HPG statement regarding the civilians killed in Bamerne and the fake news in KDP media

The HPG Press Liaison Center (HPG-BIM) responded to "false news" in the KDP media and announced that "three citizens, including two children, were martyred" in a Turkish state-organized attack on a picnic near Bamernê.

The People’s Defense Forces Press Liaison Center (HPG-BIM) released a written statement regarding the killing of three civilians in a Turkish attack in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

The statement stated, specifically in response to the "false news" about the guerrilla forces, "The fact that some KDP officials and the KDP media immediately tried to put this incident to our guerrilla forces, is a product of their fear of the just reaction of our people."

The HPG-BIM statement released on Friday is as follows:

“On May 26, three of our compatriots, two of whom were children, were murdered as a result of the Turkish state's attack on our people from South Kurdistan, who were having a picnic around the Bamernê sub-district of Amadiya. First and foremost, we express our condolences to the families of all three Kurdish martyrs and the Kurdish people, and we wish the injured a speedy recovery. The massacre at Bamerne exposed the disastrous consequences of the KDP's relations with the invading Turkish state and its wrong policies.


The fact that some KDP officials and KDP media immediately tried to put the blame on our guerilla forces in guilt panic derives from their fear of our people's just reaction. Our people, on the other hand, did not heed these baseless accusations because they saw and knew the facts for themselves. While the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla has paid a high price to protect our people's honour and defend South Kurdistan, battling selflessly and giving martyrs, the KDP, which tries hard to legitimize the occupiers' killing of the Kurdish people, must abandon this incorrect mentality.


The Turkish army, which has suffered fatal blows from guerilla forces, wants to prepare the basis for an inter-Kurdish war by provoking various circles within the KDP in order to prevent its historical defeat.

It had already been reported in the news that some shady plans were in the works to justify the KDP's entry into the war on the side of the Turkish state. On May 24, 2022, some KDP-affiliated forces attacked a guerilla position in Sidekan's Goşinê area in an attempt to incite a fighting. This provocation, however, was proved ineffective due to the sensitive approach of our guerilla group. On May 25, the Turkish army launched an air and ground attack on Girê Hakkarî in the Metîna region, moving through KDP-controlled territory.


On May 26, the Turkish invaders at Girê Şehîd Agir in Girê Ortê in the Metîna region were targeted by our forces and two Turkish soldiers were punished in this action. The claim that our guerilla troops attacked KDP forces is false.


When the Turkish army is in trouble and on the edge of defeat, it is apparent what it means that KDP forces act in this way and the KDP press propagates such false news. A Kurdish civil war will benefit only the colonialist, homicidal Turkish state. It is obvious that such a calamity will cause unrest, instability, and widespread devastation throughout Kurdistan. We urge the KDP to abandon these negative attitudes that could harm the people of Kurdistan, particularly South Kurdistan.”