Mesopotamian Ecology Movement: Tree cutting is a result of war practices in Kurdistan

The Mesopotamian Ecology Movement declared in a statement addressing the cutting of trees in the Şenyayla region by soldiers and guards that the cutting of trees is an outcome of war practices in Kurdistan.

The Mesopotamian Ecology Movement (MEH) issued a written statement regarding the continued deforestation by village guards in the Şenyayla region, which was taken from Diyarbakır's borders and incorporated within Muş's borders after the Ministry of Interior's decision last year. According to the statement, hundreds of trees were destroyed as part of preparations to build a new outpost on the outskirts of Çiyayê Sipî, opposite the military station near Andok Mountain.

The statement said, "Besides the destruction caused by the necessity of continuous growth and profit increase of global capitalism, the effects of nation-state policies cause different results in countries for different reasons," referring to the fact that genocidal policies in state-capital partnership have caused different collapses and new crises have been produced from the created crises.


The statement remarked that forests, pastures and agricultural lands are sometimes sacrificed to tourism companies and sometimes to energy companies as a result of the rent policies in Turkey, continuing, "In addition to rent policies in Kurdistan's terrain, we are witnessing several faces of genocidal policies. A different aspect of the war concept that began in the 1990s

The destruction of villages and forced displacement of locals, a different aspect of the war concept that began in the 1990s, continues today with the burning of forests.Because the flames burn for days and there is no intervention, Kurdistan's forest ecosystems are destroyed. In addition to the damage to forest assets caused by fires, trees have been cut down in the previous two years, particularly in Şırnak, under the supervision of law enforcement officers.”


While the destruction of trees continues in Şırnak, village guards fell trees for the construction of an outpost in Muş's Şenyayla region, said the statement, adding, “It is obvious that this mass destruction is an outcome of the already existing war practices in Kurdistan. Destruction of trees for security reasons, as well as construction of military outposts stand as the most concrete form of the repression of Kurdistan society. Furthermore, the policies of depopulation, deforestation and destruction of habitat from the past to the present constitute another dimension of the attacks against the Kurdish people.”


"The growing decrease in the forests of the country aggravates the climate crisis. A tree cut here today causes a river in another location to dry up tomorrow. Nature has unity, and every intervention has an impact on the entire planet. As the Mesopotamian Ecology Movement, we express that war practices are also a crime that destroys the environment and affects the existence of all living beings, and we urge everyone to speak out against this massacre. The cutting of trees must be stopped immediately.”