PKK Youth Committee: Our fallen comrades passed on to us a torch that will never be extinguished

The PKK Youth Committee commemorated 2 fallen guerrillas with respect, saying: "They passed on to us a torch that will never be extinguished, this torch is getting more and more lush every day with the fire of revenge of our martyrs."

The PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) Youth Committee announced the identity of PKK Youth Committee member and Komalên Jinên Ciwan Coordination member Martyr Bişeng Brûsk and Komalên Jinên Ciwan and Komalên Ciwan leadership member Martyr Sara Hogir Riha, who were martyred in an air strike by the occupying Turkish State in the Medya Defence Areas on July 28th 2023.

The PKK Youth Committee stated the following in its statement regarding the 2 guerrillas who reached martyrdom:

 "In the face of the epic resistance of the Kurdistan Freedom guerrilla in Zap and in the provinces of North Kurdistan, the fascist-colonialist Turkish army is experiencing a great blockage and defeat. NATO, which is the force of destruction and genocide, and the colonialist, fascist Turkish state, were defeated in the face of Rêber APO’s (Leader Abdullah Öcalan) resistance and the pioneering role of the guerilla. The epic guerrilla resistance, which grows day by day in Metina, Avaşin and Zap, has once again demonstrated this with the revolutionary operations carried out.

The fascist Turkish state, which boasts of being the second-largest power in NATO, is facing total annihilation in the face of the democratic modernity guerrilla. The fascist Turkish state is bombarding the Medya Defence Areas intensively in the hope of overcoming its blockade and defeat and in this way wants to put an end to the resistance. In the face of these attacks, the resistance positions that grow day by day are the biggest answer to the enemy.

Undoubtedly, it is primarily our Leader and our heroic martyrs who determine the line of resistance of our women's liberation struggle, which has been continuing uninterruptedly for years and growing day by day. Thanks to our martyrs and their work, sacrifices and epic resistance, today, with the participation of young people and young women, our freedom struggle is becoming so universal and a source of hope and resistance to the whole world.

Our comrades Bişeng Brûsk, a member of the Komalên Jinên Ciwan Coordination and PKK Youth Committee, and Sara Hogir Riha, a member of the Komalên Jinên Ciwan – Komalen Ciwan leadership, who undertook the sacrificial leadership of our Kurdistan Freedom Movement and Free Women's Revolution in such a fierce war environment, reached martyrdom on 28th July 2023 in the Medya Defence Areas as a result of the air strikes of the massacring-fascist Turkish state!

We express our condolences to the resisting peoples of Cizre and Riha, and all our patriotic Kurdistan people, youth and women, especially their respected families, who raised valuable militants such as Martyr Sara and Martyr Bişeng and brought them to the freedom struggle of our people.

Our comrades Bişeng and Sara, who had a breathless march and unwavering participation from the moment they joined the freedom ranks until the moment they reached martyrdom, succeeded in becoming exemplar Apoist militants by reflecting the passion for freedom in their hearts to their whole lives. With great sacrifice and revolutionary enthusiasm, both of our comrades have become distinguished representatives of the militancy of democratic modernity from North Kurdistan to Rojava; from there to South and Eastern Kurdistan with the Apoist spirit of sacrifice. They have participated in the organisation of the Democratic Youth Confederalism and the World Women's Confederalism at a vanguard level and have made invaluable efforts. They led the people, youth and young women of Kurdistan with a brave, sacrificing and self-sacrificing stance against the fascist enemy in every field they were in.

The identity information of our martyrs is as follows:

 Code name: Bişeng Brûsk

 Name – Surname: Rojda Bilen

 Name of the mother: Gullî

Name of the father: Mehmet

 Birthday: 07-11-1988 Lausanne/Switzerland

 Origin: Şirnak-Cizre/Koçtepe

 Time and place of participation: 2010 - Eskişehir

 Time and place of martyrdom: July 28th 2023 – Medya Defence Areas


 Code name: Sara Hogir Riha

 Name – Surname: Gulsun Silgir

 Birthday: 29-08-1990 Viranşehir/Riha

 Name of the mother: Medine

Name of the father: Seydi

 Time and place of participation: Mersin 2011

Time and place of martyrdom: July 28th 2023 – Medya  Defence Areas


Our comrade Bişeng was born in Switzerland/Lausanne in 1988 to a patriotic family from Cizîr Botan, committed to the values of Kurdistan resistance. She grew up with the sense of protecting the values of her older brother Ş. Brûsk and the martyrs in the extended family. By adding meaning to the values she received, she went to Kurdistan and frustrated the enemy's genocide-assimilation policies in her own person. From a young age, she was aware of the enemy's genocidal policies and managed to protect her Kurdish identity. The freedom struggle of our people and the reality of the enemy had always been the main agenda. She had always been in a great search for a worthy participation. Especially when she met the Apoist Youth and Young Women's Movement during her university years, her desire to avenge Cizre became more intense. Her belief that a new life could be created under the leadership of the PKK and PAJK grew stronger every day. During her university years in Eskişehir, she participated in youth and young women's work with the awareness that the resurrection against the enemy can only be achieved through a radical struggle. She took it as a basis to lead the youth of North Kurdistan from villages to neighbourhoods and cities. Despite the enemy's efforts to prevent her, she knew how to play her role by not stepping back in any way. In 2010, she joined Komalên Ciwan and Komalên Jinên Ciwan as a professional revolutionary and has been the example of outstanding participation and success until the day she was martyred. She left a mark on every young person, woman and family she came into contact with and opened the doors of a moral and political life for them. By educating and organising the youth of North Kurdistan, she was able to play an effective role in attracting the Kurdish youth to the ranks of resistance against the enemy and in the direction of the guerrilla ranks.

With her comradeship, morality, loyalty and militant stance, she aroused respect wherever she went. In order to deepen more proficiently in Rêber APO's paradigm and to have a militant personality accordingly, she went to the Free Mountains of Kurdistan. In the free women and youth academies she attended in the mountains, she deepened her PAJK and PKK militant identity and became the owner of a selfless stance. She equipped herself more militarily and ideologically. With the Ş. Nuda Karker and PKK Ş. Sakine Cansız educations she attended, she became more integrated with Rêber APO and became an exemplary participant in the free woman stance by concentrating more deeply on the Ideology of Women's Freedom. With her Kurdish and natural characteristics, she became the example of development, organisation and action everywhere she went.

Our comrade Bişeng directed her efforts wherever the youth and young women needed organising. She participated in the youth and young women's work in South Kurdistan with the spirit of Leyla Qasım and made a great effort. After her successful practice there, she pioneered East Kurdistan youth work for many years. She trained hundreds of young people and women, raised their awareness against the Iranian regime and led them to resistance.

She went to Rojava in order to participate in the women’s revolution and to educate young people and young women with the ideas of Rêber APO. Our comrade Bişeng, with great courage and passion, became the spirit of serhildan [uprising] that awakened the youth and the people against the enemy's attacks to destroy Rojava. After successfully fulfilling her duties in the areas she went to, she left for the Medya Defence Areas again. In her years of struggle, she knew how to be the owner of a clean and enthusiastic walk like a stream, without fatigue and without stopping. Together with Ş. Sara, she reached martyrdom as a result of the air strikes of the fascist Turkish state.

Heval Bişeng fulfills the meaning of a humble and noble revolutionary woman’s stance. With this stance and her vanguard participation, she became the successor of Berivan Cizre. We reiterate our promise that we will carry the struggle that Ş. Bişeng handed over to us to victory.


Our comrade Sara Hogir Riha was born in Urfa, which our Leader calls the place of curse and holiness, in a patriotic family that grew from the roots of holiness. She became the owner of a personality that is attached to Kurdistan values and grew up with this essence. From an early age, she grew more and more devotion and love for Rêber APO and knew how to grow within herself. She knew that the way to embrace the leadership on a more correct basis was through active struggle. Her brother Ş. Hogir Riha, who was martyred in a clash with the fascist Turkish army in Mardin-Kızıltepe in 1992, had a great influence on her meeting with the path to freedom. Our comrade Sara always aimed to raise her brother's weapon one day. In order to have a more accurate participation with Rêber APO and martyrs, she participated in Apoist youth work from the Mersin area where she went to study at university in 2009. Seeing the assimilation policies of the special war in the metropolises of Turkey with a more burning reality, Ş. Sara joined the Kurdistan Freedom Movement in Mersin in 2011, when she realised that the answer to be given was to join the struggle at a militant level. She made a great effort to organise the youth of North Kurdistan and Turkey and in a short time she became a pioneer of her people and women. She was detained and imprisoned many times by the enemy, but no one was able to handcuff her demands for freedom.

Our comrade Sara, with the Paris Massacre in 2013, a period where the fascist Turkish state targeted our Women's Freedom Struggle with the determination to have a militant stance worthy of Sakine Cansız, went to the mountains of Kurdistan. Taking the name Sara, she aimed to avenge the Paris Massacre and to become a vanguard militant in the Women's Freedom Struggle. By taking the name of Ş. Hogir Riha, she realised her childhood dream of being worthy of the martyrs.

She has taken the principle of ‘All my life was a struggle’ as a basis and has always lived the pride and honour of being an Apoist woman. She made every friendship she had a relationship that feels the pride of being an Apoist. She trained herself in youth academies in order to comprehend Rêber APO's paradigm more deeply and to have a participation worthy of her name. Over time, she brought herself to the level of training hundreds of militants who had just stepped into revolutionary life.

Our Comrade Sara, who wanted to give the necessary response as an Apoist militant woman against the developing enemy’s attacks, wanted to go to the areas where the war was intense. Our comrade, who made it her biggest dream to be a guerrilla, especially in the Northern area, had a great persistence to realise this dream. With the skills she gained both militarily and ideologically, she turned her direction to the Cilo mountains in 2015 with the aim of organising the Revolution in Bakûr and ensuring the physical freedom of Rêber APO.  Ş. Sara, who had a challenging and instructive practice, experienced a rebirth in the Cilo mountains.

She played a strong and effective role in striking a blow against the enemy by educating hundreds of young fighters in the academies of Ş. Ali Çiçek and Ş. Leyla Şaylemez in the Medya Defence Areas for years.

Later, she turned her attention to Mexmûr in order to protect the people of Botan from ISIS attacks.

Comrade Sara has been a source of inspiration among her comrades, young people and young women in every field she has been in with her devoted, spiritual and moral participation. She carried out youth work in the Ş. Rüstem Cûdî Mexmûr Camp and played an important role in organising young people and women to live in a culture worthy of the Botan people.

In 2019, she joined the Free Women's Academy Ş. Zeynep Kınacı. With this education, she deepened in women's history and freedom consciousness in order to be able to lift the burden at the forefront of the women's revolution. She took our leadership's perspective that 'women's history is Sara's life' as a basis for herself and always prioritised education in order to truly become Sara. After education, she turned her attention to East Kurdistan in order to organise young women and youth. She pioneered the meeting of hundreds of thousands of women with the philosophy of 'Jin Jiyan Azadî'. Heval Sara always had a determined and strong-willed stance and guided her comrades in the areas where she was present. With the belief that 'Comradeship is to get a share from the truth', she has always taken the glorification of comradeship relations as a basis in the struggle. She has been the owner of an indomitable and determined march. Thanks to her smiling face and sincere personality, she managed to leave deep traces on every comrade she established a relationship with. On July 28th 2023, Heval Sara reached martyrdom together with Heval Bişeng; With her militant stance, sacrificial participation, strong and sincere comradeship, she took her honourable place in the history of freedom of our people. As comrades, we promise that we will carry the struggle of our comrade Sara to victory.

In their hearts and thoughts as pure and clean as angels, Ş. Bişeng and Ş. Sara aimed and dreamed of the physical freedom of Rêber APO and a democratic society until their martyrdom. They passed on to us a torch that will never be extinguished, and this torch is becoming more and more lush every day with the fire of revenge of our martyrs.

We call on all Kurdish youth and young women to embrace the will of the martyrs and participate in the struggle to overthrow fascism with the spirit of the sacrificial youth of the Bişengs and Saras. The way to answer the martyrdom is to continue their dreams and fight for the achievement of their goals. As the successors of the Saras and Bişengs, we must vigorously protect the legacy of resistance that they passed on to the youth and young women of Kurdistan. It is our main duty to avenge our martyrs by striking a blow against the enemy every day. On this basis, we again express our condolences to all the people of Kurdistan, including the families of our heroic martyrs, and reiterate our promise to avenge our martyrs, to adhere to their memories and to realise their goals."