Your freedom and mine, an evening of poetry for Ocalan

Organised by Peace in Kurdistan Campaign, an evening of poetry, music and film celebrating the resistance struggle of the Kurds.

An evening of poetry, music and film celebrating the resistance struggle of the Kurdish Freedom Movement on the occasion of the publication of “Freedom poems for Ocalan” marking Abdullah Ocalan’s 70th birthday is to be held tonight in London.

The appointment is at 7.30 pm (UK time) at Theatro Technis, 26 Crowndale Road, London NW1 1TT (5 min from Mornington Crescent station).

Here is the program of the evening:

George Evgeniou, founder and director Theatro Technis introduces the event

Free Ocalan song 

Ocalan – Lee Brickley Songs for Rojava

Compere Clara Bennathan 

David Morgan, co-editor speaks on the book

Matt Nathan, Campaigns Director of Freedom for Ocalan Campaign

Dr Thomas Jeffrey Miley, comments on title and book YOUR FREEDOM AND MINE & poetry book and introduces the following 2 videos:

An interview with PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan. –, 11 years ago.

YPG and YPJ fighters speak up on Abdullah Ocalan’s struggle - video

Clara Bennathan reads poems from the poetry book and introduces 

July Ward MEP, video message 

Margaret Owen will talk about Ocalan and Rojava

Greta Sykes, reads her poem 

People and Places in Rojava, photo video by Katrín Ólafsdóttir, film-maker who recently returned from Rojava . 


Dr Thomas Jeffrey Miley introduces Gacheke Gachihi and Mathare Social Justice Centre

Grassroots Liberation from Kenya – video

Gacheke Gachihi reading his poem from the book- video.

Hagir Ahmed, reading poems by Matt Sedillo and Darnell Stephen Summers and Jihad Hami 

Accompanied by Les Levidow 

Matt Sedillo 

Tune: El Ejercito del Ebro (from Spanish Civil War)

Darnell Stephen Summers

Tune: Ain't going to let nobody turn me around (from US civil rights movement)

(Will sing the first couple verses, then play the tune)

Jihad Hami

Tune: Yara Min Bedewe (Kurdish song) 

Zelal Sahin sings Kurdish songs accompanied by Les Levidow

Malan Bar Kir   


Çiyayeme berfi lekir    

Hoy Memo  (in honour of Mehmet Aksoy)   

Turnam gidersen Mardine