Öcalan Books Day events in England, Scotland and Ireland

As part of the global 'Öcalan Books Day', Abdullah Öcalan's books were read in London, Hull, Sheffield in England as well as in Cork in Ireland. The message given was "Öcalan holds the key to equality, freedom and peace."

As part of the global 'Öcalan Books Day', Abdullah Öcalan's books were read in the cities of London, Hull, Sheffield in England as well as Cork in Ireland, with the slogan "Öcalan holds the key to equality, freedom and peace."

Within the framework of the global campaign launched on 10 October demanding freedom for Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and a political solution to the Kurdish question, the 'Global Abdullah Öcalan Books Day' was organized with different events in many cities of Britain and Ireland. Academics, trade unionists, writers and politicians from Kurdistan movement attended the events.

Öcalan's books were read at the London KCC building with the participation of the Kurdish People's Assembly, KJAR, Tevgera Azadiye, PJAK, and Civaka Azad. Excerpts from his books 'Resistance of cultures', 'Sociology of freedom', 'Capitalist civilization' and 'Women's freedom' were read.

KCC director Ishak Milani, who opened the event, said that the thoughts and ideas of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan have a great impact all over the world and added: "Not only the Kurdish people but all the people of the world are talking and researching his ideas on freedom, equality and radical democracy. We share them and turn them into manifestos."

Milani said: “We will never get used to this isolation. Isolation will be broken and leader Öcalan will be freed."

Beyan Ali on behalf of KJAR, Kawa Zone on behalf of PJAK, Şiwan Avare from Tevgera Azadi, Aso Kemali from Civaka Azad, Kurdish People's Assembly co-chair Seyit Pirsusi and Berfin Dersim from Jiyan Women's Assembly, read Abdullah Öcalan's excerpts in Kurmanci, English, Sorani, While passages from his books published in Persian and Turkish were read, slogans such as "Biji serok Apo" and "Jin jiyan azadi" were chanted.

In London, Kurdish patriots also held book readings in their homes. Kurdistan children Roj and Zana Ari said: “We listen, read and learn from Öcalan's books. We love him."


Abdullah Öcalan's books were also read at Cork University in Ireland. Philosophy department lecturer Dr. Jason Dockstader read passages from the book 'Sociology of freedom'. Dockstader said: "This book shows the breadth and depth of Öcalan's thought and work and how his political theory fits into a broader set of cosmological and metaphysical thoughts."

A reading event was also held in the city of Sheffield, at the university, organized by the Solidarity Network with Kurds.

Öcalan's books were read also at the Liverpool Kurdish Community Center, and in Hull, where some unionists read excerpts.

An event was organized by the Kurdish Solidarity Network at Light House Bookstore in Edinburgh.