Mesopotamia Democratic Culture and Art Movement Congress ended

The conference of the Mesopotamia Democratic Culture and Art Movement held at the Aram Tigran Cultural Center in Rimelan, ended after two days of meetings and panels.

The first day of the conference was attended by 200 delegates from all over Northern and Eastern Syria as well as Damascus and South Kurdistan.

During the conference delegates discussed many different issues related to culture in the new democratic autonomy model and talked about  the Kurdish Perspective of Abdullah Öcalan. Activity reports were discussed and approved.

The second day of the conference a new resolution about the organisation was approved and the 52-member activity council was elected.

Here is the text of the resolution approved:

“* The name Democratic Culture and Art Movement has been changed to Mesopotamia Democratic Culture and Art Movement.

* All committees and offices of the Mesopotamia Democratic Culture and Art Movement will fight for the freedom of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

* The movement will fight against gender inequality, radicalism and racism on democratic and ecological grounds.

* The movement protects historical and cultural values ​​against all public enemies and develops culture and literature on the basis of national values.

* The movement protects the values ​​of revolution with cultural and artistic activities and leads the democratic nation culture.

* The movement assumes the responsibility of incorporating all peoples and beliefs into cultural and artistic institutions within the framework of the democratic nation culture.

* The movement performs cultural and artistic activities to develop a patriotic spirit.

* The movement carries out cultural and artistic activities to support the resistance of Afrin.

* The movement carries out special work in communes and assemblies with the aim of organizing culture and art in newly liberated areas.

* Theater and films are created under the roof of the Theater Commune.

* Cinema projects, fictions, documentary films and cartoons will be shot and the Kobanê Film project will be completed.

* Music albums for the elderly and children will be issued according to the need.

* The movement will carry out cultural work with all institutions for children.

* Cultural parks will be opened. ”