AKP’s fear of the HDP: Murders, arrests, attacks, torture

The AKP-MHP fascism has attempted to hold the HDP in its grip throughout the election process. Party members have been detained, arrested, tortured and killed. Party activity was stonewalled everywhere.

Tomorrow is the most important turning point in the country for Turkey and Northern Kurdistan, with the presidential and parliamentary elections to be held.

The AKP-MHP regime has increased its oppression and attacks against the HDP due to the party’s critical role in the elections.

HDP issued a report 10 days ago, which states that at least 208 HDP members were detained, 16 were arrested and there was at least 57 attacks against various party offices in the span of 45 days.


But in the last ten days, as the elections drew near, the number of attacks has doubled.

According to updated data, between April 28 and June 22 there have been 94 attacks against the HDP. Perpetrators of these attacks were AKP/MHP members and state forces.

People have been battered, wounded and killed in these attacks. 3 HDP members were murdered in Suruç while 49 people were battered/wounded throughout the country.

According to the report published on June 22 by IHD (Human Rights Association) and TİHV (Human Rights Foundation Turkey), during the election campaign 26 HDP members were subjected to torture and mistreatment. 33 HDP members were subjected to torture and mistreatment outside of detention centers.


The report shows that 361 HDP members were detained and some 20 were arrested during the election process.

During the same period, 17 rallies and demonstrations organized by the HDP were banned.


The attacks continued almost up to election day. Yesterday, on June 22, HDP Kocaeli parliamentary candidate Necmettin Doğrul’s home was attacked by armed persons. The attack came from a car that was adorned with AKP party banners, while the attackers were seen flashing the Grey Wolves sign.


Uludere District Governor Mehmet Fatih Yakınoğlu held two meetings in one week with the village guards and threatened to send the village guards who don’t vote for the AKP off on operations. Yakınoğlu visited the Ortabağ (Kiror) village in the district and demanded the villagers vote for any other party but the HDP. Uludere District Governor Yakınoğlu and AKP District Chairperson Fikret Demir had pressured vilage guards to vote for the AKP instead of the HDP.


The AKP-MHP regime is also afraid that their unjust, unlawful and anti-democratic practices during the election process will be exposed. Die Linke MP Andrej Hunko from Germany and Jabar Amin from the Swedish Greens were refused entry to Turkey. The two MPs were going to Turkey to join the OSCE election monitoring committee.


Some AKP practices to grip the HDP were:

Tayyip Erdoğan directly made black propaganda against HDP’s hostage Presidential Candidate Selahattin Demirtaş. Demirtaş was made to look like he was responsible for incidents that not even the dependent judiciary dared accuse him of.

HDP Co-chair Sezai Temelli was prevented from leaving the country to campaign abroad. His passport was confiscated.

Governors and district governors toured the cities of Kurdistan alongside AKP’s election convoys and threatened the people to not vote for the HDP.

In many cities, opening ceremonies of election offices were surrounded by the police and saw various obstacles. Posters put up in offices were torn down.

Racist and fascist groups of AKP-MHP supporters attacked HDP stands and offices in various cities and cut off party vehicles. The police just watched the attacks and even encouraged them in some places.

Ballots were moved and/or combined in cities with high percentages of HDP votes.

HDP members who work in constructions were attacked in Ankara Karapürçek and a truck driver consciously rammed the HDP election bus in Kayseri.

Fake brochures with provocative content were distributed in Ankara.