Live blog on the elections in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan

Live blog on the presidential and parliamentary elections in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan.

02:35 Ferit Şenyaşar entered the Parliament for the Green Left Party

Ferit Şenyaşar, whose father and brothers were killed by the relatives of AKP Urfa Deputy İbrahim Halil Yıldız during the election process in 2018, was elected as a member of parliament for the Green Left Party in Urfa.

02:10 YSK opened 91.93 percent of ballot boxes

YSK chair Ahmet Yener said: “As of 02.25 [local time], 91.93 percent of the ballot boxes have been opened. Mr. Erdogan has 49.49 percent of the vote, Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu has 44.79 percent, and Mr. Ogan has 5.29 percent of the vote.”

20:05 Long queues in Amed to deliver ballot boxes

The officials who delivered the ballot boxes to be counted in front of the Amed Supreme Election Council (YSK) building had to wait in long queues. Vote counting has not yet finished in Amed.

Green Left Party officials call on party members working in election centers not to leave their places.

20:03 Kılıçdaroğlu well ahead in Kurdistan

The Nation Alliance Presidential candidate Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu is well ahead in Kurdistan, according to the results of the elections so far. Some 44.3 percent of the ballot boxes have been opened.

According to ANKA's data, 44.30 percent of the ballot boxes have been opened. Kılıçdaroğlu leads with 72.07 percent in Amed, 68.07 percent in Batman, 72.77 percent in Sirnak, 69.39 percent in Mardin, 76 percent in Hakkari, 60.66 percent in Wan, 61.44 percent in Siirt, 79.86 percent in Dersim, 54.60 percent in Kars, 64.05 percent in Agir, 59.12 percent in Idir, 67.74 percent in Muş, and 51.78 percent in Bitlis.

19:39 CHP: We are ahead

The CHP mayors of Istanbul and Ankara, Ekrem İmamoğlu and Mansur Yavaş, made a statement to the press and strongly criticized the state-run Anadolu news agency which, they said, is manipulating the results of the elections.

In a Twitter post, CHP leader and presidential candidate Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu said: “We are ahead.”

On the other hand, CHP Istanbul provincial branch co-chair Canan Kaftancıoğlu stated that 40% of the ballots have been counted in the city so far. Accordingly, CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu is ahead of the current president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with 51.42 percent.

17:33 Green Left Party call: Protect the ballot boxes and votes

Co-spokespersons of the Green Left Party called for the protection of the ballot boxes and votes after the polls closed.

Green Left Party Co-spokesperson Çiğdem Kılıçgün Uçar said: “Dear women and young people, for the democratisation of the Republic and the construction of a peaceful and equal country, let’s protect the ballot boxes, votes, wet-signed minutes and ballot bags. We are on the verge of a historic victory. We will surely win. We will change it together.”

Green Left Party Co-Spokesperson İbrahim Akın: “In order to crown the struggle for democracy, which we have grown with thousands of efforts, with the victory on 14 May, the main responsibility of each of us is to protect the ballot boxes and votes, we protect the wet-signed minutes and ballot bags, we will change together for a Democratic Republic!”

16:52, French MP, Danielle Simonnet: Immense popular hope

French MP Danielle Simonnet summarized the electoral spirit in Turkey with the following words; “Very strong police presence, palpable tension and immense popular hope.”

In a Twitter message, the French MP, who observed the elections in Van province, said: “Exciting and very moving exchanges. Between those who have been imprisoned, those who have lost loved ones to Turkish army fire in the mountains, the mayor of Van who was elected and then deposed, the activists for the emancipation of women. What courage!”

16:42: Progressive International warns against possible manipulation

“(…) Election night narratives can be easily manipulated when a party’s votes are coming in disproportionately early or late. We might see early declarations of victory from Erdoğan based on an early lead, even as later vote counts will likely erode these margins (…)”

Source: Twitter

16:39: HDP Co-Chair Mithat Sancar: We will definitely win!

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Co-Chair Mithat Sancar shared a message on Twitter after the polls closed. Sancar said, “Dear friends, we have one last job left on this road we set out for democratic transformation and lasting peace. As of this hour, we are protecting the ballot boxes and votes, protecting the wet-signed minutes and vote bags. We will definitely win! We will change it together!”

16:08: Voting ends, counting begins

Voting for the presidential and 28th term parliamentary elections in Turkey has ended.

Over 191 thousand ballots were set up for 60,697,843 eligible voters across the country.

Counting began after polling stations closed at 17:00 local time.

Counting of the votes cast in foreign representations abroad has also begun. According to the official data of the YSK (Supreme Election Board), 1 million 691 thousand 531 people went to the polls and cast their votes since 27 April.

The electoral limitations in place since yesterday evening will last till 21:00 local time this evening.

15.59: "The wind of change is felt very intensely”

The co-chair of the HDP association in Amed (Diyarbakir), Gülistan Atasoy, spoke of a high turnout in today’s elections in Turkey and North Kurdistan.

Speaking to ANF, the Kurdish politician said that “The wind of change is felt very intensely.” She called for people not to leave the ballot boxes and to follow the counting of the ballots as the polling stations are to close at 17:00 local time.

15:54 Mercenaries from Syria transported to Turkey to vote

The invading Turkish state has transported mercenaries from the occupied territories in Syria to Turkey to vote in today's presidential and parliamentary elections.

According to ANHA, a large number of mercenaries from various groups were granted Turkish citizenship before, thus enjoying the right to vote in today’s elections in Turkey.

Citing “reliable sources”, ANHA reported that the mercenaries crossed into Turkey on May 12 through the border crossings in Jindires district of Afrin and Azaz.

15.42: Massive electoral fraud by the AKP in Istanbul

In Istanbul's 1st constituency, it was discovered that the ballot papers for ballot box number 1290 at Yıldız Has Oğlu Primary School in Tuzla had already been stamped for Erdoğan before the elections. The violation was recorded.

At Emlak Konut Cemil Meriç Primary and Secondary School in the same district, it was found that the election official had voted at two different ballot boxes. The incident was recorded.

At Fındıklı Gokan Soylu Primary School and Esenkent Secondary School in Ümraniye district, the persons appointed by the Green Left Party as observers to the election committee were not allowed into the building because their names were allegedly not on the list.

Ballot papers with "yes" stamps on Erdoğan's photo were discovered at ballot box No. 2020 of Kaptanoğlu Primary School.

In Kınalıada primary school in Adalar district, ballot envelopes were found to have a "yes" stamp instead of the High Election Committee's seal.

In Ataşehir and Üsküdar, people wearing orange badges resembling AKP emblems were seen in several schools.

At Imam Hatip Girls' Secondary School in Küçükçekmece, a police officer was reported to have voted without the necessary document ("142 belgesi").

At Mehmet Akif Ersoy Primary School, a polling station attendant reportedly stamped the ballot paper of an elderly woman who wanted to vote for the CHP as an AKP vote. A complaint was filed.

In Zeytinburnu, a fight broke out between AKP and CHP members at Abdulhak Hamit Secondary School. Police used pepper spray after representatives of the Green Left Party intervened.

Istanbul CHP Chair Canan Kaftancıoğlu reported: "The board of an election committee in Istanbul was suspended after the committee chair tried to stamp the ballot paper he had given to a voter himself."

15:34 Locals prevented from casting their votes in Hakkari

In the polling station in the Otluca village of Hakkari, residents are prevented from casting their votes on the grounds that soldiers from the Mountain Commando Brigade will cast their votes.

15.32: IHD reports violations in several cities

The Human Rights Association (IHD) stated in a report on today's elections that votes were cast en bloc for the ruling AKP in many cities.

15.29: AKP mayor in Mersin visits polling stations with armed men

The mayor of Akdeniz district in Mersin province, Muhammet Gültak of the AKP, visits polling stations in the district with a squad of armed bodyguards. The Green Left Party deputy candidate Ali Bozan called the procedure illegal and provocative and filed a complaint with the Election Committee. The police at the polling stations did not intervene.

15.20: AKP supporters attack Green Left Party and CHP members in Adana

At a polling station in the Seyhan district of Adana, clashes broke out between AKP supporters who wanted to cast votes en bloc and CHP members. The AKP supporters insulted and physically attacked the CHP members.

At another polling station in Seyhan, at the Mekan Secondary School, AKP supporters attacked election observers from the Green Left Party who opposed groups of people visiting the polling stations without registering as observers. Ferhat Genç, an election observer from the Green Left Party, was injured in the neck.

15:11 Earthquake survivors in Malatya vote in containers

People are casting their votes in containers in the province of Malatya. In the city, where the most devastating effects of the two Maraş-centered earthquakes were heavily felt on 6 February, many people lost their lives as a result of the government's policies. The districts and villages of Malatya, where Alevis and Armenians live, were ignored by the government, which left the people to die.

15:06: CHP election commissioner attacked with boiling water in Urfa

In the Akçakale district of Urfa province, an election official of the CHP was targeted by a serious attack. A group of 40-50 people allegedly demanded to cast votes en bloque at the polling station in the Gündaş neighborhood. When the CHP member of the election committee at the polling station refused, he was allegedly doused with boiling water.

Lawyer Rohani Paydaş, a member of the CHP's legal commission in Urfa, reported that he was also attacked. Paydaş stated that there were people in military uniform among the attackers. While the CHP election official was hospitalised, Paydaş reported that the multiple voting could not be prevented.

14:55: Village guards attack Green Left Party observers in Şırnak

In the town of Şenoba in Şırnak’s Uludere district, village guards attacked the polling staff of the Green Left Party.

A former chief of village guards, Şehmus Babat, and his son Metin Babat were warned by the Green Left Party staff as they were voting openly in Feyzi Türkeri Primary School. The Babat family then attacked the Green Left Party group and perpetrated violence, after which a large number of soldiers were deployed to the scene.

14.15: AKP group attacks TİP member

AKP poll watchers attacked a member of the Workers' Party of Turkey (TİP) in Fatih district of Istanbul after they tried to enter the polling booths together with voters but were prevented by observers. While the violation was recorded, AKP election commissioners physically assaulted a member of TİP, which is a member of the Labour and Freedom Alliance.

13.52: Violence in Mardin

Violent clashes have occurred at polling stations in the districts of Kızıltepe and Artuklu in Mardin.

In the rural neighborhood of Miqbila Jêr in Artuklu, there was a brawl due to a multiple use of votes. While the police and lawyers intervened, one person was slightly injured.

In Kızıltepe, tensions arose when men tried to vote for their wives in Tumuk a Jor neighborhood. When prevented from doing so, they attacked election officials, and one lawyer was beaten.

In the rural neighborhood of Eşme in Kızıltepe, AKP candidate Faruk Kılıç wanted to vote for his family. Election officials from the Green Left Party intervened and were then attacked by dozens of AKP supporters. Havas Güngör and Kemal Erbey were injured in the attack. The incident was recorded.

13:33: Ewa Ernst-Dziedzic, Austrian MP as an observer in Ağrı

“At the next polling station, the police with their hands on their guns prevent us from entering the polling station and talking to people. Scientist Amy Austin Holmes is forced by them to delete her photos.”

Source: Twitter

13:20: Electoral fraud in Urfa

Another voting fraud was spotted in the province of Urfa, a video from which shows a person voting in a large number for Erdogan.

Source: Twitter

13.11: Soldiers at polling stations in Amed

In the district of Kulp in Amed (Diyarbakır) province, voters are under siege. At Bayır Primary School, it is reported that about 20 soldiers and 20 pro-government paramilitaries, so-called village guards, are at the polls despite the ban and putting pressure on the voters at the polling station.

12:54: Ballot papers pre-marked in Istanbul

In a polling station in Istanbul's Sultangazi district, ballot papers have turned up with the name of former presidential candidate Muharrem Ince marked with a cross or crossed out. Ince had withdrawn his candidacy on May 11. Lawyers took note of this violation and lodged an objection with the Election Committee. Votes on ballot papers that are marked in any way are invalid.

12:36: Fraud in Antep

In Antep, up to a thousand voters of the Green Left Party are believed to have been appointed as Vatan Party election observers against their will. Members of the electoral committees can only exercise their right to vote with a certain document ("142 belgesi") in the polling stations where they are officially mandated. This mainly affects older people who cannot read or write. The HDP and the Green Left Party intervened and the violation of rights was recorded.

12:25: Over 70 electoral violations recorded in İdil

In Idil district of Şırnak, it was reported that the police went to the polls. The lawyers recorded more than 70 violations of the electoral law in the first hours of the election.

In the village of İkizce, at least one soldier voted without being on the electoral list. Only after the intervention of election observers was the vote cancelled.

In a village near Silopi, it was reported that unsealed bags of ballot papers were transported to the polling stations. The bags were exchanged only after objections were raised.

12:17: Violations in Şırnak

Observers complain that the police enter polling stations at the Vatan School in Cizre district of Şırnak. This is an illegal way of exerting pressure on voters, which is prohibited under Turkish law. Despite the protest, the police continued to insist on their illegal practice. Only after massive intervention at the administrative level did the police have to retreat.

At Menderes Primary and Secondary School in Cizre, the Green Left Party representatives officially responsible for the polling stations were prevented from entering the school by the police. Only after persistent objection was it possible to enter the school.

Heavily armed police were also present in the corridors of the polling stations at the Mithatpaşa school in Cizre. When the illegality of their actions was pointed out to them, they insisted that the police would be on every floor of the school.

11:45: Delegation from Italy prevented from observing elections in Mardin

A delegation from Italy observing elections in the province is being prevented from completing its mission and is being intimidated. The police demanded that they stop the observation.

11.25: French delegation witnesses fraud and obstacles in Igdir

“We observed some irregularities in several polling stations we were able to enter. We entered 20 polling stations and observed disturbances between the officials and the voters. In all the offices, discrepancies were observed between the number of voters and the number of ballot papers in the polling stations. We are also noticing a heavy military presence everywhere. We can no longer enter the schools.”

11:15: Italian delegation in Mardin stopped by the police

Anna Camposampiero: "The police stopped us and identified our Italian delegation outside of a school where people were voting. They caused problems with our documents. They followed us for a time."

Source: Twitter

11:00, High military presence in Kurdish cities

There is a heavy police and military presence outside polling stations, especially in Kurdish areas. The military is also present in the polling stations themselves. In some cases, there is talk of up to 20 military personnel being present in the polling stations and intimidating the population with their presence.