Protest against ecocide in Şırnak

In a joint statement, the Mesopotamian Ecology Movement and civil society organizations protested the massive cutting of trees in Şırnak province.

Under the leadership of the Mesopotamian Ecology Movement, a press statement was made near the Confederation of Public Workers' Unions (KESK) headquarters to protest the massive tree cutting carried out by the village guards in the Besta region of Şırnak.

The 78'ers Association, the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB), the Diyarbakır Provincial Coordination Board, the Education and Science Workers' Union (Egit Sen) Diyarbakır Branch, the Ecology Association, the Munzur Environment Association, the Mardin Ecology Association, TMMOB Mardin Provincial Coordination Board, HDP’s Mardin and Şırnak Provincial Organizations, the Şırnak Ecology Platform, the Şırnak Bar Association including non-governmental organizations in the city joined the event.


Murat Bilgiç from the Mesopotamia Ecology Movement delivered a speech and said, “Forests are not just trees, they are part of a broader ecological system. The destruction of forests is tantamount to the destruction of the ecological system. Article 169 of the Constitution states that “The state uses laws and takes measures for the protection of forests and the development of forest areas. It does not allow any action that would harm forests. Crimes such as burning or destroying forests do not fall under the scope of public or private amnesty.”

“The right to protect life is a fundamental principle of all national and international laws. If this ecocide is not stopped as soon as possible, we will do whatever it takes to protect nature. Forests were here before you were here, and they will be here after you go,” Bilgiç added.


“A policy of depopulation is being pursued in the region of Mount Cudi. We know that all these policies are interconnected to war policies. If the war policies in the region continue, nature will be damaged even more. We condemn once again the mentality that bans us from the streets and the nature of this city. We will continue our struggle until we liberate our nature,” Murat Özbey from the Şırnak Ecology Platform said.


HDP Şırnak Deputy Hasan Özgüneş also made a speech and said, “We have been saying it for years, our lands are called paradise in the Torah. It is called so thanks to its people, nature, forest and animals. It is a land where humanity first flourished. We have raised our voice against the building of thermal power plants and reckless use of coal mines. We have raised our voice against the burning of forests, and we are raising our voices against tree cuttings. The rich cronies are doing this to make more profit, building more hotels and robbing this country. We are against the destruction of nature in the Black Sea, as well as in Mersin, Şırnak, Hakkari and Siirt.”