Kurdish activist arrested in France extradited to Germany

Kurdish activist Sabri Ç. was arrested in France last summer at Germany's request and extradited to Germany in January. He is now in pre-trial detention in Wittlich Prison on charges of PKK membership.

Kurdish activist Sabri Ç. has been extradited from France to Germany, reported the legal aid fund AZADÎ in its current information service. Accordingly, the 52-year-old man was taken into extradition custody in France in June 2022 at the request of the German law enforcement authorities, and the transfer to Germany took place in January.

Sabri Ç. is accused of having been responsible for the areas of Saarbrücken and Hanover, among others, as an alleged member of the PKK.

Since 2011, Kurdish activists in Germany have been accused and sentenced on the basis of Article 129b for allegedly supporting the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). There are currently eleven Kurdish political prisoners, including a woman, in pre-trial and criminal detention in Germany.