Flooded village in Duhok reservoir resurfaces after 36 years

With the construction of the dam in Duhok in southern Kurdistan, the village of Girê Qesroka was flooded. Due to the extreme lack of water, the small village has reappeared after 36 years and has become an attraction for visitors.

The village of Girê Qesroka, flooded by the Duhok reservoir in southern Kurdistan, has reappeared after 36 years. The reason is the extreme drought in the wake of the global climate crisis. According to the dam management, the water level has dropped by another seven meters compared to last year.

The dam in Duhok was built two kilometers north of the city in 1985 and, among other things, flooded the village, which at the time consisted of fifty households. Due to global warming, the water has receded and the village has reappeared. Most of the old houses have been destroyed, but some foundation walls remain. The newly created peninsula in the reservoir has become an attraction for excursions.