People of Maxmur: Our resistance will continue until the siege is over

Residents of Maxmur camp say that their resistance against the Iraqi army's attempt to besiege the camp will continue until the siege is over.

The Iraqi army deployed troops to strategic points around the Maxmur refugee camp this morning and began digging trenches.

On the sixth day of the resistance against the military siege, residents of Maxmur put up resistance at every location where Iraqi troops were deployed, trying to fill up the ditches with their hands and shovels.

Ehmed Hilali, a camp resident taking part in the resistance, said that when the Iraqi army started digging trenches, people headed to two different points and tried to prevent it.

Hilali said: “Tensions arose between us and them. We did not take a step back. We will not leave our place until these attempts are over. We will confront them. If we had been to accept this treatment, we would have accepted it in North Kurdistan.”

Ferhan Didêrî, another camp resident, stated that some promises were made during talks in the past five days, but the Iraqi army went into action again in the early hours of the sixth day.

Didêrî said: “They wanted to besiege the camp with a huge military force. They are trying to take the camp completely under their control. However, their attempts will be frustrated by the great will and resistance of the people.”

Didêrî called on the Kurds all over the world to stand up against the siege attempt, adding: “They want to advance gradually and implement the plan instructed to them. We set up tents and we are resisting. We trust our people. We will break the siege. They cannot break the will of these people.”