The beauty of Hakkari mountains

In the mountains of Hakkari, despite the fact that it is autumn, all four seasons are experienced together.

The geography of Hakkari, the city of mountains, valleys, streams and glaciers, experiences all four seasons, even though it is October.

Life continues with all its beauty in Bercelan Plateau, the source of life for humanity. On the one hand, the tents of the people who go up to the plateau catch our eye, while the waters flowing from the ice-cold springs continue to be a source of life. Although it is autumn, it is possible to see flowers and insects feeding on these flowers in these mountains. The Bercelan Plateau, which has fertile land, also offers a variety of fruits at every step.

The Çiyayê Reş (Black Mountain) and other mountains rising on the left side of the Berçelan Plateau greet you with their majesty. It is impossible not to admire these mountains and their surrounding natural beauty. While eagles fly at the top of the mountains, it is possible to see glaciers and lakes formed by glaciers at the foot of the mountains.

The lakes formed by the glaciers are like a corner of paradise. One of these lakes is Gole Lis and the other is Gola Seyidxan. The icy waters of these two lakes and the colourful flowers growing around them tell you that hope never ends in this country. Despite all the prohibitions, these mountains, lakes, cool waters and colourful flowers shout out that there is always hope.