Theatre festival continues in Shehba

The 4th Mîtan Theater Festival is continuing at the Çiyayê Kurmênc Theater Hall in Ehdas, Shehba. On Sunday the play titled "Tu bi xêr hatî Cuha" was performed.

The play written by Ehmed Ismail and directed by Hêwa Betal talked about the negative effect of the disproportionate use of the internet on the society.

Hêwa Betal said: "The Mîtan Festival is an important step for the Kurdish theater. This festival sends a message of peace to the whole world and shows the beauty of theater and art to the whole world despite theconditions."

12-year-old actor Arya Kerad said that she was happy to have joined the festival and added: "I hope we will be able to organise a festival in a free Afrin soon."