Attacks and irregularities at several polling stations

Reports are coming through of attacks on election observers protesting against block voting, especially in the Kurdish region.

Reports of irregularities in the presidential run-off elections continue.


AKP supporters attacked CHP MP Ali Şeker after he had noticed that votes were being cast collectively in the village of Karaali in Eyyübiye district and that men wanted to vote for their wives. When Şeker stated that this procedure was illegal, he was attacked by a group of 15 to 20 people. The MP was taken to hospital with a punch injury to his nose. The gendarmerie (military police) removed the attackers from the scene.

In the district of Akçakale, also in Urfa, another assault occurred when an election observer protested against block voting. AKP supporters attacked, insulted and threatened the election observer. Due to concerns for life and limb, the observer had to leave the scene, stating that he would file a complaint.


There are also massive irregularities in the province of Mardin. Votes are being cast collectively at some ballot boxes. Already at the beginning of the voting, it was reported that in the districts of Artuklu, Yeşilli, Nusaybin and Kızıltepe, police officers went from polling station to polling station asking if there were AKP election observers. Where there were no AKP observers, the police brought "people from outside" to observe the voting. Meanwhile, armoured vehicles were stationed in the schools.

In Mardin, police were also ordered to remove lawyers from polling stations and schools throughout the province. This open attempt to enable electoral fraud repeatedly led to tensions. In Yeşilli and Nusaybin, lawyers protested against this action and declared that they would not allow this illegal act.

In Sakarya secondary school in Yeşilli district, lawyers were reportedly not allowed to enter the school, while the AKP mayor and AKP district chairman visited the polling stations and threatened election workers.

At Şirinevler Secondary School in Yeşilli district, votes are cast collectively at ballot boxes 1025, 1026 and 1027. When the CHP election observer protested against the irregularity, he was threatened by the head of the polling station.

In the district of Midyat, observers were attacked by AKP people and village guards after intervening in a group who attempted to open voting.


In Pervari district of Siirt, observers from the CHP and the Green Left Party were threatened and denied access to the polling station in the village of Tosuntarla.


In the Sungu town of Muş, poll watchers from the CHP and the Green Left Party were expelled from the polling station by those from the AKP. Reports are coming through of block voting here as well.


In the village of Çavuşlar, a voter was captured voting for his relatives living abroad.

While the gendarmerie did not intervene, the poll watcher who raised an objection to the irregularity was driven away from the scene.


AKP people attacked a woman at a polling station in Bahçelievler district.


In Beylikdüzü, AKP people attacked election observers from the CHP and the Green Left Party.



Voting minutes were burned at a polling station in Manisa.



Poll watchers objecting to irregularities such as block voting in Demirköprü were attacked by supporters of Erdoğan.

In a Twitter post, one of the poll watchers said that his cousin was kicked in the head and his elder brother assaulted. According to the reports, the attack took place before the eyes of the gendarmerie.


A poll watcher was attacked after objecting to irregular voting in Büyükorhan.