Marivan's organizations on International Mother Language Day

"Among 200 countries, Iran is one of the few in which reading and learning in mother language is prohibited."

Ten organizations in the city of Marivan, Rojhilat Kurdistan, issued a joint statement on the occasion of the International Mother Language Day, February 21.

Among 200 countries, Iran is one of the few in which reading and learning in mother language is prohibited,” the statement said.

It was also pointed out that “Imposing a system of formal reading and learning into a single language is an obvious act of killing languages that undermines the social status of other languages of the peoples of Iran.”

The joint statement by Marivan Literary Society, Vejîn Art and Cultural Association, Ronan Scientific and Cultural Center, Jiyanewe Popular Union for Combating Drugs, Green Chia Society, Rocyar Cultural Literary Community, Marivan Theatre Union, Religious Teachers Union in Hewraman, Marivan School Teachers Union, Jîn Health Club, reads as follows;

Killing a mother tongue is the same as racism and ethnic cleansing. A society that imposes only one language over other languages is a racist society. There is no difference between imposing a race on other races or a language or a religion or an ideology. They are all racism (Dr. Mohsen Renani, 2016).

Among 200 countries, Iran is one of the few in which reading and learning in mother language is prohibited. It is clear that ignoring linguistic and national differences and imposing the language and literature of a nation is the service of the failed domination project. This project only considers one language and does not recognize the language of millions of people in a large country like Iran.

Kurdish, Turkish, Arabic, Baluchi and Turkmen languages, like the native language of nations in Iran, represent the different culture and personality of these nations, as well as reflecting their thoughts, beliefs, and values transmitted from generation to another. Therefore, the imposition of a system of teaching and reading in just one language is an obvious execution of languages, which undermines the social status of other languages in Iran.

Each year February 21 is a reminder of the mother language. In 1999, the UNESCO announced in a clear step with an official offer from Bangladesh for February 21 to be titled as the International Mother Language Day. The UNESCO also proposed a multi-lingual curriculum for countries that include several languages and different nations.

As the civil organizations in Marivan, we believe that recognition of different languages and the creation of multilingual education system in society would not be in conflict with preserving the country's sovereignty and maintaining a link between the Iranian peoples. On the contrary, depriving people of their education and learning of their mother tongue and violation of individual rights leads to destruction and division.

As the civil society organizations in Marivan, the true representative of the culture and community of this land, we are keen to establish a multilingual curriculum in Iran; teaching and reading Kurdish in all schools in the Kurdish regions of Iran, from kindergartens to the final stages of studying. We consider it essential and we do not want this linguistic extermination policy and violation of our cultural and social rights to be continued.