20 seconds in Shengal that will go down in history

Orhan and Çekdar wanted to be the messengers so there wouldn’t be new conflicts in Shengal, but they were treacherously murdered. They have gone down in history as defenders of not only Shengal and the Kurds, but of humanity.

You have seen the footage.

March 3, 2017. Shengal’s Khanasor region.

A masked, dark and Turkish-speaking armed group that call themselves the “Rojava peshmergas”, trained by Turkish special operations and operating under the KDP attacked YBŞ positions in Shengal’s Khanasor region.

Who is the YBŞ? YBŞ stands for Shengal Resistance Units, a military group of survivors of the ISIS massacre in Shengal, and organized to defend themselves against threats. It consists of Shengal’s children, and they are only defending their own lands.

The group trained by Turkey and the KDP advanced on the YBŞ positions, and the risk of conflict arose.

That was March 2. When the risk for conflict and clashes arose, HPG guerrillas in the region intervened to mediate. HPG Command assigned a group of guerrillas to avoid conflict and mediate.

The guerrillas went and spoke to the parties. And the two guerrillas in the footage above went to the group adorned with the Southern Kurdistan Federal Region flag that were about to attack. They tried to stop their vehicle so there wouldn’t be a conflict, not with guns but with their hands.

But the murderous pack they faced opened fire on them and everybody else around. Journalists and camera-crews filming the developments were injured. The cameraman bowed down to avoid bullets and the camera went offline. Two reporters from Çıra TV and our journalist colleague Nujiyan Erhan were wounded.

And the two guerrillas who intervened to avoid conflict were murdered treacherously then and there.

One of them was Newroz Güvercin. His code name was Çekdar Sinan.

Çekdar Sinan was from Kars. He went to Shengal to fulfill his duty as a human being when ISIS attacked Êzidîs in Shengal and he had been fighting these barbaric hordes since the beginning.

The other guerrilla is Orhan Baran. His name at home is İbrahim İsa Hüso.

İbrahim İsa Hüso was born in 1994 in Qamishlo, Rojava. The same year, his brother Mesud Hüso (Ferhat Baran) joined the PKK guerrillas. He lost his life in 2006 in the Black Sea Region as a PKK guerrilla.

İbrahim İsa Hüso, a.k.a. Orhan Baran, never saw his brother Mesut. Then he also joined the PKK.

İbrahim İsa Hüso’s father İsa Hüso was a leader of the people in the Rojava Revolution. He lost his life when a bomb placed in his car exploded in Qamishlo on July 30, 2013. Later it came to light that this murder was committed by members of ENKS, KDP’s Rojava section.

The day İbrahim’s father İso Hüso was murdered, two more of his brothers joined the PKK and turned towards the mountains.

İbrahim, Orhan Baran, went to Rojava to visit his family after his father was murdered. On August 3, 2014, when ISIS attacked Shengal, he took his gun and went to Shengal.

He was 20 years old. He worked in the corridor opened to save the Êzidîs in Shengal. He fought against ISIS with his comrades.

On March 3, he and his comrade Newroz Güvercin pushed the military vehicle with his shoulders so there won’t be a clash between the YBŞ and the KDP, they didn’t draw their arms.

Minutes later, he was shot dead by KDP’s armed men.

In the footage below, Orhan Baran repeated his promise to serve the people of Kurdistan to a group of his guerrilla friends. But, like his father İsa Hüso, he too was murdered by a treason gang that has the word “Kurdistan” in its name.

Orhan Baran, 23, was laid to rest by thousands in Qamishlo on March 6.

His brother spoke in the ceremony and said: “My brother Ferhat fell martyr in Northern Kurdistan, my father in Rojava and my brother Orhan in Shengal. I am ready to be a martyr in Rojhilat (Eastern Kurdistan).” and sums up the family’s stance in those words.

Orhan Baran and Çekdar Sinan fought against barbarism in the Shengal mountains like modern Derweshe Evdi’s. They worked hard to push ISIS out of Shengal.

They wanted to be messengers so there wouldn’t be any more clashes in Shengal, but they were treacherously murdered. They went down in history as defenders of not only Shengal and the Kurds, but humanity.

And the murderers?

They tried to deny it after the footage was released. In their bloodlust and desire to see blood, they asked why there wasn’t footage from the moment they were shot. They ignored the journalists they targeted and wounded. They thought it wouldn’t be seen that the guerrillas used their bodies as shields for the armored vehicles.

On top of their treachery, they tried to manipulate the incident.

They said the two guerrillas who sacrificed themselves to avoid conflict were not murdered, they ignored the funeral thousands attended.

Afterwards, a KDP commander who took part in this attack went on their own TV network and said: “We killed 20 Êzidîs but the PKK is covering it up”, then he sent regards to Masoud Barzani.

It showed the hierarchy of treason and deceit.

Even in the worst of wars, it is a rare sight that a messenger of peace is shot down. These people did just that. Those shooting them deserve their place in history with treason and dishonor, instead of their political and social projects that are not worth a dime.

Like an evil gang, this group has troubled the lands of Kurdistan and the Middle East, and the words treachery and dishonor are not enough to describe them.

No political ideology, no human or social value, no religion can describe these. They are the worst of the worst. And the cheapest of murderers.

The murderers of Orhan Baran and Çekdar Sinan are still in Shengal. There is no doubt that they have an account to settle with the people of Kurdistan, but the bigger account to settle is with their father who goes from door to door, marketing Kurdish blood. Just like the Halabja murderer Saddam he ran to constantly, just like the Cizre murderer Erdoğan he waits on hand and foot. Everybody will go down in history as they deserve.

Orhan’s and Çekdar’s heroism will always be remembered, and so will the 20-second treason of their murderers.

Defining Orhan’s and Çekdar’s innocent and humane stance being shot at as “fight among brothers” does not comply with any social values. History will note the careless equalizing of the murderers of Shengal with their victims as “brothers”, just because they have the same ethnic identity.