Women in Maltepe call on women to go to the polls to defeat the one-man regime

Despite all the police's attempts to prevent it, Maltepe women marched from Marmaray Süreyya Beach Station to Maltepe Beşçeşmeler Square in Istanbul and called on everyone to get rid of the AKP-MHP regime.

The women of Maltepe, in Istanbul, called on everyone to go to the polls with the slogan "We will not surrender to the darkness".

Despite all the attempts by the police to prevent it, the women walked from Marmaray Süreyya Beach stop to Maltepe Beşçeşmeler Square.

In their statement, the women called on everyone to go to the polls to get rid of the AKP government, which is "allied with reactionary forces and continues to promote  anti-women policies. On 28 May, we will not forget! We know that the Istanbul Convention was withdrawn overnight, by the decision of a single man, in order to make life unliveable for us! We witnessed that they even allowed the marriage of six-year-old children and acquitted those who abuse children. The decision to go to the polls on Sunday is important for us to stand against this mentality. Let's stand together for our rights and our lives. Let's fight together for an equal and free life where we are not killed or enslaved at home or at work. Let's go to the polling stations and vote for Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu in order to get rid of this mentality that we have been facing for years on the street, at home and at work."