Australian politicians demand removal of PKK from list of terrorist organisations

Support for the campaign Justice for the Kurds demanding the removal of the PKK from the list of terrorist organizations continues to grow. Australian politicians joined the call to delist the PKK.

In an urgent call, a number of prominent figures demanded the Council of the European Union to remove the PKK from the proscribed list of terrorist organizations "in the interests of peace, democracy, and human rights."

The call reminded that "a peaceful solution to the Kurdish Question is a prerequisite for a healthy democracy and for stability in Turkey and the wider Middle East. Turkey and its large Kurdish community will be able to achieve that peaceful solution only through negotiations. Such negotiations need to involve all parties, including the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party). The listing of the PKK as a terrorist organisation, however, is a barrier on the path to peace."

The campaign Justice for the Kurds  is gaining momentum. Australian politicians joined the call to delist the PKK. 

Lee Rhiannon, Former Senator Green Party Australia

Sue Bolton, Socialist Alliance Councillor for Victoria

Susan Price Socialist Alliance Co-Editor of Green Left