Bayık: Kurds should not live with the Turkish state anymore

KCK's Cemil Bayık remarked that Kurds have reached the stage of freedom, and called on the Kurdish people to sever all their ties with the system of the Turkish state.

KCK Executive Council Co-President Cemil Bayık evaluated the recent developments for Rojeva Welat program on Stêrk TV.

Bayık firstly commemorated Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro who -he said- was an influential leader alongside Che Guevara in the eyes of the Kurdish people.

Bayık also remembered Amed Bar Association President and human rights defender Tahir Elçi who was murdered on November 28, 2015, since when the Turkish state continues its attacks on the Kurdish population. According to Bayık, Tahir Elçi was murdered deliberately with the goal of silencing bar associations, preventing the emergence of truths and starting a dirty war in the Kurdish region.

Commenting on the decision of two courts in Germany and Belgium that did not define the PKK as a "terrorist organization", Bayık recalled that the Kurdish people never waged a struggle against Europe.

Calling attention to the PKK's struggle in Shengal and Rojava, Bayık continued as follows: "PKK is a movement waging a freedom struggle. Peoples in Europe are also supporting the PKK's struggle and the Kurdish people, which has also influenced the European community and courts. European states will understand this reality better in time."

Bayık also mentioned the European Parliament's decision to freeze negotiations with Turkey, saying: "The European Union has some values and standards that it needs to protect for these are trampled on by the Turkish state. The EU has long remained silent on the AKP-MHP politics but this has reached such a level that they couldn't stay silent anymore. If this silence continued, peoples in Europe wouldn't accept this." He underlined that the European Union and NATO shouldn't be deceived by Turkey's blackmail over refugees.

Bayık continued, commenting on the deepening political and economic crisis in Turkey:

"AKP is pretending to be strong but it is not. The AKP government is advancing fascism in Turkey together with the MHP. The problems caused by this truth are huge and they will get even deeper.

Conflicts have started to erupt within the AKP and this politics will not lead Turkey to success. If they insist on this politics, Turkey will enter a more dangerous process and even end up like the Ottoman Empire."

Referring to the Kurdish movement's call for mobilization against attacks, Bayık said balances in the Middle East haven't been established yet, and that Kurds have a right more than everyone else in these new balances to be formed.

Bayık remarked that Kurds will take their place in the balance within the new sharing battle, stressing that the AKP regime made interventions everywhere in the face of this situation.

"Kurdish organizations should all come together urgently and discuss what kind of a unity and congress they will realize. If they do this, dangers will decrease and their opportunity to triumph will be stronger than dangers themselves."

Bayık also spoke about the Turkish state's insistent attacks on Bab, saying the followings:

"Their target is not the ISIS but democratic forces, the basic force of which is the Kurds. They are trying to neutralize Kurds and hinder the advancement of democracy. Turkey shows up wherever ISIS faces a danger. Turkey is assisting the ISIS and if ISIS is annihilated, Turkey will not be able to wage a war against forces of democracy and defenders of freedom in the same way it is doing at the moment."

Bayık continued, commenting on the AKP-MHP alliance over the new constitution, saying:

"MHP represents nationalism and AKP purportedly represents religion. These two parties came together and united nationalism and religion, which has also formed the basis of fascism. They want to make a new constitution on this basis and to make fascism permanent. Such a goal requires a war against democratic forces and they are mainly targeting the leading force of these democratic circles, which is the Kurds that are leading and representing democracy."

Bayık pointed out that the people of Southern Kurdistan should also stand against Turkish colonialism and occupation attempts.

Bayık also congratulated Donald Trump who won the election and became the President of the U.S., adding that they hope Trump will pursue a policy in favour of his people and humanity as the U.S. policies influence the entire world, including the Kurdistan territory.

"There is a big war ongoing in the Middle East today amid ongoing changes and formation of new balances. The U.S., Russia and other forces are all involved in this battle. We are a part of the Middle East and Kurdistan is the backbone of the Middle East. Every policy on the Middle East has an influence on Kurds and the PKK. The politics of the PKK does also influence the entire Kurdistan and Middle East territory.

We hope the U.S. will take the Kurds into consideration in its Middle East politics. I believe the U.S. will see the injustice, atrocity and genocidal policy against Kurds and the struggle of Kurds against this aggression. They will get closer towards the Kurds and the PKK."

KCK Executive Council Co-President Cemil Bayık ended his words with the following message:

“Our people should know that we have reached the stage of freedom, which is why the war is being waged this much violent. Our people should not live with the Turkish state anymore and they should sever all their ties with this system. If they do this, this system will collapse and the society of Turkey will attain peace even sooner.”