November 24 and December 10 and will include Doğan’s paintings depicting the Turkish state’s massacres in Nusaybin, painstakingly painted in prison.

Geneva Mayor Rémi Pagani will give the opening speech in the exhibition which includes Doğan’s paintings.

Arrested journalist Doğan was also recently awarded the freedom of thought prize by the Switzerand Freethinkers.