Citizens in Ulubey protest mining operation

Citizens in the neighborhoods of Çatallı and Yeni Sayaca in Ulubey protested the carrying out of a planned mining operation.

The residents of the neighborhoods of Çatallı and Yeni Sayaca in Ulubey protested the project to open a bentonite mine in Ulubey, in Ordu. The residents of the neighborhood held a press conference on the subject in Ulubey Square. The executives of the Ordu Environment Association also participated in the press conference where banners saying "Keep your mine Andur", "We will not have the village of Yeni Sayaca plundered" and "We will not give our forests to you" were opened.

Ethem Çağlar, a member of the Sayaca Environment Platform, said: “Our aim is to protect our area and not to remain silent and leave to future generations an unhealthy environment. We aim to continue our struggle and take the necessary steps to ensure justice. The start of mining will cause serious damage to the environment. Natural disasters such as landslides and loss of water resources will increase, and the beauty of our village and our environment will be destroyed.”

Public meeting

After the announcement, a public meeting was held in the garden of the New Counter Social Facilities. Ertuğrul Gazi Gönül, chair of the Ordu Environment Association, and the executives of the association also attended the meeting where information was given about the court process and the next steps to take.