Kurdish filmmakers demand support for cinema in South Kurdistan

Kurdish filmmakers, who want to develop Kurdish cinema and increase the audience in the movie theaters in Başur Kurdistan, have focused on their work this year.

Kurdish filmmakers want to use incomes of past films in order to produce new works.

In the film 'Peykerê Dil' produced by Şiwan Etufe, Helwêst Mihemed, Nizar Selim, Narin Alan and Heme Eli also play. The film, which was made in 8 months, was released on 4 June, the first day of Eid al-Fitr.

The film was shown in theaters in Hewlêr, Dihok and Kirkuk and was watched by 40 thousand people within 10 days. It was the most watched film in Sulaymaniyah, where 20 thousand people went to the cinema.

Bextiyar Fetah, Director of 'Peykerê Dil', told Roj News: "Since there are no government halls, a large part of the film's income goes to renting the cinema or hall to actually show the film. 40% of the film income in Sulaymaniyah went for the rent of the hall, while in Hewlêr 60% of the income went for the rent. That's why we couldn't recover the costs of the movie yet. The government has to open movie theaters in order to generate revenue from the films and allow us to produce new works. Alternatively the government should assume half of the rent we give to the movie theater ”.

The Kurdistan Region and the Ministry of Culture are not committed to build any new cinema, and in fact give very little support to art and cultural activities. Furthermore, they don't have any plans for the development of Kurdish cinema.