Mîtan Theatre Festival in Shehba canton

The festival continues on its third day.

The 4th Mîtan Theatre Festival is currently taking place in the northern Syrian canton of Shehba amid the Syrian regime's embargo and Turkish state’s artillery attacks.

Hundreds of people from Afrin attended the opening of the festival at the Çiyayê Kurmênc Theatre in the Ehdas district. Yesterday the play "Taca Zêrîn" (The Golden Crown), which is about Kurdish history and language, was performed. During the theatre performance, the importance of defending culture and language against the occupying forces was emphasised.

The third day of the festival hosted the performance Odeya Bê Çivîk (Room Without Birds) which was dedicated to children massacred by the Turkish army in Til Rifat town. The play tells about the story of two lovers and criticises the despisal of women by men in the Middle East.