Al-Shamal Brigade Commander: We will free Idlib

Idlib’s fate is linked to the deal between Russia and Turkey, said Commander Abu Umer al-Idlibi of al-Shamal Brigade.

Al-Shamal Brigade Commander Abu Umar al-Idlibi spoke to ANHA about the developments in Idlib, which is under the occupation of the Turkish state and its mercenary allies.

Al-Idlibi confirmed that they are fighting to liberate the city.

'The crisis in Idlib is deepening'

Abu Umar al-Idlibi drew attention to the deals between regime forces and mercenary groups throughout Syria and reminded that the mercenaries who rejected those deals were deployed in Idlib.

Al-Idlibi emphasized that this situation further deepened the crisis in Idlib and that all of mercenaries in the city belonged to radical terrorist groups and were supported by the Turkish state.

'The Turkish state is carrying out a dirty policy in the region'

The commander pointed out that Idlib has been divided between Ikhwan-affiliated Faylaq al-Sham with other armed groups and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (Jabhat al-Nusra) group. He continued;

"Turkey is supporting both groups in order to gain domination over the region, and at the same time stirring up a crisis between the two groups. Turkey is striving only for its own interests. As a result of these dirty policies, those who are suffering are only the people of Idlib".

Al-Idlib reminded how Idlib came out as an important piece in the Astana negotiations.

“An attack by regime forces against Idlib will break the Astana agreement between Turkey, Iran and Russia and this will bring with it many consequences. For this reason, such an attack by the regime forces is unlikely. Conflicts might arise in Idlib and the final boundaries of the deal could be drawn in this way."

Al-Idlibi added: "The situation in the city of Idlib is different from that of Homs, Eastern Ghuta and Daraa. Turkey uses Idlib region as a park. Turkey will end up facing a wave of immigration if a war erupts in the region. Thus Turkey wants to prevent a war in the region using all the power and possibilities”.

The commander said Turkey was asked to pull all the heavy weaponry in Idlib, which -he said- is a difficult thing.

Without a new deal, said Al-Idlibi, the fate of Idlib will depend on the Astana agreement.

“Rules of the agreement are actually in effect for a while. Abu Zihur Airport and some areas connected to the eastern region of the city were handed over to the regime forces, in return for which mercenary groups linked to the invading Turkish army were scattered in different areas. Idlib's main road will be under the control of Russia and Turkey, while inland areas will be solely under control of Turkey”, he said.

Al-Idlibi emphasized that the people of İdlib are the victims of these agreements.

"Unfortunately the situation of the people in Idlib has not been taken into account. Due to the poor economic situation in the region, many people were forced to work together with mercenaries in order to look after their families."

Al-Idlibi stressed that: "Obviously Turkey wants to prevent the works to establish the Democratic Federation Project in the region. Turkey is making a deal with international powers on this issue and is proposing to sacrifice its mercenaries in order to block the project of Democratic federalism. Turkey, indeed, sacrificed the mercenaries linked to it in Eastern Ghouta to be free to occupy Afrin".

Al-Shamal Brigade Commander Abu Umar al-Idlibi promised to free Idlib from the mercenaries.

He added; "Idlib is one of the important regions of Syria. We stand by our word. We will act with all our political and military power to liberate Idlib from the mercenaries. We ask Idlib people to watch out for Turkey's dirty policies and lies. Turkey is only after its own interests and wants to realize its own projects with the blood of Syrian people.”