Cizre Region Environmental Board plants 1,200 pine trees in village of Qamishlo

Cizre Region Environmental Board planted 1,200 pine trees in the village of Navkur in Qamishlo.

Cizre Region Environmental Board, Qamishlo People's Municipality and civil society organizations launched an action on 26 November, in order to organize the garbage area (Rodîko) in the village of Navkur and bring it back to natural life. The action is expected to last 4 days.

Before this new action, 3,500 trees were planted by Rojava University students. Now, 1,200 more pine trees have been planted. In this way, it is aimed to green the region and make it available to the people.

In 2021, the People's Municipality cleaned this area, which was causing environmental pollution, and closed it to garbage dumping. Workers were hired to protect the area where a total of 4,700 trees will be planted.