Event on Global Öcalan Books Day in The Hague

As part of the international campaign, 10 December was designated ‘Global Öcalan Books Day’, which is joined by masses all around the world.

On 10 October, a new international campaign called "Freedom for Öcalan – A Political Solution to the Kurdish Question" was launched with press conferences in 74 places around the world, from France, to Belgium, from Italy to the Spanish state, from Germany to the UK, from Ireland to the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Slovenia, Cyprus, Greece and across the ocean in Australia, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador. From South Africa to Kenya, Japan, India, Bangladesh, East Timor, the Philippines. The campaign unites social movements, political parties, municipalities, trade unions, activists, intellectuals and millions of Kurds and people in solidarity with the Kurdish liberation struggle worldwide around a common goal: the participation of Abdullah Öcalan in a dialogue for a just and democratic political solution to the Kurdistan question in Turkey, which has remained unresolved for more than a century.

As part of the international campaign, 10 December was designated ‘Global Öcalan Books Day’ to “start reading a book from Öcalan to find methods to solve our common problems and create a future of freedom.”

A series of seminars were held at the Democratic Kurdish Community Centre in the Hague to mark the global Öcalan Books Day. Sections from the books of the Kurdish leader were read during the event.

The first seminar treated the “Freedom for Öcalan” campaign and its effects on peace in Kurdistan and the Middle East.

The seminars at the event were titled "Restoring the value of the individual in society: The concept behind Democratic Confederalism", "Conflict resolution by addressing the root cause of conflicts: Peace in the Middle East/Europe is easily possible", "Ecological sustainability: Building self-sustainable economies" and "Gender Equality as individual empowerment: Jineology to stop systemic vicious cycles".

The seminars were also broadcast live on KCDK-E's official Youtube channel.