Kurdish man brutally murdered in Dortmund

A 41-year-old Kurdish man was murdered in Dortmund on Friday night. On the way home, the man was kicked several times, even while he was already lying on the ground. The suspect - a supporter of the fascist "Grey Wolves" - was arrested.

In the night from Friday to Saturday, a 41-year-old Kurdish man fell victim to a racially motivated violent crime in Dortmund city of Germany. Ibrahim Demir from Midyat district of Mardin was kicked several times on a sidewalk in downtown Dortmund, even when he was already lying on the ground. The emergency doctor called by a witness was unable to save the seriously injured man, which led to Demir’s death at the scene of the crime. A suspect has been arrested.

According to the public prosecutor's office in Dortmund, 39-year-old Asir Atalay was investigated on Sunday afternoon on the basis of witness statements. In the course of the investigation, he then turned himself in. The victim's family had started an appeal in the social media and appealed to witnesses to come forward. This appeal has helped. During his interrogation, Asir Atalay finally admitted that he had physically abused Ibrahim D. Due to the urgent suspicion of bodily injury resulting in death, he was brought before the magistrate on Monday.

Ibrahim Demir was small and only 1.42 metres tall. On the night of the crime he was on his way home. Before that he had visited his mother and left at 11.30 pm. He was last seen alive in a kiosk, 300 metres from his apartment in Adlerstraße. Around one o'clock at night a witness noticed the crime and saw a man running away.

According to the police and the public prosecutor's office, there are still no concrete indications of a motive, only signs of an argument in advance. A look at the Facebook profile of the suspected perpetrator paints a different picture. Asir Atalay obviously has a deeply racist and fascist disposition and seems to be a supporter of the extreme right-wing "Grey Wolves", as the members of the ultra-nationalist Turkish party MHP are called.

Asir Atalay, Source: Facebook

However, it is unclear whether Asir Atalay was also the person who threatened the victim. Şaziye Demir, the mother of Ibrahim Demir, spoke to Yeni Özgür Politika and said: "Someone was threatening Ibrahim recently. I sensed that something was wrong with him, but every time I asked him, he evaded me. The last time I asked him was two or three days before he was murdered, what was troubling him. He said, "Mom, don't interfere or he'll kill you.

Hasret Demir, a brother of the murdered man, said: "It is an incomprehensible act. Ibrahim did not harm anyone. He was weak and could not defend himself. Life didn't care about him anyway and now he was killed so cruelly."

Source: Yeni Özgür Politika