Activists in Europe protest Turkish state's attacks on women

The Turkish state's violence against women was protested in Europe as well as the the invasion attacks and the seizure of HDP-run municipalities.

Actions to protest the Turkish state's attacks on women as well as in South Kurdistan and Rojava were organised throughout Europe. 


A rally was organized by the Duisburg Democratic Kurdish Community Center to condemn once again the Turkish state attacks on the Zînî Wertê region in South Kurdistan and the seizure of 5 HDP-run municipalities.

Duisburg DKTM co-chair Niyazi Öztaş said: "The fascist Turkish state is continuing its military attacks in all parts of Kurdistan."

Öztaş added: "The fascist Turkish regime under the AKP-MHP is spending all its budget in war pushing the country in an even deeper economic crisis, while unemployment is growing." 

The activists in Duisburg called "on our people in the South and on the Kurdistan organizations to frustrate the plan of the fascist Turkish state."

The action ended with a call for participation in the 'No to violence against women' rally, which will be held on 27 May. 


The Turkish government's attacks against the HDP and women's movement were also protested in Belgium. In an action held in Antwerp, the AKP-MHP government was condemned by activists.


The Turkish state's attacks and seizure of the HDP-run municipalities was protested by an action in Stockholm.

Kurds gathered in Drottningsgatan Street to join the action organised by the Amara Women's Council

The Amara Women's Council called on Kurds and their friends to attend the protests against the Turkish state organised every Saturday at 1 pm in front of the H&M store in Drottningsgatan.