Bayık: Kurds should not leave their land in the face of invasion

KCK Executive Council Co-chairman Cemil Bayık said, indicating that the Turkish state wants to commit a genocide against Kurdish people: "The peoples of North East Syria should resist these attacks and should not leave their land”.

Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council Co-Chair Cemil Bayık answered ANF's questions regarding the Turkish state's invasion of North East Syria. Bayık, who made important assessments in the interview, evaluated the genocidal attacks of the Turkish state in Kurdistan, the role of Europe, USA and Russia in the occupation and the struggle of the Kurdish people.

On 9 October, the day of the International Conspiracy, the AKP-MHP regime started an invasion. The Turkish state is attacking both Rojava and border districts in Northern Kurdistan. What is the purpose of these attacks?

SDF, YPG-YPJ and the peoples of North East Syria are showing an historical and honorable resistance in this moment. I greet all the insurgents and wish them success. SDF, YPG-YPJ forces and the peoples of North East Syria should know that all Kurds and conscientious people stand by their historical resistance. Therefore, SDF, YPG-YPJ forces and the people of North East Syria will win at the end, no matter how high the price paid, no matter how much pain they suffer. That is why the people and humanity are with them. No one can stand against this struggle. No matter how many weapons and technologies the occupying Turkish state uses, it can never break this honorable willpower, resistance, freedom and democracy.

The occupation attacks of the Turkish state started on October 9. As you know, October 9 is the date when Leader Apo was expelled from Syria as a result of an international conspiracy. The aim is to liquidate the Kurdish Freedom Movement and commit a genocide on Kurds. The plot didn’t succeed and failed in many ways. On October 9, the date of the conspiracy, a conspiracy was developed again against our people in Rojava, in Syria and the peoples of North East Syria. What does this mean? They want to revive the international conspiracy again and make it successful. They started the conspiracy in Syria, they want to continue it in Syria again. In other words, they want to liquidate Leader Apo and the struggle Leader Apo has begun for the Kurdish people and the peoples of the Middle East.

They know they cannot commit a genocide on the Kurds before they liquidate the PKK. Therefore, they attack the freedom movement and the Kurdish people with all their means. By now, the Kurds and humanity do understand the purpose of the attacks of the Turkish state in Rojava very well. Their goal is to remove the Kurds from the border, both from the North and from Rojava. They want to tear the Kurds apart. The massacres happening in Rojava are also taking place in Cizre, Suruç and Birecik.


They are firing cannons, there are martyrs and wounded, and they claim SDF did it. That is a big lie. They want to kill, injure, scare and exile people. They are saying there is a war, evacuate Serêkaniyê, Suruç, Birecik, Cîzre. They want to evacuate the towns and villages of Bakur under the excuse of war. No matter how much artillery fire there is, no matter how many massacres they conduct, everyone has to protect their house, property and city. If they don’t, they will serve the politics of the occupiers. The occupiers want to break the ties between Bakur and Rojava with this war. They want the Kurds on both sides to migrate away.

That's why they are conducting this kind of politics both in Rojava and Bakur. If the people leave their village, their city, their house, they will never return. That means the death of the Kurds. Kurds are struggling for their sole existence. If the Kurds want to live a free life with their identity, values, language and culture, they must take into consideration all the costs and stand firm against the occupation and occupiers. Only then can they live. If this is not the case, the enemy will aim to eliminate all what is Kurdish and Kurdistan. They don't even hide that. Therefore, our people must resist this politics to the end. If they don’t resist, if they say they should not be martyred or injured, if they emigrate and fulfill the demands of the occupiers, then they prepare their own death with their hands.

Before the attack, the "security zone mechanism" discussions left the region powerless and unarmed, and then the path for the attacks was opened. How do you assess the role of international powers in these attacks?

Everyone knows that Russia and America have sacrificed the Kurds for their own interests. The Kurdish people provided great services to humanity and even to them. Only the Kurds resisted against ISIS. The freedom fighters resisted and many of them have been martyred. They saved humanity from the calamity of ISIS. Everyone owes the Kurds. Instead of paying off their debts, they are helping ISIS, Erdogan. So that Erdogan and ISIS can take revenge on the Kurds. "Our relations with YPG-YPJ are military, not political," the US said. They never developed political relations. They never accepted Democratic Autonomy.

A meeting was held with Iran and Russia in Turkey. At the meeting, they said, "We do not accept democratic autonomy, we do not recognize such a will." Then the United States and Turkey started joint patrols, stating "We drew a line at the border, we will defend the border”. A few days later, America said, "We are pulling out our soldiers,". Turkey began to attack already then. So, under the guise of defending the border America enabled Turkey’s entry into North East Syria. With this alliance it legitimized the invasion of Turkey. Russia had seen Turkey’s invasion as legitimate already before. So, they developed this plan together. That’s why America, Russia, the UN and Turkey are responsible for each person who died or was injured in these attacks.

Erdogan openly told at the UN, "I am occupying North East Syria". Nobody said anything. This is immoral. Again, some countries say: "We won’t sell weapons to Turkey". They do this to prevent reactions and to somehow fool the Kurds. They continued the relations with Turkey under the table and continue selling arms. Our people need to see this. They should not listen to the speeches of these states. They are completely at the service of the occupying Turkish state. They are not saying "What are you doing in North East Syria, you must immediately get out of there" to Turkey. They stand behind Turkey with their statements. They tell Turkey to continue. That’s why Turkey doesn’t stop the occupation and the massacres.


Some people say Turkey will stop once they take one region. It's a lie and they want to fool our people. Erdogan says openly "I will take the places in and around the Euphrates, the Tigris, Hesekê". Turkey is moving with the aim to not leave any Kurds in Rojava. Our people in Rojava must understand this truth very well. They should not believe the statements but themselves and their fighters. They must continue their honorable resistance with their fighters until Turkey ends its occupation. That's what’s right. Only the resistance and the victory coming from the resistance can allow the Kurds to survive. Other than that, they are preparing the way for the Kurds to die.

Some Arab states take a good stance. They cannot make serious decisions in practice against America, Russia, Europe and the UN, but they have good positions. We salute especially Egypt and Palestine. Therefore, our people should know that a great conspiracy is in progress. Not only in Rojava, but in all parts of Kurdistan and against the Kurdish movement. This conspiracy is directed against Leader Apo, the PKK, the guerrilla and free Kurds. Many powers are involved in this conspiracy. They are making some statements to prevent the understanding of our people. In other words, they are following the politics of letting the Kurds and the Turkish state fight, both sides be defeated, and then letting both sides to be put into their service.

The Kurds must resist and struggle only for themselves. I believe that our people understood both America and Russia very well. They saw how they sacrificed Kurds for their own sake. We said previously as well that our people should believe in themselves, move along their own course, and struggle with their own power and potential. They can get results if they develop alliances and resistance with other peoples. If they move away from these principles and criteria, if they take some states as a basis, then they are preparing their death by their own hands.

Following the invasion attack, the administration of North East Syria made an agreement with the regime and Russia to protect the border. What do you think about this agreement?

That’s what is right and necessary. Because the region of North and East Syria is a part of Syria. SDF, YPG, YPJ and the people of the region are Syrians. The Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, Armenians, Circassians and Turkmens living in North East Syria, regardless of their culture or denomination, said, "We are a part of Syria and our basis is the integrity of Syria." They proved this not only in their statements, but also in their practice. This is how the Syrian regime should approach it. Turkey says, “I established a Syrian national army”. The army it established does not accept Syria, they have developed a new Syria against Syria. Turkey is building a Syria as it wants with these gangs. This serves NATO's capitalist modernity. Turkey is a member of NATO and all these gangs are linked to Turkey.

It wants to destroy the regime with these gangs and establish a new Syria. Syria needs to see this fact. Turkey says, “I am moving with the name ‘Peace Spring’”. Blood is flowing from this spring. Kurds, Arabs, Circassians, Assyrians, Turkmens and Armenians are being massacred every day. There are hundreds of dead and wounded. Villages and cities are being ruined. It does all of this with the gangs. These gangs now belong to the Turkish army. Turkey wants to develop a new Ottoman purpose on them. They have drawn millions of Syrians to Turkey. Not only are they getting many results against Europe, they are educating and organizing them so that when they establish a new Syria, it will be based on these people.

In addition, it is constantly recruiting gangs amongst them, establishing a military force. It is conducting a war with them. Turkey is the one destroying Syria. That’s why they have taken some steps with the SDF, YPG and the Democratic Autonomous Administration. They're too late, but it's a good decision. We see this as serving the interest of all peoples.

Following the attacks of the Turkish state, especially the Kurds in Bashur, Rojhilat and Europe rose up in rebellion. The fighters too, exhibit an historic resistance against technology with their light weapons and their willpower. How do you assess the level of resistance?

As I said at the beginning, the Kurds are waging a war of existence. Wherever the Kurds are, they must know that the Turkish state is carrying out a war to destroy the Kurds. In order not to be exterminated, the Kurds should do whatever they can for their identity, territory, culture and freedom. They should do whatever they can. Because they're right. The struggle they have developed is not only for the Kurds, but for all of humanity. They saved humanity from a great calamity, now the biggest calamity is Erdoğan. Because Erdoğan is what’s behind ISIS and Nusra. Everybody knows that. The Kurds are resisting this calamity and paying great costs and suffering. Humanity needs to see this.

Our people in all parts, our people outside the country are standing up. They are taking care of themselves, their honor, their future. Hereby I salute and congratulate all our heroic people. They should make this resistance even bigger. Kurds should not recognize those who don’t recognize Kurds. Kurds must resist in every way against those who want to destroy the Kurds. This is their right. We recognize people who recognize us. They have to know everybody openly or covertly supporting Turkey, which is committing massacres against Kurds, and those should be recognized as their enemy. What is being done to the Kurds should never be forgotten. Forgetting means accepting extermination. I believe that the Kurdish people will never forget these, they will demand accountability.

At present, 14 parties have taken a decision together in Bashur, and Bashur’s parliament has taken a decision. I find these decisions sound and send my greetings and respects. They should apply these decisions in practice too. They should not remain in words and on paper. That's why they have to open the Rojava border completely. They must allow the people who want to fight to go to Rojava. They shouldn't hinder them. They must provide material and moral support to the heroes in Rojava in every respect. That's the right thing to do. Kurdish youth abroad should turn to Rojava. Whoever can go should go, the ones who can’t go must develop their struggle against the occupiers where they are. Nobody can say why you're doing this. It is our right. Because the invading, fascist Turkish state wants to eliminate everything belonging to Kurdish and Kurdistan. Kurds, humanity don’t accept this. The Kurds will do whatever they can to live free. This is the right of the Kurds.

Finally, what is your message to the Kurdish people, Kurdish fighters and friends of Kurds?

Against the Turkish state's occupation plan, our people in Bakur should not leave their villages, houses or cities. Even if they die, they must not leave. That's the right thing to do. They must stand courageously, decisively, against the occupation. If they stand like that, the occupiers cannot follow through with this decision. At the moment they want to go in front of the HDP and make a statement. This is wrong. The occupiers are aware of this and are taking precautions. They are blocking the buildings with the police, MIT and their men. They are preventing the people from showing up to assemble and to make statements. Anyone can protest on the street, on the road. If so, there will be an uprising on all the roads, streets and villages and the occupiers cannot control the situation. Whom will they block, whom will they arrest? They can’t do it. Our people can tear up their persecution and oppression. By developing a large revolt like this they can destroy fascism in Turkey. Our people should know that unless the fascist AKP-MHP government is gone, there will be no end to the massacres.

They will never accept Kurds, do not relate to Kurds, do not solve the problem. When this government disappears, they will accept the Kurds and the Kurdish question. Otherwise, they want to eliminate the Kurds. That is why they are attacking everything belonging to Kurds. Will the Kurds always live like this? This is death, not living. If the Kurds rise up, they may pay the price, but if they live like this, this politics will be torn apart. Our people of Bakur should do this. They must rise up everywhere. In their streets, roads, neighborhoods, villages. Where will the occupiers exert control then? There must be a permanent change in this matter. Currently everyone in Turkey should unite against fascism regardless of which religion, denomination, culture or people. They should come together on a few points. They can base it on democracy, justice and freedom against fascism. Anyone can accept that. On this basis, they can resist against fascism.


Those saying, “I am against fascism”, “I am a democrat”, “I am a socialist”, “I am on the side of Kurds” will end up being massacred in Turkey. If they are living now it is because the Kurds are fighting. If they are massacred, nobody will be left. Everyone needs to see this truth. The Turkish state is claiming now to conduct this war in the name of the peoples of Turkey. I wonder if the peoples of Turkey are accepting this or not? They have to clarify this. The Turkish state is carrying out this war using the means of the peoples in Turkey. Are the accepting this or not? Currently, the lives of all peoples of Turkey are being poisoned. Because the Turkish state spends all resources on war. With those it is carrying out massacres against the peoples.

That’s why an economic crisis is being experienced. I wonder if they are going to accept this or not? First of all, they need to clarify this. Either they will surrender to fascism by accepting this and participate in their crimes. Or stand in front of them and bring the end of fascism with the Kurdish people. There's no other way. All parts of Kurdistan must be well aware that if Rojava is not supported and the resistance of honor is not successful, all four parts of Kurdistan will be massacred. The Turkish state made this decision. They say we can do this in World War 3. “In the first and second world wars, we massacred Armenians, Assyrians, Pontians and Jews, and in this one we would massacre Kurds” they say.

The Kurds may live through disagreements and problems among themselves, but they have to work together and take care of themselves on the matter of the nation. An urgent national unity conference should therefore be held. There have been some appeals about this, we support it too. These should not be left at conversations and should not be delayed. Today, what is needed for the Kurds more than bread, air and water is the National Unity Conference. This conference needs to meet urgently and make decisions. At that time, the struggle of the Kurds will become even stronger. The occupiers cannot carry out these massacres against the Kurds, nobody can develop their own interests through the Kurds. They cannot sacrifice the Kurds to their interests.


At the moment, the press is spreading expedient news in the world, developing assessments on the spot, in short expressing the conscience of humanity. This is good. The press is creating a large impact on the international arena, the states and the governments. It has the power to change their decisions. Therefore, we have to see this and strengthen the press. The press can show the struggle we are waging. This is a service to the people.

Those who represent the conscience of humanity stand by the Kurds, stand against the occupation of the fascist Turkish state, stand against their own government. That's good too. I salute and congratulate both our people and friends of the Kurdish people.

Those who represent the conscience of humanity stand by the Kurds, they resist against the occupation of the fascist Turkish state, they resist against their own governments. That's good too. Hereby I salute and congratulate both our people and the friends of the Kurdish people.

If this resistance of honor is developed everywhere, the fascist, occupying Turkish state cannot prevent it. They want to make the Kurds pay a heavy price because they have guns and secret friends. They make it happen as well, but our people, the fighters of SDF, YPG-YPJ, and the peoples of North East Syria are fighting with great heroism against occupation, massacres and fascism. They are all saying we are confronting the pain and paying the price, we are not leaving our land, our village, our house, we won’t let our dignity be taken under the feet. Hereby, I congratulate and salute them. This is the right way.

The Kurds will get results with the resistance and the victory brought by the resistance. Kurds have no other way than this. If it goes any other way, it will serve others. They will be sacrificed to the interests of states like USA and Russia. If they walk in a resolute, determined, courageous way, no one can break their will, make them surrender, or eliminate them. They may suffer great costs, great pain, but as a result they win big. Because the Kurds understand that the Turkish state wants to destroy whatever is in the name of Kurdish and Kurdistan, they are protecting Rojava and the resistance of honor. To protect the resistance of honor is to protect your own self. That's why they face up to take all the costs. As a result, the Kurds will win. Accordingly, I salute them once again and congratulate them for their resistance. SDF, YPG-YPJ, the peoples of North East Syria, Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, Circassian, Armenian, Turkmen peoples, people from all cultures and religious denominations, all should know that we are with them on their side. We will be with them with all our means. We will fight, we will win. Based on these principles, I wish success to all of them.