Turkish lira losing value against the US Dollar and Euro

The Turkish lira hit fresh record lows against the dollar after Erdoğan won the presidential election last Sunday.

As a result of the Turkish state's war and corrupt policies, the Turkish lira reached 20.77 against the dollar in the hours when the markets were closed yesterday. It has touched 20.66 today.

The economic crisis caused by the war policies of the invading Turkish state is getting deeper and deeper. The economic destruction caused by the Turkish state is gradually hitting the country.

The Turkish lira continues to depreciate against the Dollar after Erdogan won the presidential election on May 28. It stood at 19.58 before the May 14 elections and 19.97 before the May 28 election.

In the meantime, the Turkish lira has today reached 22.16 against the Euro with an increase of 0.49 percent.