YPG reports ongoing attacks by Turkish army and ISIS gangs

YPG (People's Defense Units) has reported ongoing attacks by Turkish army and ISIS gangs on Rojava (West) Kurdistan.

YPG Press Office said in a written statement that Turkish troops launched an attack with heavy weaponry targeting the village of Bobanê to the west of Kobanê at 18:00 on June 1st.

In another development, Turkish military forces violated the border near the village of Merwaniye in Şiye district of Afrin at the noon of June 2nd. Turkish soldiers and armored vehicles crossed the border into Rojava and cut down many trees in the area.

YPG continued, reporting ongoing attacks by ISIS gangs that conducted an aggression with heavy weaponry against the village of Zormixar to the west of Kobanê at the night of June 2nd. ISIS gangs also attempted to infiltrate into the same area in the morning of June 3rd but faced intervention from YPG forces, upon which they fled the area and shelled the scene with heavy weaponry at noon.


According to the YPG statement, ISIS gangs attempted to infiltrate into the YPG positions in Şexler town to the southwest of Kobanê at the night of June 4th. YPG forces strongly responded to the gangs, repelled the attack and inflicted a heavy blow on the gangs. Out of the gang members who were encircled soon, 8 were killed, most of whom were suicide bombers. Corpses of 8 gangs and their arms were also seized, while the rest of the ISIS group fled the area.

Two YPG fighters who put up brave resistance in the repulsion of the aggression fell fighting here.


YPG Press Office stated that ISIS gangs carried out another attack from the eastern side of the Ezawî village to the south of the Shaddadi town of Hesekê at around 04:00 last night. The ISIS group, most of whom were suicide bombers, was eliminated and 10 among them were killed during the retaliation of YPG forces. Clashes continue at some locations as gang groups try to continue their attacks with reinforcements.